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(Octavia and the Master)

Episode 8


By: Faith Lucky

Octavia had woken up to find her sister sitting and staring at her in the face.

She furrowed her brows, surprised at it and she sat up.

“G…Good morning” Octavia stuttered as she sat up,,her eyes a little drowsy.

Mica sighed and adjusted on the edge of the bed where she sat.

“How’re you feeling?” She asked in a dull tone.

“I’m fine”.

Octavia’s eyes moved around and she found a tray of food on a table close by.

“You should freshen up and eat”, Mica added and stood up,,walking out of the room.

Ocyabia could tell her sister was angry, and she sincerely wished there was something she could do about it. She wanted to tell her her reason for being there, but she felt scared to. She didn’t want anything that’d ruin it.

She stood up from the bed and went into the bathroom. She brushed her teeth, washed hr face and returned to the room to eat. The meal looked really sumptuous and she ate it with relishment.

Shortly, the door opened and a lady walked in, putting on a short and crop top. Half of her body was exposed and she chewed a gum.

“Oh!” She exclaimed the moment she saw Octavia – on her bed.
Octavia also stopped eating and stared at the strange lady.

“Hold on….let me guess; you’re Mica’s sister?” The lady placed her hand on her waist and asked and Octavia nodded slowly.

“Ah! Of course. They told me you were the one with blue eyes. Hmph”,,
She left the door and went over to the wardrobe, getting what she needed.

Octavia resumed eating, feeling uncomfortable because of the lady’s presence. She hated the presence of the lady. She hated being in the midst of strangers.

“All done!” Susan exclaimed as she finished from the wardrobe.

“My regards to Mica when she returns’, she added on her way out of the room and Octavia took in a deep breath as soon as she left. She could hardly wait.

She continued eating with more ease and soon, she was filled.

She was about leaving the bed when the door opened and a guy walked in, unheralded.

Octavia flinched at the manner he had walked in, like it was his room or something.

“Oh”, he mumbled when he was Octavia.

“Where’s Mica?”

Octavia was alre on her feet and she shook her head and replied: “I don’t know”.

The guy nodded and looked around, trying to confirm the information.

“You’re Octavia, right?” He turned to her and asked and she nodded.

“Nice name”, he smiled

He started moving towards her and Octavia moved back.

“Hey; you don’t need to be scared, okay? I don’t….I don’t bite”, he chuckled.

“I know. Just leave. I….I wanna be alone” Octavia mumbled, her eyes dancing on the floor.

“Okay; okay. But you need to relax, okay? I…” He was suddenly cut off with a sharp scream from him when he felt a burning sensation in his head.

“Argh!!!” He yelped and held his head, his knees giving out to him.

Octavia looked and found her sister by the door and she knew instantly, it was coming from her.

Mica finally stopped and the boy was able to get a grip of himself.

“Get out of here before I fry your brains”, she said with a dreadful look on he’d face and the boy’s eyes glinted with anger as he stared at her.

“How dare you, Mica?” He gritted his teeth and marched towards her, and Octavia used her powers on him, sweeping him off his feet.

He grunted and landed roughly on the floor.

Mica gawped at him as he staggered on his feet. She knew him very well, and knew all he was capable of doing. She knew he had actually come to look for her.

“You’ll pay for this” he gnashed at her and stormed out of the room.

Octavia took in a deep breath as soon as he left and looked at her sister.

“Y…Youre back”, she said, but Mica didn’t say a word as she walked in.

She paused when she noticed that unfinished food on the table.

“You didn’t finish your meal?” She turned to Octavia and asked.

“I’m not hungry anymore” she shook her head.

“You need to eat enough, Octavia, because in a few hours from now, you’ll be loosing a lot of energy!” she spoke rashly and it stung at Octavia in the chest.

She lowered her gaze to the floor and Mica felt a little bit of contrition.

She sighed deeply and walked towards her.

“It’s okay. You can get some rest”, she said and Octavia just nodded.

She was about walking away to the bathroom when a knock came on the door and Mica hesitated before going to answer it.

She got to the door and opened it and one of Khalid’s close guards was there.

“Draco” she called his name, wondering why he was there.

“Where’s your sister?” He asked and took an effortless peek into the room.

“She’s fine. Is there a problem?” Mica asked.
She was still standing in between the door,,making Draco stand outside.

“The Master demands her presence in the hall”, he replied and Mica’s brows arched.

“Wh…Why? Is there a problem?’ She asked.
She wasn’t expecting it.

“He wants to prepare her for the party”, Draco replied, his voice as dark as ever.
He shouldn’t be giving Mica all those details, but considering who Mica was,,he made an exception.

Mica was actually a member that was known by everyone in clan as a result of how powerful she was, and the risks she had taken as well.

“The party?” She was confused the more.

“But how? The party’s not until evening”.

“Your sister would need to get used by one of the Masters, but the Masters don’t do virgins, Mica. They hate the blood that comes from a woman. So, Master Khalid needs to make her bleed before the party.

‘Bring her to the hall now”, he answered and walked away.

Mica stood like a ghost in between the door, staring blankly into space. Everything became clear to her – what was about to happen. She’s been down that road before.

The Master wasn’t going to sleep with her, he was only going to make her bleed.

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