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{When love calls}

THEME: heart healer

GENERE: Romance.

TAGS: college romance, Drama, Love Triangle, Bullying, Séx, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, rivalry, unrequited love, slàvery, jealous, Hatred, heartbreak, identical twin, Family,Crime, abducted, thriller.

By Maya (j.a)




Ever head about a girl who don’t know what it feels to be a girl?.

That’s Cassandra Evan..

She is a total bunch of trouble very different from her twin..lisa Evan..

They are identical twin that are hardly identified.

Just that Cassandra is a whole package of trouble and tomboy while lisa is the pure definition of spoilt brat.

They hàte each other reason known to them.

They both got admission in the Fancy college.

Wanna know the meaning of Fancy?.

Fernando, Ace, Nile, Cody, Yash…they are the main reason the school is dope and popular..

The hottest guy in the whole of new York..

Their dad are the top 5 richest billionaire in america..

Fernando has a secret only his friends know about

The only lady he loved…d*ed a day to their wedding serving him the hottest breakfast ever.

Since then..all he do is f**k and dump..he don’t use lady more than twice.

Cassandra love doing odd jobs to get money for her self..she love to leave a normal life not like her twin.

She got a job into the FANCY mansion.

Do you think things will go well?.

What happen when one if Fernando friends betrayed him and leak his secret out..

Fernando had no choice than to use Cassandra as his cover up..

What even the secret?.

Grab your popcorn and go on this rude with me

{When love calls}

THEME: heart healer


By Maya (j.a)



{What is she?}

Fernando stand at the swimming pool edge waiting for his bride to be, but its seems she is not coming.

“Fernando, Fernando, Fernando” Diane screamed running down the stears and everyone turn around immediately, cause they they have been waiting for her too, but she is not coming.

Its the billionaire son’s wedding eve and they just want to make party in advance but the bride seem to be delaying them.

“What is that Diane” Fernando gritted.

“the family of layla just call dad to tell him Layla is déàd, she is been crushed by a car and her corpse can’t be found” Diane said and Fernando stand there watching her like she is some drama queen.

“Are you okay Diane, do you have to be casting fake news everywhere?“ He said breaking down, his voice failing him.

“Its true kian” Mrs Logan said and Fernando staggered back.

He is not the love type but this same lady was forced on him and he finally came to love her, and now she is gone just like that?, a night to their wedding to that matter.

They had something together already, that can’t make him forget her forever.

How can she leave now..

Tears rolled down his cheesk.

They were planning to get married and then continue their college together but how does he do that now?.

They are supposes to round up their high school together this year.

This can’t be true right?.

“Nooo” he screamed in tears as he slowly go down on his knees.


Cassie smiled fooshily and step down from her bike, her relationship is just two weeks old and she decide to surprise her boyfriend today and sleep at his house.

She wear the cap of her hoodie and proceed to his house.

She pull the door open and her eyes widened as he jaw has dropped to the floor.

Brian kissing her twin sister, lisa.

“lisa?“ She stuttered and they flinched away from each other.

“Cassie” Lisa gasped and quickly move away from Blake.

“Cassie, its not what you think” he said trying to approach her but she turn around and walk out if the house hastily.

“Cassie” he called running after her.

She got on her bike, and ignite her engine as she drove away,

Lisa walked to Brian and land a blinding slap on his face.

“F**k you Blake” she said almost in tears and walk away.

Brian stand there as he watch her leave while he rub his hurting cheeks.


Cassie stand in the gyming room looking hot.

She did her usual exercise, while some guys were admiring her from far but won’t dare approach her.

Approach her and loose your ball.

She finished her usual exercise and step out as she walk into the changing rooms and put on her boyish clothes.

She step out and exchange hand shake with her gym instructors, then walk out.

She walk to her power bike, just when she is about to hop on it, a guy walk to her front.

“Hey” the guy said with a smirk.

“What?“ She asked rudely.

“I like you and I want you, so what do you think?“ He asked feeling his self.

“Really?“ Cassie asked and the idiot nod licking his lips.

“Well I don’t do love or like or want, so f**k off” she said and rolled her eye ball.

“Look here girl, no matter how you put on boy clothes your shape still stand out, and trying to use gym to get ride of it won’t work” he said and her brows creased.

