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(Octavia and the Master)

Episode 10


By: Faith Lucky

Octavia laid,,crying on the table as the boys walked out. She couldn’t move – out of shame – until Mica ran to her.

“Hey!” She caled and held her,,helping her down from the table.

Octavia whimpered as she climbed down, tears strolling down her face.

Mica picked her clothes from the floor and gave them to her. “Here, put them on, so we can leave”.

Octavia nodded tearfully and began redressing. Her thighs were stained with the blood, but she wore the clothes anyway.

Mica signalled her to follow her and they walked out of the hall together.

Octavia tried as much as possible to stop her tears as they walked out to the open. She didn’t want the people to see her cry.

It hurt her a lot, both the humiliation and the pain. It hurt her to know she’d lost her virginity in a crazy way. Like…who does that??

And to think there was more to come – being used by one of the Masters at the party?? Oh! Her sister warned her. Her sister warned her, but she had no option; she had no choice. What could she have done?

She prayed fervently they get to their room quicker, but the room seemed to be far away from her. Her whimpers turned into sniffles and finally, they got to the room.

Mica was silent and without being told, she limped to the bed and laid weakly on it. Her body ached.

She tried not to look at her sister who she knew was too angry to speak. She knew her sister hated the condition she was in, but there was nothing she could do.

“Make sure you have enough sleep. The second part of this is coming up in the evening” Mica finally spoke up and when Octavia stared at her, she turned around and left the room.
Mica walked stormed out of the room, she walked far away and busted out to the field.

She hated what she saw – her sister being humiliated and used in that manner. Although, she’d been down that lane before, but that was because she signed up for it. Yes, she heartedly agreed to join the X-family since she had to leave her father. But Octavia – she never expected to see her there as well. Why would she want to join an organization so dangerous when she could live a normal life out there – even with her powers? It just didn’t make sense.

Her sister wasn’t the rough type; she wasn’t the type that could pr*stitute, kill….
Although, she could fight and steal, but she wasn’t the violent type. What could her reasons be for wanting to stay?

She needed to find out. Yes, and her first step would be going home to be sure her parents were fine – just like she’d agreed. Something was definitely wrong for Octavia to leave the house, and she needed to find out.

She couldn’t go today. So, she was going to do it the next day.

Yes, that was exactly what she’d do. As soon as she’s awake,,she’d take permission from the guards and leave.

“You little brat!” She heard a husky voice behind her and turned to see the guy from earlier – Moscow. Gosh!

Did he just call her little?

He grabbed her arm and pulled her close – roughly.

“You had the nerves to connive with your sister to fight me, right?” He growled and Mica only glared at him.

‘How dare you? Who the f**k do you think you are?”

Immediately, Mica aimed at his legs and kicked him hard and he fell on his knees.

“You’re pathetic, Moscow” she said.
‘Next time i see you anywhere around me or my sister, I’ll kill you’.

He roared and stood up to grab her neck, but he was stopped immediately.

“Moscow!” The sharp voice came and when he turned, he saw it was one of his colleagues.
His hands were still on Mica’s neck.

“What is wrong with you? You don’t fight with a lady”, the colleague said and Moscow’s eyes glinted as he glared at Mica.

“Yeah, you’re right. You don’t fight with a lady; you beat them up”, he groaned and released Mica by the neck, pushing her roughly. But she maintained her stamina and didn’t fall, and with that, he walked away.

Mkva huffed and went to take a seat closeby, and the colleague joined her

They were all close guards of Khalid – his special errand boys.

“I thought Moscow has given up on you. Can’t believe he’s still on your neck after all these while” Santa said as he sat beside her on the bench.

“Son of a b’tch doesn’t wanna give up”, Mica huffed angrily and Santa chuckled.

Moscow was one of the baddest guards of Khalid. He’s had his eyes on Mica from the first day he saw her, but Mica, getting to know the kind of person he was, rejected him.

He kept making advances at her, but she rejected and humiliated him countless times and gradually,,it’s turning them into enemies.

Santa brought a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it and Mica demanded for one. He gladly gave it to her and she felt relieved when she smoked from it.

