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{When love calls}

THEME: heart healer


By Maya (j.a)



{F**k you!}

“Aaarh” he cried.

“Darn you” she spat and walk away ignoring him while the security run to him.

They wanted to go after but Fernando stopped them.

This is the first time, a lady will be doing this to him.

“Big bro are you okay?“ Sandra asked and he nod.

Cassie walk in and met the manager sitting on his table.

He couldn’t say anything, all he do is just stare at her speechlessly, he can’t scold Mr Evan’s daughter or he might get sacked.

He just sigh and palmed his face.


“Aarh, oh yeah”

“Yes daddy, choke me”

“Mm arh” a girl moaned as a young guy drill her rough and fast.

While some other young girls sat on the floor weakly, their hand chained to their leg nàked.

An Aged man walked in and smile at them.

They stare at the man with so much hatred in their eyes.

If they are told that this man do this behind his wealth and riches, then no one would believe.

Imagine one of the top 5 billionaire in america is doing girls slavery to keep his wealth growing and his son is into the business too.

He walk to one of the girls on the floor and lean to her as he fondle her bréast pinching her nîpple.

The girl whimpered in his hand trying to get free from him but he won’t let go.

“Make sure you try to get more girls from the college, new student are coming soon” the mans said and the guy nod.

“Sure dad” he smiled and his father nod at him


Lisa sat down taking her wine at the beach with her bikini, she felt a presence behind her.

She turned around and saw brian.

“Hey lisa” he smiled and she frowned.

Thought he travlled after the incident that happened four years ago, what is he doing here?.

“Can you just do me a favor and dissapear, like you’ve did before“ She said rudely and stand up to leave but he dragged her back and pinned her to his self.

“Let me go you idiot” she warned but he won’t let go, all he is thinking is how to kiss her lips again.

“Its been four years now and I still can’t get over you lisa or cassie, forget your sister thinking, and be mine” he said trying to kiss her but she pinched his balls and freed her self from him.

She run as fast as her leg could carry her to a cool area that are surrounded by trees.

She relaxed on a wood nearby and breath heavily.

She look down at her bikini.

“I should change back into my main clothes” she said and tried leaving but a strong arm pull her back and pinned her to the tree again.

“Listen lisa, you and your sister are mine, you two can’t get away from me..am back into the town and am back for you two” he gritted breathing fast as he begin to kiss her neck forcefully squeezing her b**bs.

Her eyes widened immediately.. what is he trying to do?

“Please don’t do this to me Brian” she cried trying to free herself from him but he is not ready to let go as he grip on her so tight hurting her, he pressed his body on her and she could feel his bulge down there making her heart beat faster.

He suddenly fell from her to the floor, groaning weakly.

Lisa gasped weakly as a lady face came into view.

Diane Logan, one of the young popular model?, a sisyer to her crush?, fernando logan, her crush sister.

“He will be up soon, follow me” she said and she nod as she take Diane’s hands and they run out of the area together.


“Oh yeah”

“Destroy me”

“Scatter the p*ssy”

“Oh my, daddy” the b*tch cried as Fernando f**k her mercilessly.

His mind drift to what cassie did to him earlier and he increased his force making the lady burst into tears.

“You are hurting me” she cried but he won’t listen.

He continued till she pass out.

He pulled out and walk to his bathroom.

Its his hotel..Fernando hotel..so he is in a random room now, he don’t bring ladies to his personal room at the hotel.

“May be he should try something else to get rid of that lady or he might trace her and end her”. He thought and drop money on the lady’s body before walking out.

“Thank you for saving me I appreciate” lisa cooed and Diane nod.

“Am late for a photo shot, hope we see next time” diane said.

“Yeah I am coming to the r&j studio tomorrow hope I get signed” she said and waved Diane.

They already introduced their self to each other and exchange contact, they both love modeling, diane is already a signed model while lisa is trying to get signed.

She walk into the large mansion and met her parents at the sitting room watching movie.

They are back from work already

Cassie also walk in and greet her parents, she head straight for her room but Mrs Evan voice stopped her.

“You both got admission into fancy college, and your things will be moved to the hostels tomorrow, you both can only come home during weekends” Mrs Evans said and they both nod.

