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{When love calls}

THEME: heart healer


By Maya (j.a)



{The kiss!}

“Aarh” he screamed going on his knees as cassie knee his thing down there.

“This is a new Cassandra Evans and you won’t want to mess me”

“Let leave girls” cassie said and kick him once again before leaving.

“That what you get for been a two faced jerk” lisa said walking to him with Diane.

“Oh its even the bastàrd of the other day” Diane said looking at Brian who is groaning in pain on the floor cause of his hurting ball.

“Let me let you know one thing, am gonna venge back too Brian and I promise to be the end of you trust me” lisa said staring at him in anger.

“And I must eat you, trust me, am gonna eat you in your sister’s front that she will go crazy” he manage to say.

“Am gonna eat your p*ssy so well that it will go wide..“ His words was cut short in his throat as lisa and Diane wipe his mouth with their bag.

“Ouch” he groaned as he bleed from tue mouth.

“I will like to see you try without loosing your ball to Kira” Lisa smirked.

Kira is the dog she and cassie trained from small.

The dog is the only thing that still bring them close at times.


“Am sorry dew drop, you will have to go home and stay with mom and dad and then, I will come pick you tomorrow, I don’t want you to get hurt in this party” Fernando said and pat Cassandra hair and she pout her lips.

“Am gonna miss you big bro” she smiled.

“Me too,” he replied.

“Did you know one of my class mate said I look a lot like you?“ She blushed and Fernando paused.

“Really?“ He laughed and she nod.

“Yes, am sure, when I grow older am gonna be the hottest in town just like you” she joked and Fernando chuckle.

“Am I really hot?“ He asked and she nod.

“If am a grown up that not related to you,then I did have be your PA to win your heart” she smiled and Fernando jaw dropped.

“Woah, did you just say that?“ He exclaimed and she blushed.

“Am lucky to have you dew drop” he smiled and kisses her forehead.

“I am more lucky to have you d..big bro, can’t wait to complete six years, so you can fulfill your promise” she said and Fernando tuck her hair behind her ear as he just Stare at her.

“Me too” he replied and gave her a charming smile.

“Shît” ace cursed as he nearly failed his in his PS game while Cody and Nile laughed at him.

Fernando is not really the PS type, he lost interest in the game cause he always loose whenever they play the game.

“Am gonna try and approach the tomboy at the party today” yash said smiling sheepishly as he press his PS pad.

“No its me who is gonna try” ace said as his eyes focused on his PS pad.

“And I can’t wait to get Diane to my bed tonight too, like her a** is so soft when I mistakenly hit her at the basketball court yesterday” Nile blurted and they all stopped their game to give him the stare of you are dead.

He realized what he just said and he gulp down as fernando shot him a strangling glare.

“Don’t even dare Nile, I may act like I don’t care bust trust me, I can break this group for her, she is my other half, without her my childhood won’t have been fun, after I lost my twin brother, she was there for me with ace, even if our gender are different, she learnt to leave a boy life to keep me happy so any one who tries to break her heart is digging his own end” he said and Cody pressed his lips together.

“Our man just give a speech, I advice to take it before he lost it” ace jokes and they all laughed.

“My dream is ruined tonight, why did i even say it out..oh my mouth” Nile cried while hash and Cody laughed him.

Ace saw Fernando sad reaction and he stand up to follow him.

He is Fernando best friend and know what he has gone through.

Fernando is a twin too, un identical one, but the two were playing when they were 3,they suddenly start searching for the other one Fernandez.

He was no where to be found, they suddenly find his body in a corner of the mansion but his face were already destroyed that one could barely recognize him.

Fernando said he still believes his twin is still alive but his parents already give up cause they saw his body with their own eyes.

Three years later, Diane was birthed, the death of Fernandez really affected Fernando that its delayed his education.


The party hall was designed as teacher and student walk in.

A guy walked in which got everyone talking.

?”who is he?“

?”Heard he is a new teacher”

?”its night yet he is so hot”

?”I can stay in his class or I will get wet.

?”how can they give us a student teacher, this a guy, the fancy age mate, he is supposed to be with the Fancy’s”

?”I saw him by noon,he is also the president son”

?”wait, newton Gomez?, the president only child?“

?”yes he is the one”

?”then am gonna attend tomorrow’s lecture with bum short and half cut as early as possible”.

Newton ignored their gossip talk as he heard straight for the teacher table.

His green dyed hair make him look more hot.

?”this tomboy dress is killing me”

?”no matter what, she always look hot with her twin and Diane, even the lucky street rat, Esmeralda”

?”I never new Anna the lesbian could be this hot”

?”wait that’s anna?, is she that curvy or its my eyes”

Cassie hissed and walked to her seat with her friend.