“You’ll be coming to the party, huh?” He asked after a brief silence between them.

“Yeah, I have to. My sister’s being taken”, she replied and Santa mouthed an “oh”,,

“Is she sure about joining the clan? Because she looks weak to me. And you know how Master Khalid is….”

Mica sighed and shrugged: “don’t know what her problem is”.

“I just hope she doesn’t killed before a week” he added and Mica felt her cheeks heat up.

“How many clan masters would be coming for the party?” she asked.
Since Santa was close to the Master, she felt he might know.

“Not less than 12” he answered.

“Would Master Zack be coming?”

“I don’t think so. During Master Khalid’s last visit to him yesterday, he said he was gonna be so busy ad wouldn’t be chanced to attend the party”, he explained and Mica nodded.

Zack and Khalid were best of friends – more like brothers. Yes, two dark hearted friends.

The Zack clan was one of the most powerful as well, next to the Khalid clan and people feared them both because..if you hurt one, you hurt the other.

Mica was grateful he wouldn’t be attending the party because he specialized in young, fresh ladies. She knew for sure he’d have won the bid and Octavia might not survive the experience with him.

In all, she hoped someone kind and gentle would be the one to pick Octavia. But who was she kidding?

None of the clan Masters were kind.
Octavia had woken up to the sound of someone touching her thighs. She opened her eyes and found her sister sitting on the edge of the bed x staring into her face.

“Hey; you need to eat. It’s almost time for the party” Mica said levelly and Octavia noddsd and sat up.

She spotted the food on the table in front of her and Mica adjusted it closer to her for easy access.
What was the time? It appeared she’d slept for so long.

“Thank you”, she muttered to Mica as she began eating.

The food tasted sumptuous and as Octavia munched on it, it dawned on her she’d be releasing all these energy in a short time from now.

“Um….aren’t you…eating?” She asked and Mica slowly shook her head.

She watched Octavia eat until she was done. Then, she assisted her to the bathroom to take her bath.

Octavia spent a long time in the bathroom and by the time she returned, she found her sister already dressed up. Huh? Seems she’d taken her bath already.

Although, she was putting on a new clothes, but they were still the same leather trouser and jacket, black boots – looking so rugged.

“Hurry up. We need to leave with the rest of the boys”. Mica urged and she nodded and focused.

She dried her body with her towel and when she was done, Mica gave her a dress to wear.

“Isn’t this….too short?” Octavia asked as she cringed towards the dress.
It was short and had most of it sensitive parts exposed.

“For a first timer like you,,that’s what you need. If you wear something different, the Master would get mad at you. So, put it on”, Mica replied bluntly and she gulped hard and wore it on, not having a choice.

After that, Mica took her to the mirror where she brushed her hair and applied a light make up on her.

“Does dad know you’re here?” She asked as she worked on her hair.

Octavia could see her from the mirror and slowly, she shook her head.

“You didn’t tell him you were coming here?” She paused and asked. “So, where did you tell him you were headed when leaving the house?”

“I….I didn’t..tell him anything”, Octavia bent her head and replied and Mica scoffed.

There was no need asking her about it, cause she knew she was never gonna spill it out. She was so determined to hide her reasons.

Well, Mica was also determined to find them out. Starting from the next day, she’d begin her investigations.

She sighed and continued with Octavia’s hair.

“I hope you’re ready for this?’ She began. .
“At that party, don’t look at any the Masters directly in the eye. When it’s time for the bid, you climb up the stage and await your bidder. When the winner of the bid wins, he’d take you to an inner room and….have his way with you. He’d be your Master for the night, Octavia. So, on no occasion must you disobey him. If you do anything wrong, Master Khalid would kill you. Do you understand?”

Octavia nodded ruefully, grateful she was able to hide her shaky hands under her legs.

Mica let out a deep breath and continued with her hair and finally, they were done.

Octavia – with her watery eyes – stared at herself in the mirror and couldn’t believe what she saw. For the first time, she saw her beauty.

Mica gave her a pair of classic heels and finally, they left the room.

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