How did he know that?“ She asked her self.

She tried to igore him and get into her bike but he held her back and she ball her fist as she turn around and land a punch on his jaw making two of his teeth to fly out.

“Go tell that to your sister” she said and got into her bike and ride out.

“Hey wash my hand well and you scrub my hair scalp gently or am gonna sack you” Lisa said as she relaxed in the bathing tube while three maids surround her as they bath her gently.

“Mm” she mmed and opened her mouth and a maid deeped a cake in her mouth.

“mm…tasty” she said and the maid smiled, first time Lisa is complimenting food in this house.

They heard a voice down stairs and no one need to tell them Cassie is back.

“Hurry, I wanna go out before she face me again” Lisa cried and the maid nod humbly.

Cassie smack her tongue and walk into her bathroom to get ready for work.


Her parents are one of top six billionaire in the country but yet she loves doing odd job to get her money.

“Depending on your parents just signify you are a lazy leech” that always her saying.

And one more thing, after the incident, she and her sister has been the best enemies.

Lisa tried explaining what really happened to cassie but cassie is not ready to listen.

Their parent tried settling them, but its never worked.

She stepped out of her bathroom and walk to her closest.

she took a black joggers, a white half cut and a black hoodie.

She picked a white pairs of sneakers.

She walk out and bump into lalisa.

“Watch where you are going, leech” she said and lisa frowned.

“You too frog” lisa said and gulp down nothing.

“Call me that again and I will disfigure that face of yours, so it won’t be like mine again” she warned and lisa grit her teeth in anger.

“Well I don’t even have your time, am off to work, all you know is how to snatched peoples lover and then beg dad for money” she said and entered her bike as she speed off.

“Its my dad’s money, so am not a begger” lisa screamed after her angrily

“She won’t believe me, I didn’t cheat on her with that goat” she sighed sadly and got into her car.

“She thought I miss the old days but I didn’t” she said and suddenly bit her tongue.

“F**k” she cried as she bite her tongue.

One thing with the Evans family, they don’t lie, lie and bite your tongue”.

Its like a curse to the family, even their dad or mom don’t lie.

She spit the blood in her mouth away and park her bike at the front of ace restaurant.

She step down to meet other workers already there.

“Gosh am late again” she cried.

She walk into the restaurant and get into work immediately.

She put on her apron and begin to serve the snacks into the tray.

She place one on her head and two on her hand as she walk.

?”the last time I tried this, I end up using my salary to pay for it”

? ”do you think she is magical?“

?”she is blessed though”

She ignored them and proceed to serve the waiting customers.

?”wait, is that Fernando Logan”

?”oh my it’s Fernando logan”

?”make me yours please Fernando”

Fernando ignored them and step out with little Sandra in his hand.

“Big bro, this place is awesome, I can already perceive the scent of their food from afar” Sandra said and Fernando chuckle.

“Don’t worry, you can order anything you want..it’s big brother ace’s place” he said and pat her hair.

They got to a table of two and a waitress walk to him.

He ordered for crab sauce and dragon fruit juice.

While Sandra ordered for ice cream and egg pie.

Soon cassie walked out with the food in her hand.

She dropped the food in their table and turn to leave but her hand mistakenly hit the juice and it spilled on Fernando clothe which got him mad.

“Hey are you blind?“ He snapped.

Cassie breath in heavily to calm her Nerves.

“Sorry sir” she said and rolled her eye ball.

“Keep your stinking sorry to your self, you are stupid to spray this on me..you should go get some glasses” he said and cassie ball her fist angrily.

“Hey mister you should watch it, I don’t take shít please” she warned and turned to leave.

“Do you know who I am?“ Fernando half yelled drawing attention.

“Aww, sorry mister I don’t who you are but you should have this” she said and grab the cup of dragon juice and poured it on his face”.



?” did she just do that”.

Sandra watch the two with keen interest.

?”what is she?“

“Wow, I don’t what she is, but I like her already” she mouthed impressed.

“I wanna be like her when i grow up” sandra suddenly squeaked and Fernando face reddened.

He stand up to face her but he fell on his knees when she kneed him on his groin”.

“Aaarh” he cried.

“Darn you” she spat and walk away ignoring him while the security run to him.


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