“Thanks mom, thanks dad” cassie said and walked to her room.

“Can she ever be the same again” Mr Evan said tiredly.

Lisa ignored them and walk to her room too shutting the door.

Thank God she made a new friend today, she never had friends after this four years, cause the person she took as her close friend trick into going to Brian house too, causing all this problem.

And cassie, she never has friends, she is an inrovert, she is always a tomboy and a no nonsense person from little, until she fell in love with brian, never knew he was a two faced jerk.

Thank God she hasn’t done anything with him apart from hugs.

Cassie sighed and check her saving box and smiled widely.

“These are my joy givers” she muttered and chuckled.

Her smiled slowly turned into a frown when she remembers her encounter with Fernando earlier and she hissed.

She lay on her bed and drag the duvet up to cover her self as she doze off.


“common Fernando, you have to get rid of this pain and Ill characters of yours, Linda is here for you” Mrs logan said and Mr Logan nod in support.

“Look mom, dad, am done trying to let you two fix my life, you Guys broke me to this extent, first you forced layla into me and make us do awful thing, you guys make me fall in love with her but at the end she left me to the land of no return and now another one?…just let me be, let me leave my awful life, I love been like this, doing wicked things make one forgets his pains” he said angrily.

Diane walked down the stairs with little Sandra.

“Mom you should let him be please, he will love again when the time comes, not any stupid Linda whom can’t cook” she said and rolled her eye ball.

“At least she can make noodles not like you who can’t even light the gas”her mom fired and she bit her lower lips.

“Big bro, sorry mom and dad got you angry, let go inside” little Sandra said holding Fernando’s hand.

He look down at her and tears welled up in his eyes.

He pick her up in his arms and heard upstairs.

“Big bro, I want to follow you to the fancy mansion, I can’t stay at home without you”she pouted.

“Common, cassie” he said.

“Whenever you leave me alone, I feel so bored..cause there is no one to play with,mom and dad is busy, no one to call me cassie like you use to” she pouted and Fernando sighed.

“Okay you got me, I will take you the fancy mansion and get you a nanny” he said and she hugged him.

“I love you big bro,more than mom and dad” she said and Fernando let out a chuckled that doesn’t reach the eyes.

“And I love you more than anything” he said and pat her hair.

Diane rolled her eyes jealously and chuckle.

“Silly me,I have to find a boo, and another brother” she joked.



Cassie step down from her bike as she heard towards the entry of the restaurant but two security stopped her.

Mrs Evan’s already sent a car to deliver their luggage at the school hostel, while lisa went to studio to get signed.

And Cassie came to tell her boss, she will be leaving for school and would want to reschedule her time, she can’t stop doing her odd jobs, she just love it.

But she don’t understand why two security are stopping her from entering. Right now.

“Um, Cassandra, sir Ace and Fernando sent for you” they said and her brows creased.


Okay, ace is the name of the restaurant and Fernando?..

Where did she heard that name from?, she frowned when she recalls where she had heard the name from.

She look towards their direction and find them discussing.

She didn’t say anything as she followed the security.

They got to ace and Fernando and the security left leaving only her with them.

“So you are the one who had the guts to pour a juice on my friend’s face huh?“ Ace asked and cassie stand there looking at them like a doll.

“Yes and who are you?“

“Wait you don’t who I am?, you don’t know I own this restaurant?, you dont know us, the fancy“ ace asked getting angry already.

One thing with the Fancy’s, they think they own the world and can do whatever they like and no one should cross their path.

“Oh, I never knew, so tell me, because you own the restaurant, does that mean your friends should be rude to the workers?“ she fired and ace grit his teeth in anger.

“Do you know we are the fancy and no one dare joke with us?“ He roared and she make a doll face again infuriating the two.

“You are sacked” he fired.

“Well am not poor for you to think, your job will stop me from living, so f**k you” she said and tried walking away but he dragged her back and she gave him a blinding slap.

“No one touch my body without permission” she sneered and face Fernando.

“And you, bringing your friend to sack me won’t work, I will sack my self when I want, so f**k you” she said raising her two middle fingers for him making Fernando face go red again.


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