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(Octavia and the Master)

Episode 13


By: Faith Lucky

Octavia felt her heart stop beating as she stared at the mess she’d caused.

The Master lying unconsciously on the floor. She had hurt him!! She hurt him!!

Oh! What has she done???

She stood up from the bed and ran to him immediately, and he seemed to be asleep, his head still bleeding.

How could she had done such a thing? How? Why did she have to cause such a mess?

Consternation took over and reflected in her eyes. She had just made a terrible mistake; a terrible one. What would she do?

No; she couldn’t stay. She needed to get far away – despite the fact it was something she was scared of doing.

She took off her shoes, opened the door and ran out of the room and doing that, she saw some boys coming her way. They’d been drawn by the clamorous sound from the room and immediately, Octavia started running away, taking the opposite direction.

“After her! One of the boys yelled and they all began running after her.

Octavia’s heart was beating so heavily, more than she could ever imagine.

The boys were closing up on her and without thinking straight, she turned to look at them and pushed them off with her mind – like she normally did.

They groaned and landed on the floor, and she continued running.

She got to the exit which was connected to the hall being used for the party and not stopping to look at any of them, she went for the door, opened it and jumped out.

But more boys came running after her as she ran for the gate and finally, she was caught – just when she was close to the gate.

“No!” She cried as they pinned her to the floor.

“Let me go!”

She tried using her powers on them, but discovered she couldn’t and at that time, more people had come out from the hall already. It was enough to create a scene.

“Make sure she stays pinned down!” One of the boys rasped as Octavia vied with them.

She was attacked by the tumult of her own feelings.

“No! Let me go, please!” She grunted,,despite the fact she knew it had no effect on them.
She tried struggling with them, kicking them or something and when the boys saw how determined she was, one of them made her sleep.
She felt herself lying on something hard and cold, her head aching.

She couldn’t hear a sound – not a single sound at all, but she stiffened when she felt a cold hand touch her skin.

“Octavia” She heard her name sounding very far and she struggled to open her eyes.

“Octavia!” She heard her name again and this time, she shook.

She gasped and looked around and discovered it was her sister all along .

“Hey, Octavia. Can you hear me?” She called again and Octavia just nodded slowly.

Mica assisted her to sit up and look her in the face.

“How’re you feeling? Are you alright?” She asked,,her hands on Octavia’s shoulders.

Octavia looked around, trying to recognize the place.

She was sitting on the floor, in a quiet hallway.

“Where am I?” She asked weakly, her cousin almost sounding faint to her.

She could recall what had happened at the party, but that was it.

“We’re back to the Khalid clan”, Mica replied, her eyes portraying how worried she looked.

“Oh! Octavia, why did you do it? You hurt one of the Masters! You made him unconscious”,,she quarried, almost whispering.

Octavia didn’t say a word but just stared down at the floor, her heart racing heavily.

“I’m sorry…”, was all she could mumble at last.

“You’re sorry?” Mica scoffed.
“You don’t need to sorry to me because im not the one who’d punish you.

“I warned you about this, Octavia. I told you you’d have to do a lot of terrible things here. Its only your second day here, yet you already messed up. Why??”

She sniffed and remained mute.

“I tried my best to warn you, Octavia, but you didn’t listen. What you did today could get you killed. It’d get you into a lot of troubles”.
Octavia decided not to blame herself much about it. She just couldn’t help it. She couldn’t help the fact that she’d have been used by a complete stranger. It was unbearable for her.


Mica was about calling her name when some footsteps suddenly interrupted them. They looked and saw some of Khalid’s guards walking towards them.

“She’s awake”, one of them grunted.

They stopped walking and watched the two sisters.

“Come with us. The Master wants you in his room”, another said and Octavia felt her heart summersault.

The Master – Master Khalid. He was going to punish her!!

Mica could read the fear in her sister’s eyes, but there was nothing she could do. She stood up and Octavia stood up as well.

The boys tilted their heads and started walking away and Mica and Octavia followed.

For a moment, Octavia felt like holding her sister’s hand and telling her of how scared she was, but she quickly debunked the idea. Her sister had warned her about it, but she didn’t listen. Well, she had no choice.

The room wasn’t too far from where they were as soon, they got there.

The boys went into the room with her while Mica waited outside since she wasn’t called upon.

Octavia looked behind to see if her sister has followed her in, but a disappointed look followed her Face.

The room – at first, she had to adjust the dimness in it because it was almost dark.

A thin line of smoke rose from the darkness and she strained her eyes to see him smoking a tobacco pipe close to the window.

Despite how worried-ness, she could notice how dashing the room was – capacious, and well furnitured.

If not for her present condition, she’d gone deep into admiration.
“She’s here, Master”, one of the boys beside her said, but Khalid didn’t turn away from the window..
He barley even said a word.
He puffed more smoke into the air and after what seemed like forever, he stated unruffledly:

“Leave us”.

The boys bowed and left and Octavia felt het whole world crumble as she realized she was alone in the room with him.

Alone with the Master.

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