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{When love calls}

THEME: heart healer


By Maya (j.a)



{Tomboy’s trap!}

Fernando saw the scene and stopped as he watch them from afar.

“She is a tomboy?, is she a lesbian too?“

Cassie push her self away from Anna.

“Don’t get into my trap if you really love your self” she warned coldly and Anna felt chills cold run down her spine.

Fernando could see and understand that’s happening from where he is standing.

“Why do I even care if she is a lésbian?“ He asked his self and shrug his shoulder before turning to leave but he bump into Linda.

“Hey” she said biting her lower lips.

Fernando ignored her and turn to leave but she block his way.

“Common our parent is trying everything possible for us to get married, you know you won’t act like this, if we get married” she said trying to touch his shirt but he grab her hand squeezing it with no feeling.

“Ouch..you are hurting me” she cried.

“Who cares?, just stay away from me, if you you really want your heart to last longer” he said coldly and slap her hand away.

He walk out and Linda stand watching his disappearing back.

“I won’t give up on you Fernando, snd no lady will get close to you or touch you” she gritted.

Cassie saw everything and she just rolled her eye ball.

She turn to leave but she bump into lisa.

“Bat” she scoffed.

“Well this bat wanna tell you something, hope you listen” lisa gritted.

“Keep it to your self” cassie scoffed and tried leaving when lisa released the bomb.

“Brian is back, I heard he will resume this school tomorrow” lisa said and cassie paused.

“Why will I believe you?, beside, you should be happy, you love him right?“ She scoffed and walk out.

“Gosh she is so rude” Diane scoffed and cassie stop to shot her a glare, Diane pressed her hand on her lips looking else where.

“I make her this way, I should have never went to that bàstàrd’s house” she said remorsefully and face Diane.

“Am all ears and don’t even leave a letter out of the story” Diane said dragging her to a corner to hear the full gist.


“Man you never tell is something like this happened” Nile said showing Fernando the video of cassie pouring the dragon juice on him.

Fernando frown and face somewhere else.
Those crazy fan.

“She is making me think of how to get rid of her” Fernando gritted.

“That you, me, am gonna make her fall for me then I will f**k her brains out and dump her” Ace said manage said to say massaging his jaw.

“Good luck on your plan” Nile smirked.

Cody just sigh.

“What virgin boy?“ Nile asked.

“Nothing, just going through my assignment.

“I Think, we are going to set a girl to rspe him, then we will pay her” ace said and they all laughed.

“I like been my virgin, so don’t worry about me guys” he laughed.

“Why is yash not saying anything?“ Fernando said to yash who seem lost.

“Nothing just that am in love with the lady, I just saw on the video” he blurted.

“Wait the tomboy” they all exclaimed and he nod.

“Oh no, he need a doctor”Nile said.

“Get the doctor immediately” Fernando said.

“Am serious here” he said.

“Wait, let me go on my vengeance before you fall in love okay?“ Ace scoffed.

“Can’t wait to how curvy she is tomorrow at the basket ball court” ace smirked and Fernando find his self feeling strange.

Like jealous…is he okay?.


Cassie room door twist opens and a fragile girl walk in.

“Hi” she waved and the lesbian waved too

Cassie didn’t answer as she stuck her gaze to her phone playing PS again.

“Am Esmeralda, am a new student and this is the room given to me” she said timidly and cassie raised her head to look at her.

She look so fragile, she look at the lady well and she don’t need glasses to know who the lady look like.

“Why does she have similar look with her dad?“

Well the twin look like their mom a lot.

She shrug the thought away and face her phone again.

Anna rolled her eye and sit up she sat at a corner and kept staring at cassie.

“Can I be your friend then?“ She blurted and cassie turn to glare at her.

“No I don’t do friends talk less of a lesbiàn” she snapped while Esmeralda arranged her stuff.

“Please, i just like you,i dont have friend too” anna begged.

“Good night” cassie said and crawled up on her bed as she tuck her duvet over her head.

***MORNING 9:00AM***

Cassie opened het game locker and find her Jessie in there.

She picked it and walk back to the game room to change.

She put it on and her jaw dropped when she find it tight.

“i ain’t going out like this” she said to her self but the voice from the speaker boom in her ear and she jolt to reality.

“Team B leader should come out with her crew” she heard the voice and her jaw dropped to the floor when and saw the printing on it.

“Team B leader” was print on it boldly.

Esmeralda walk in with a Jessie in her hand looking sad.

“What wrong?“she find her self asking.

“The female Jessie is finished, so the manage have to give me small male size Jessie, and am not fat you know” she signed sadly.

“Am not fat either but I need that, why don’t we exchange?” she asked praying Esmeralda agrees.

“Really, I will be so happy and grateful” Esmeralda squeaked and cassie smiled.

They both exchange the cloth and walk out.

The Jessie still seem open to Cassie

Fernando eyes land on her and he felt his Adam apple going up and down on its own.

“Is she this beautiful and hot?“

“How can one person be so hot and beautiful?“

“Nah its just my imaginations, she is not beautiful” he said and face somewhere else.

“Stop smiling like a fool while staring at my brother like that, or they might think you have gone crazy” Diane said as she joined lisa on her seat.

“I can’t help it” she said dreamily.

Linda walk in with her bestfriend Ashley.

The game is between the boys and the girl.

The team master saw the Jessie cassie was wearing and his brows furrowed.

“Your bio says you can play basket ball very well, that’s why I gave you the team leader why did you switched it?“ he asked.

“The clothes is kinda tight, don’t worry, I will still lead”she said and the man nod.

“I am suppose to be leading Mr,” Linda said rudely.

“Well sorry miss, your body status already show your capability, you might break if you lead”the man said sincerely and linda frowned.

“Let the game start, guys please play carefully with girls, you know, no matter how strong they look,they are still fragile” the coach warned.

Ace and nile held a dirty smile on their face.

“Can’t wait to press àss and ps” they both smirk.

They got into the game and they begin to pass the ball, Diane took the ball and bounce, she was taking it to the net when Nile hit her and she fell on him.

His hand fell on her ass and her eyes widened.

She quickly stand up and assume nothing happen but Nile just smirk.

Lisa saw Brian sitting at the audience seat and her eyes widened.

He is here already?, how does she tell cassie now?.

Cassie bounce the ball till it got to the net and wanted to shoot it in when fernando hit her and she fell on the floor with him on top of her.

His face stuck on her neck.

The coach blew the whistle.

Linda blew up immediately.

“She should be removed, she is not leading well, she just want to rub body with the Fancy’s” linda said and fold her hand under her b**b.

“Get the f**k of me” cassie said and push Fernando off her body roughly.

“Watch your mouth miss” cassie warned angrily.

“And what you gonna do, if I don’t?” Linda said and move closer to cassie.

Cassie closed her eyes, trying to calm her Nerves.

“Answer me b*tch, am talking to you” Linda said and pushed cassie by on her chest.

“opps You just f**k with the wrong person” anna said from where she is watching, knowing whats gonna happen next as her gaze lock with cassie balled fist.

“Awwn, she just fell into the tomboy’s trap, with no saviour” fernando smirk wickedly waiting for the worst, he just wanna get rid of her.

Linda wanted to say something again ,when cassie grab her hair and drag her forwards as she nod her making her pass out immediately as she fell flat on the floor.


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