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(Octavia and the Master)

Episode 4


By: Faith Lucky

Mica turned back to face her sister, her face looking more etiolated.

“Octavia please” she said bleakly. “Leave while you still can”.

Octavia shook her head lightly, indicating her decision still stand. She was determined to stay.

Mica scoffed and turned around. She winced and went through a lot, trying to control her emotions. Then,, she turned back to look at her sister.

“Try not to look him in the eyes when he’s talking” she said hardly.
“No matter what, be polite. Mind your words. He kills at the slightest annoying thing, Octavia” her voice had almost broken at the end.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” She asked and Octavia nodded slowly.

Mica finally gave up when she saw the determination in her sister’s eyes. She could see two things: determination and fear.

With a deep sigh, she turned to the door and said:
“Let’s go”.

Octavia took in a deep breath and followed her sister out of the room. Ae kept her head bowed the whole time, trying to prepare her mind for whst was next.

She could do it, she said repeatedly in her head. She could blend with them. All she needed was to belong. Even if she hated it, she had to. She’d look for a way to convince the so called master to let her stay.

She walked behind Mica for a long time and finally,,they got to a door which had two boys in front of it.

“Master Khalid sent for me” Mica said to the boys. Octavia was a little surprised at how bold and rough her sister was. Even her walking steps had changed.

One of the boys nodded and opened the door for her and they walked in.

At first, all Octavia could see waa smoke, smoke flying in the air.

It choked a little and she made a slight cough as she tried to adjust to the acrid smell.

She blinked rapidly and was finally able to take the number of people in the room. She saw boys, girls and boys. The room was very big and looked really…. corrupt.

The young Master Khalid sat on his Kingly seat while Becca sat beside him on the arm of the chair, her hands over his shoulders

She was putting what seemed like a pant and bra to Octavia and she wondered why she had to stay half n@ked.

Due to how shy Octavia was, she was always fond of dancing her eyes on the floor. But with the few seconds she had stared at the Master, she could tell he was very handsome.

He had some unique features, but she couldn’t point them out as she could barely stare at him or anyone. She just lowered her gaze to the floor.

“Good day, Master”, Mica bowed in obeisance, but Khalid’s eyes didn’t leave the stranger in front of him.

“So….she’s the stranger you let into my territory?”, he finally spoke up, and that was when Octavia realized the boys kneeling in front of him.

Oh! They were actually the boys that had let her in.

“We’re sorry,,master. She claimed she was Mica’s sister and indeed, she was” the first one replied, obviously scared.

Master Khalid was silent for a while, probably thinking of the best punishment he could give to them.

“Draco”,he called, his thumb on his lower lip.

“Yes, Master”,Draco answered immediately and rushed forth.

“Take them away and make sure they lose four fingers each”, he passed the command and the boys shivered in fear.
They didn’t try to beg because they knew it was pointless. Khalid never goes back on his word.

Draco and two other boys dragged them off their feet and took them away.

Octavia’s heart was racing heavily after the whole scenario. She could feel hot sweat forming up her head, but she tried her best to stop it. She needed to fight it.

“She’s your sister?” Khalid asked as he reached for his tobacco pipe and Mica didn’t need anyone to tell the question was being referred to her.

“Yes, Master”, she replied quickly, her eyes bowing to him.



“Octavia”, he mumbled and smoked from his pipe.

“What’s she doing here?” He continued.

“She um….” Mica paused and glanced behind at her sister, then back at the master.
“She wants to be a part of the family, master”, she added.

“We don’t need no newbie, Mica. Khalid made himself clear”,Becca said rhetorically.

“Let me do the talking,,Becca”, Khalid chipped in immediately and she clamped her mouth shut.

A few seconds passed, then he asked: “did you tell her about it?”

“Yes, Master. But she insists on staying”, Mica replied.

Khalid hummed and smoked more from his cigarette.

“Please….” Octavia found herself speaking up. She was scared his next command might be to kick her out.
“Please,accept me. I really wanna join your clan”,

Khalid stared at her intently and when Octavia glanced at him, she could notice how dark his eyes were.

“What can you do?” He asked croakily and Octavia saw it as a go ahead signal. He wanted her to display her powers.

She looked at Mica, but her sister wasn’t looking at her.
“I….” She stuttered and gulped nervously, bringing out her weirdo spirit.

“I can move people…..and objects”. She stretched out her hand towards a table and it lifted from the floor immediately.

“Seriously?” Khalid scoffed as the table rose to the middle of the air.
Octavia couldn’t quite understand what his expression meant. But she tried to focus.

She turned the table around so it could fly downwards in the air.

“And how is this special?” Khalid asked. “Even a kitten can crash this”.
And with that, the table came crashing on the floor, arousing laughter from his rest of the people in the room.

Octavia flinched and felt bittered that he’d crashed the table from her. She bent her head as usual.

“Get your sister out of here, Mica”, the master said as he left his seat.
Becca stood up as well

“We don’t need a cockroach” he added and started towards the door, arousing more sniggers from the boys.

Getting to the door,,he was about turning the knob when it suddenly caught fire.

The flames didn’t hurt him, tho. But they took him unawares and he withdrew his hands quickly.

“Hah!” Becca gasped and they all turned to see the source.

It was Octavia – her hands were stretched towards it with a streamline of blood running down her nostrils.

Khalid’s eyes darkened as he stared at her.

“Please…” She whimpered.
“I just wanna stay”

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