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(Octavia and the Master)

Episode 6


By: Faith Lucky

In the room….

“Do you really have plans of taking the girl?” Becca asked as she stood behind Khalid who was taking off his clothes.

A deep silence met her question and she twitched

“Khalid….” She pouted.

“I’m yet to decide, Becca”, he snapped and she kept her mouth shut.

Despite the fact she was his girlfriend, she still knew her limits.

She walked up to him and held him from behind. She felt so lucky – she was the only female in the clan who got to hold him that way – the Almighty Khalid.

“Khalid…” She moaned his name as she ran her hands on his bare tattood chest.
“How did the meeting go?”

“Well,,still the former. They’re working on choosing a new leader of the X-family” he said simply and Becca smiled.

“Oh Khalid..” She giggled and rested her head on his back.
“I keep having this feeling you’re going to be the new leader!”

Khalid didn’t respond to it but just left her and walked to his wardrobe. There was so much competition in the family and getting to be the leader was never gonna be an easy task.

He threw his shirt in the wardrobe and Becca went to stand in front of him.
Not stand, but kneel.

“Let me pleasure you, Khalid” she said, when she noticed he was about ordering up

She knelt in front of him and brought down his zipper and the needful was done.
Octavia fiddled with her shirt as she walked beside her sister under the dark atmosphere.

“Hey; watch it, blue eyes” a lady snapped when Octavia had almost bumped into her.

Mica’s hands were in her leather pockets as they walked along and she was lost in thoughts, wondering why her sister would want to join the X-family all of a sudden.

It was too dangerous for her. And she knew he sister…it’d be so difficult for her to blend.

Octavia on the other hand, was feeding her eyes with the things and activities going on. There were decorations, boys and girls chit chatting, drinking and mostly smoking.

They got to a pool area where it looked like a party was taking place and they stopped walking.

Octavia was bedazzled at the beauty of the place in the darkness. The entire place looked just like a city on its own.

The two sisters stood at a distance and watched them and Mica did that because she knew her sister would never go any further. She wasn’t a fan of crowd.

“Hey, Mica. What’s up?” Two boys who walked by stopped to greet her.

“I’m cool, buddy”, she exchanged a nigga handshake with them.

“Pretty sister you’ve got there, huh”, one of them chuckled and Octavia felt her cheeks become hot.
She stared down bashfully.

“Yeah,,I know” Mica also chuckled.

The one who had complimented her, suddenly made a light to shine on her face, a pretty glowing light.

Octavia’s eyes beamed as she stared at it, but it was only a few seconds. He chuckdx and left with his partner.

Wow, Octavia thought within her. That was a nice gift.

She smiled and looked back at the rest of the people at the mini party.

“What….do you really do here?” Octavia found herself asking another disturbing question.

Mica adjusted her hands in her leather jackets and shrugged.

“Well”, she began.
“This is just our life. We eat, fight,,party, and carry out the Master’s orders”.

“Do you…fight with other clans?” She asked.

“No, no. Not directly. Although, there’re are so many enemies, attempted murders from one clan master to another, spy cases, but there’s never been a recorded combat between two clans. They actually fight in private if they want to”. Mica explained and Octavia tried to digest it in.

“I….I heard…all the clans are under one ruler?” She asked.

“Yea….kind of.

“You see, The origin of all these is the X-family. So, every clan is under the name – the X-Family.

“The X-family is more like the body of constitution here. So, they have a panel. And the panel…has an overall leader. But I heard they’re trying to elect a new leader”, she concluded with a shrug while Octavia had listened attentively.

“Your Master….is he too cruel?” She asked and Mica laughed.

“Khalid is the devil himself. He’s among the top five most feared masters. He gained his respect and fear from people as a result of his brutal he is.

“I heard he’d taken out an entire clan few years ago. Its just a rumor, tho, and the panels couldn’t find any strong evidences to prove it was done by Khalid, but people strongly believed it was done by him. He’d been having a little conflict with the clan master and few days later, that happened”
She paused and turned to face her sister.

“I’m really scared for you, Octavia” she said.
“If the Master wants to accept you, he might ask you to do a lot of terrible things, terrible things, Octavia. He doesn’t care about your feelings, all he carws about is your obedience”.

The earlier fears came driving into Octavia’s body as she stared down at the floor. Mica watched her expression and wished she could know the real reason behind her sister’s actions. She knew there was definitely something wrong.

Her eyes drifted to the wall clock above them and Octavia’s heart skipped when she told her “its time. Let’s go”.

Mica started walk ahead and Octavia sniffed before following right behind her.

She walked like a kitten behind her sister, her head bowed as usual. She suddenly felt so scared, so scared, she thought of running. But she couldn’t.

After a very long walk, they got to the hall and thankfully for Mica, the Master was yet to arrive.
Well, it was an error to keep the Master waiting – an error punishable by death.

His personal guards were the only ones in the hall yet, and they smoked and made little noises, not minding the two ladies that entered. There were girls in the hall as well and Octavia was shocked when she saw one of the girls, running her hands on a boy’s d**k.

Well, she wouldn’t really say she was shocked. She was just surprised.

“Hey, Mica!” One of the boys called out to her, and she just waved at them.

Shortly, the Master’s presence was made known and everyone suspended what they were done to honor his entrance.

Octavia moved closer to her sister, wishing there was a way she could hold her.

Their heads were bowed as he walked in with two other boys behind him.

“Where’s she?” He asked as he trailed his eyes around for his target.

He found her beside her sister but still walked by and went to lean against a table.

“Come over” he ordered and Octavia knew the order was for her. But when she tried to move, she noticed her legs were too heavy.

Oh damn it! She needed to do this.

She swallowed hard and forced her legs to move, walking closer to him. And as she approached him, she noticed the rings on his fingers. He had gold rings on all his left handed fingers.

She got to where he was and stood before him, her gaze low. A mixed smell of cigarette and delicate fragrance clunged around him.

“You want to be a part of my clan, huh?” He asked and Octavia only nodded – slowly.

“Hm”,- he moved from the table.

“You have a lot to learn, young lady” he spoke calmly as he moved behind her.
Octavia brows arched,,wondering why he was going to stand behind her. Suddenly, he touched her hair.

“First”, he held and yanked the hair and Octavia winced.
“When you’re talking to me, you don’t just nod. You make use of your tongue”.

Octavia nodded in deep breaths, but getting a grip of herself, she quickly added: “yes master”.

Khalid huffed and let go of her hair, then went to stand in front of her.

He lifted his hands to her chest and Octavia’s eyes dimmed.

“What?” She almost called out, but bit her lips to prevent her from talking.

Khalid got hold of her b**bs and pinched her nipple and Octavia couldn’t help but wince out.

“Ah” she gave a very slight sound and was almost forced to move away from him.

“Still a virgin?” He asked and she nodded but quickly added “Yes Master”.

Khalid chuckled immediately, alongside his boys who actually laughed.

“Are you being serious?” A dark smirk still lingered on his lips.
“You can’t be a virgin and work for Master Khalid. You’ll need to chose one”.

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