She advisee Anna and Ashe said she will think about it.

Anna got dressed in a sêxy clothes and now boys couldn’t stop gulping.

Lisa and Diane walk in and people jaw dropped.

?”f””k, my dîck!!, those two”

?”they are models what do you expect?“

?”be mine Lisa and Diane”

The Fancy walked and some ladies begin to shout their throat out while some pass out.

?”fancy let me be your mansion cleaner, I clean for a living.”

?”ace let me just see your face through out the night and I will be okay forever”

?”Fernando just a night”

They ignored the ladys as usual and heard for their table.

Cassie just scoffed.

The party started and they begin to dance while cassie just watch boringly.

Ace walked to her table.

“Hey” he said and she turned to stare at him boringly.

“What?“ She snapped

“Hey chill, I came in peace” he smiler ad draw out a chair to sit down.

Fernando watch them from afar as he sip from the bottle of vodka in his front.

His friend are already in the crowds dancing but he is Here taking alcohol to clear his head.

“How do he even approach her for his Sandra..?“

“Gosh kids can be annoying sometimes, how can he approach her when they never have a good start?“

He stand up and head towards the restroom.

Nile watch Diane dance in the crowd as she shake her àss.

It just as if he is seeing the city of Jerusalem but he can’t go in.

Come to think of it, is he obsessed with her curves or he is in love?.

Cody wasn’t dancing in the crowd, he was busy operating his phone when someone bump into him and his phone fell off.

“Oh my God, am sorry, I didn’t mean to…” she trailed off when she realized it one of the Fancy’s.

“Its okay,” cody said and picked the phone from the floor.

The screen was broken already

“Am really sorry” anna cried and cody sighed.

“Its okay, unless you want to pay with something else” he smirked and Anna face went pale.

“I can’t” she trailed off.

“I will be outside” she said and rush out, she promised cassie to be a better person, beside she has never slept with a guy before”

Yash was no where to be found in the crowd.

Newton sat down on the table drinking an energy drink as he watch the student dance and cheer happily.

Meanwhile Esmeralda kept stealing glances at him as she dance,.

“Get yourself together Esmeralda, mom will he disappointed if she find out, you are crushing on a guy, a teacher her for that matter” she said and help down nothing.

“I need to use the rest from Mr,” cassie said and stand up .

Ace smiled sheepishly happy he is progressing, not knowing cassie is only cool with him cause she is a little bit drunk.

On her way to the rest room she bump into a guy and he was fast to pull her into his arm drunkenly, the two people were both drunk.

“You are beautiful tomboy” Fernando blurted.

“Just shut up and kiss me” she blurted too and he lean down as he slowly slip his lips in.

He kiss her lower lips.

Cassie was fast to get to her sense as she push him away forcefully.

“Coming to this party was a great mistake” she said as she hold her head in pain.

She is feeling as serious pain right now.

“Hey wait” Fernando said drunkenly.

“F**k this nigga and the alcohol I took tonight, I lost my first kiss” she cried still holding her hurting head.

Immediately she got into the party ground, she passed out.

Luckily lisa was fast to see her as she run to her calling Esmeralda to help.

They took her to her room with the help of Anna too.

Ace was surprise to see Fernando on the floor as he went to check up on the delaying cassie.

He was fast to call the security for help.


Fernando eyes flew open as he felt a terrible headache, he groaned and sit up.

His brows creased as he saw the environment.

He look beside him and saw a lady lying on a bed sleeping on just a g string.

She is half naked, he didn’t remember taking any lady with him home, last night right, in fact he passed out, this seems like the girls hostel what is she doing here?!.

“The lady turned and sit up while another walk out of the bathroom with towel.

“You are up cassie?“ She smiled.


Are they blind, he is Fernando,

He look down at his body and his eyes widened when he saw his self on a lady’s pajamas.

He is cassie right now..what happening ?.

“Cassie are you alright?“ Anna asked and he turned to face anna with his wide eyes.

“Aaarh” he screamed making Esmeralda and anna flinched in fright.

“Cassie?” they called.


Cassie yawned and sit up.

Her eyes flew open clearly as the room look different to her.

The room is so big with boys clothe and drawing on it.

She look down and saw her self on pants with something standing straight between her leg.

“Aarh”she screamed in horror.

The door open revealing,ace, cody, nile and yash.

“What wrong man?“they chorused.

“Aarh” her screamed increased when she saw them on shorts only, she quickly pull the duvet to her face still screaming in fear..

“What wrong with him?“ Ace asked.

Cassie mind went to the kiss last night and how she passed out.

Her eyes widened under the blanket immediately.

Wait they just switched soul!!.


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