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{When love calls}

THEME: heart healer


By Maya (j.a)



{Tomboy in college!}

“And you, bringing your friend to sack me won’t work, I will sack my self when I want, so f**k you” she said raising her two middle fingers for him making Fernando face go red again.

She walk pass them and got into her bike as she ride off.

“Fernando did she just slap me?“ Ace asked still in shock as he held his both cheeks.

“I think so” Fernando replied.

“Sir I think, we are late for classes” one of the security said.

“You are sacked” they both yelled.


“Congratulations miss Evans, you are now a signed model, your work start tomorrow” the manager said and lisa jump hapiily.

“Yes” she squeaked.

“Congratulations lisa” she heard that familiar voice and she turned to see Diane.

“Diane” she smiled.

“Good morning” she greeted.

The two begin to walk out together.

“I think we will see later,am late for classes” they chorus.

“Wait, what is the name of your school?“ Diane asked.

“Fancy college” she replied.

“Woah,lucky me, we attend the same school” Diane gushed and lisa smiled happily.

“What are we waiting for, let go then” she said and they both laughed.

Cassie park her bike at the school garage and step down.

She proceed into the school premise and she could feels a lot of eyes on her.

But who cares?.

?”why is she dressed like a tomboy?“

?”is she a tomboy?“

?”she is definitely a tomboy”

Cassie ignored their comments and heard straight for the girls hostels.

She still remembers her room number, room 25.

She stopped at room 25 and twist the door knob turning it open.

She met a girl inside the room and the girl just smile at her.

“Hey” the girl said.

“Hi” she replied nonchalantly.

“Am Anna” the girl said.


The girl just smile and face her phone, maybe cassie don’t wanna talk with her.

Cassie brought out her phone and begin to play PS While Anna stare at her in awe admiring her already.


“Mother, look what I got” Esmeralda jibbed happily as she step down from her bicycle.

She run into the small apartment and met her mother knitting.

“What is that mera?“ Mrs winter asked.

“I got a scholarship admission into Fancy college” she jibbed.

Every year, one lucky person is given scholarship into the school and she is so lucky to be the lucky one.

“Really, am so proud of you Esmeralda” mrs winter said and pulled her into a hug.

“I got some saving to buy some few things for you” mrs winter said and Esmeralda smiled sadly.

“Don’t worry mom, I have mine too” she said.

“Oh Esmeralda you are really a blessed child” Mrs winter said almost in tears.

“And I love you mom, you thought me to be that” Esmeralda said.

“So are you going to pack today?“ Mrs winter asked.

“Yes” Esmeralda cooed

“Okay then,you should take my saving and yours the grocery to get some things”

“Okay mom” thanks, she said and walk out

Mrs winter sighed as she watch her walk away.

“I hope your true parents never find you one day, cause am not ready to let go” she whispered sadly.


Anna walk to Cassie’s front and begin to take off her clothes while cassie blink her eyes rapidly to be sure of what she is seeing.

She got her self naked and face Cassie licking her lips sexily.

“Okay what is going on?“

She cat walked to the closet and pick some clothed and put it on.

She kept biting her lips like she is trying to seduce Cassie.

She walk to cassie and kneel before her.

“Hey tomboy help me lock my zipper” she said more like moaning.

Cassie didn’t complain as she pull the zipper up.

“Am I sexy?“ She asked .

“Well miss Anna, as you can see am a tomboy but I don’t do friends ohkay? Cassie said truing to sound cool.

“Am not asking for friendship.. You are just too hot and I want yo he your girlfriend, am a lesbian and I like you” anna said straight forwardly making Cassie jaw dropped.

“Wrong number, try again” cassie scoffed and walk out.

She got to the class and sat on an empty seat as she lock her gaze on her phone.

A lecturer walk in and all the student brought out their note to jot some things down.

Fernando step out of the car with ace who had a nose mask in cause of the slap.

He won’t say anything again, he claims that he can’t feel his mouth again.

Just few steps, Fernando bump into a lady.

His brows creased together when he saw her face.

“Oh my its Fernando” she gushed.

His ball his fist as he grit his teeth, is this not the same lady who kept getting on his nerves?

His face crumple into confusion when he saw his sister beside her.

They are friends?.

“Hey big bro” Diane waved and blush slightly as her eyes landed on ace who’s had no atom of smile or happiness on his face.

“hi Fernando, am lisa, and am a big fan of yours” she smiled and fernando face got twisted with confusion.

Is he dreaming, he turn to look at ace who’s confused too.

“Hey brother say something” Diane said poking Fernando’s arm.

“Let me be Diane” he said coldly and walk out with Ace.

“Don’t mind my brother, he has been the opposite of his self since he lost his first love” Diane said to lisa who had disappointment written all over her face.

“Am, okay, we all get into bad mood sometimes” she cheered and Diane smiled.

They intertwined their hand together and head for the class.

Cassie was busy jotting down the notes on the board when the class turn noisy.

?”oh my, its Fernando”

?”Is that ace, his nose mask make him look more hot”

?”the fancy is here, I wish to be with them at their mansion”

?”Nile, f**k me till I loos my memory

?”Cody marry me”

?”be mine yash”

The student gosh as the fany walk in.

Cassie rolled her eye ball as the boys walked in.

Fernando is known to be proud,and a very cold Playboy, he hardly smile

Ace, is somehow jovia but he got a bad temper.

Nile is known to be the f**k boy, he wants anything under skirt.

Cody is kinda cool, he is very flirty by mouth and he is a virgin.

Yash, is half Indian, half american, he is jovial and flirty too.

“Hey boo” Anna said and sit beside cassie and she sighed.

She look around and saw lisa walked in with Diane.

She begin to pray for the lecturer to round up.

Her wish came true as the lecturer round up his lecture and walk out.

Cassie quickly stand up and begin to walk out.
Fernando sight her and he look back at lisa seat, she was still seating there.

“She is a twin?“ He asked his self.

He stand up and follow her immediately.

“Hey cutie”


“Honey pie?“

“Sugar plum” Anna kept calling while cassie walk hastily to avoid ending her but Anna won’t give up.

She turned around angrily and pinned Anna to the wall in anger.

“What the h*ll do you want?“ She gritted.

“You” Anna said making a puppy eye.

Cassie stare at Anna wondering what to do with her..

She can’t beat this lady, only a slap will make her pass out.
And she don’t hurt ladies.

They stand there like a good lésbian couple.

Fernando saw the scene and stopped as he watch them from afar.

“She is a tomboy?, is she a lesbian too?“


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