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{When love calls}

THEME: heart healer


By Maya (j.a)



{Cassandra Evans!}

Linda wanted to say something again ,when cassie grab her hair and drag her forwards as she nod her making her pass out immediately as she fell flat on the floor .

Fernando sighed in relief with a smirk.

“The work is done” he said to his self.

“You shouldn’t have done that” the coach said and rushed to linda who fell flat on the floor

“B*tvh” cassie said rolling her eye ball as she walk out.

“The game is over” the coach said dismissing everyone while the school nurse rush to the unconscious linda.

Esmeralda watch cassie walk away in awe.

“I like her already” she smiled to her self.

“Man I think am having a second thought on the f”*k and dump” ace said placing his hand on Fernando shoulder.

“you better do,if you love your ball” he said and they begin to walk out.

“You have graduated, but you will be given a task as one of our best student, you are going to move to the fancy college as a lecturer” the chief comnader of the force said to Newton.

“Yes sir” he said standing at attention.

“Cause someone whom is doing an illegal business is tracked there, we want you to go unravel the mystery there” the commander said and Newton nod.

They hand him ID and his self defense equipment and he nod.

“The president will be so proud of you, to have a son who is ready to serve his country” the man said and newton smiled proudly.

“Fancy college here I come” he said to his self.


Linda opened her eyes drowsily and sit up holding her pounding head.

She suddenly remembered what happened earlier and she got furious.

“Where is that m*ther f**ker” she gritted trying to get out of the bed but the nurse pinned her down.

“Calm down ma’am” she gritted

“Am not calming down, does she know who my father is?, does she know who am getting married to soon?“ She half yelled trying to free her self from the nurse.

“She is gonna see héll in this school swears” she said and relaxed back on the bed.


“Big bro can I see that lady again, cause i would love to see her again” Sandra chipped and Fernando chocked on his food.

“Why?“ He asked.

“Cause she is my role model” Sandra replied sincerely.

“You can’t see her again Cassie” Fernando said.

“But I love her and I heard we bear same name” she cried.

“I said, you can’t see her” Fernando said.

“But you promise to make me happy forever” she hiccupped.

Fernando sighed and rubbed his temples.

“I will bring her to you then, but not tomorrow” he sighed and Sandra jumped happily.

“Yay, thanks big bro, I love you” she laughed.

“I love you more dew drop” he replied smiling happily to see her happy.


“I like what you did earlier, not like we the poor kids, who got bullied and they go Scot free” Esmeralda said and sighed sadly.

“Wait, don’t tell me you are the lucky brat this year” Anna suddenly said and esmeraldo nod.

“Gosh you are so lucky, some times,no one get the scholarship at all
” she smiled.

“So you are saying you are weak now?“ Cassie scoffed

“I don’t have choice?, I came from a very poor background, just me and my mom, no dad, if I defend my self who will stand for me too?“ Esmeralda replied.

“Its doesn’t matter, you better stand up for your self here, cause I see a lot of bullies here” Cassie said.

“Let be friend, like sisters, I promise I won’t bother you again, am used to rejections” Anna cooed.

“Let be friend cassie, in fact sister, I really like you just at first sight” Esmeralda smiled.

“Okay, but don’t mess up with me” cassie said and rolled her eye ball.


“this is my first, I hope am not taking the wrong decision” she signed and brought out her phone to play PS”


Cassie walked out with Anna and Esmeralda beside her.

They walked into the class to meet Diane and Lisa playing games on their phones.

?”Tomboy is here”

?”did you know she is a twin?“

?”I heard she is Mr Evans daughter”

?”that can’t be true, who knows weather she is faking it”

?”if she is the daughter of the Mr Evans I know she should look more hotter and proud than this, I mean he is a f**king billionaire”

?” do you notice, she don’t talk with kids,who knows weather, she is her doppelganger”

Cassie ignored their gossip talk and we’ll to her seat.

?”wait, she is the lésbian friend”

?”what if their dating?“

“Announcement class, they will be no class today, cause tonight, a party will be thrown for the new students, the fancy aren’t coming now, but tonight, don’t pass out when they come.” a lecturer announcedand winked at the student before leaving.


Linda cat walked to cassie seat

“Don’t even bother to come, cause he won’t stare at you” she said and cassie just sighed.

“May be you shouldn’t come, cause not even a mosquito will want to spare you a glance talk less of tasting your blood” Anna spat and linda grit her teeth.

“Let see how tonight goes for you losers” she said and rolled her eye ball

Cassie didn’t even spit a word.

All she is thinking is how to beát her to a stupor.

But she has to just watch her like the f**l she is, cause its seems she has the power of the mouth only, nothing more.

Linda eyed cassie and walk out with Ashley whom seems to be like a handbag.

Brian walked to cassie seat with a smirk on his lips.

“Hey, miss me?” he said she smiled revealing his braced teeth.

“Who is he?“ Esmeralda and anna asked in a whisper.

“An x who lost his way right now” cassie laughed making the two burst into laughter.

“Commom Sandra that not a good way of welcoming back your lover you know” brian said ignoring anna and Esmeralda who kept laughing.

“Yeah, you are right hun” cassie suddenly said and stand up as she heard towards him.

Lisa watch them keenly waiting for her sister to show him the new her.

“I know you missed me” Brian said and laughed foolishly opening his arms for her.

Cassie walked into his arms and assumed she wants to hug him

“Aarh” he screamed going on his knees as cassie knee his thing down there.

“This is a new Cassandra Evans and you won’t want to mess me ”


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