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(Octavia and the Master)

Episode 9


By: Faith Lucky

Mica closed the door and turned back to face her sister.

“Get ready. We need to leave for the hall” her voice was hoarse, her eyes couldn’t look at her.

Octavia didn’t need a seer to tell her there was a big problem

“He…He wants to make me bleed?” She stuttered.
“But how?”

Mica stood and looked at her, allowing ger see the dreadfulness in her eyes.

“”They’re gonna finger you…till your hymen splits’ she replied and Octavia froze.
This time around,, she couldn’t cloak her excitement.

A brief silence ensued betwwwn the two sisters.

“Come on” Mica said huskily and left the room.

Octavia found her legs too heavy to move. They were gonna do awful things to her – pretty awful things. How would she rake it?

She gulped hard and took in several deep breaths. She could do it. She could handle it.

Whatever she had to endure now, was perhaps, better than what she was running from.

“Octavia!” Mica called from outside and she forced herself to leave the room.

Her eyes were glued to the floor throughout the walk to the hall.
“I can handle this” she kept reassuring herself, despite the fact she was as scared as a kitten.

She could feel her head spinning, her breath coming out hot. She needed to pass through this.

They finally got to the hall and to Mica’s awe, the Master was already there.

She fell on her knees immediately.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, Master” she said with her head bowed.
Octavia just stood behind her, unable to look at any of them in the hall.

The Master was sitting on a gold chair, while his boys surrounded him. There were about three girls in their midst as well.

“You can rise, Mica”, he said after a brief silence and Mica stood on her feet, relieved.

She shot Octavia a glare and felt like chiding her for not going on her knees as well.
But thank goodness that Master, perhaps, didn’t want to notice.

Nobody said a word for a while and Octavia lifted her eyes, slowly, to look at the Master. And there she found him, staring at her.

She lowered her gaze immediately, unable to contain it. And at a point, she wondered if she was unable to look at him as a result of how cute he was, or because she was scared of him.

“She should know what to do” he finally said and even as he spoke, Octavia felt his voice sending cold chills down her spine.

“Take off your clothes and get on the table”,

Okay; that was it. That was the moments Octavia nearly passed out.

She clenched the tip of her dress tight and forced herself to move. Mica had told her never to delay during an order.

Her eyes were glued to the floor as she walked towards the table, everyone staring at her.

She stopped in front of the table and thought of how she’d be able to strip in front of all these people – so many people.

Tears pricked her eyes, but she fought them back.

Mica had told her during their walk the previous night. “Don’t allow him see your weakness, else l, he’ll consider you incompetent and kill you”,,

She fed on those words and reached for the tip of her shirt.

Her glistening eyes were on the floor as she lifted the shirt off her head and finally took it off.

She pulled the zipper of her skirt and took it off as well and she was left with just her underthings.

She clamped her hands together and found it so tasky completing the undressing method. She tried to reminisce on her sister’s hopeful words of hiding her weakness, but the words seemed to be dwindling from her head.

She expected a scold from the Master, but when she forced her eyes to look at him, shs found him just staring silently at her, his thumb on his lower lip.

Foolishly, the tear dropped from her eye. Oh! How she’s been deceiving herself, thinking she’d be able to stand it.

How could she expose her body to all those boys present?

She sniffed and reached for the tip of her pant. She moved it from her waist slowly and started pulling it down. It had to take her a lot to succeed and finally, she was done.

She was standing stark n@ked in their midst.

Phin – the boy who’d been assigned to carry out the task – got ready as soon as Octavia was undressed. He took up the vibrator and walked towards her.

“Get on the table and spread your legs” he ordered and with shaky legs, Octavia climbed the table behind her.

She shut her eyes tight and awaited the bomb.

She whimpered when she felt a cold hand touch her thighs. Oh goodness! They were really going to do it.

She opened her eyes in fear and found the boy standing in front of her, his eyes in between her legs which had broadly been opened for him.

Octavia stared up at the ceiling and recalled her sister’s words to her:
“Over here, we don’t know the meaning of dignity”,,

Oh! How right she had been. This was worst than humiliation.

Tears prickled her eyes again as she felt the vibrator touch her cl’t. He didn’t have any plans of being gentle, did he?

Phin massaged the vibrator on her cl’t before pushing it in and she let out a sharp cry.


Her breath hitched as her heart began racing fast. So heavily.

She whimpered fearfully as she couldn’t even explain the feeling.

It felt big and hot as it stuck into her, not moving.

Octavia whimpered and shivered and soon, there was movement.

Phin moved it out and back into her again and she let out another sharp cry.

The hall was dead silent and only her erratic breath and whimpers were heard.

He pushed it out and back into her again and this time around, she felt a weird pain, a cut.

“N..No”, she cried painfully, shutting her eyes tight.

She bit her lips to prevent her from screaming out, screaming from the unbearable pains. Her entire body was shaken.

Phin noticed the blood and quickly pulled the vibrator out of her.

He turned back to Khalid who had been watching keenly on his throne-like seat.

“Its all done, Master” he reported, but Khalid didn’t say a word.

He kept his eyes glued on the crying lady on the table and after a while, he stood up and marched away with the boys behind him.

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