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{When love calls}

THEME: heart healer


By Maya (j.a)




“Cassie” Anna and Esmeralda exclaimed in shock.

While cassie and Fernando stand starring back them in shame.

“How the f*”k did they get here!!“

“What is happening here?“ The fancy and the girls choruses

“Um..well you see am helping her remove dirt off her face” cassie lied.

“Yes..and you know I kinda like hi..” he didn’t finished the statement when cassie pull him close and cover his mouth with her palm, while he struggle to get free.

Been short is so painful, look how she smuggle him into her arms like he is kid.

He struggle to get free but she won’t let go, so he bit her hand and she freed him.

Cassie quickly walk to the fancy’s.

“Let go guys” he said and walk out dragging them along.

She won’t want him to tell them that she likes him.

Her friend are gonna think she is so cheap to be falling for Fernando too, like other girls.

So she has to drag his friend away.

“Cassie you like him?“ Anna asked.

“Well kind off” Fernando stuttered and shine His teeth nervously.

“Hey let go to the cafeteria” he said to distract them from asking him further questions.

He dragged the two along with him as he heard towards the cafeteria.

They got to the cafe and Linda suddenly approach him.

“Hey b*tch, learn to stay away from my man” she said and raised her hand to pour something on cassie (Fernando)face but a hand grab her hand from behind and turn her round giving her a hard slap and the liquid fall from her to the floor…tye acid sprawled on the gras reacting immediately.

“Fernando?“ She gasped in shock.

“Don’t even dare to disfigure that body cause it means a lot to me okay” cassie said twisting her wrist.

“Fernando” she cried and freed her arm from him as she run out in tears.

Cassie frowned andface Fernando, dragging him to a corner.

“Can I have my phone?“ She said and Fernando dip hand in his pocket and brought out her phone, and hand it to her.

Cassie also hand him his phone.

“You shouldn’t have said those harsh words to her, I think of getting rid of her slwoly not like that,my parent are gonna flare up at me” he sighed tiredly.

“Oh, I should have watched her destroy my besutiful face with the chemical on her hand huh?“ Cassie scoffed

“No, but your statement is gonna make people think we have something between” he cried.

“Who cares, listen, all I know is that I need to get rid of this body in the next two days, am.going to visit my parents and one more thing, stay away from lisa, we are not good terms” she said and tried walking away but Fernando grab her cloth back and cassie look down at him.

“I ha.te been this small, I can wait to get my body too, but can you do me a favor, can we meet by six, I need to go take my d..sister” he said and Cassie smirk and face him

“Okay” she said and walk away from.him hastily before their friends come for them again.

“What kind of mystery is this?“ He cried and rub his temples.

He turn to leave when Brian suddenly pinned him to the wall.

“You think, what you did to me in the class yesterday would stop me from trying to get you and your sister?“ He gritted trying to kiss her shoulder.

Fernando eyes widened.

Who the f**k is he?.

Is he this obsessed with cassie and her twin, he is so crazy to be obsessed with two sister .

His blips landed on his shoulder blade and Fernando slap his mouth away cutting his lips in the process.

Brian held his stinging cheeks.

Jeez where did she get that extra energy from?

“just stay away from me, if you dont wanna end up in a coma” Fernando warned and walk out, while Brian just watch her in awe as heicler of the bl.ood on his lips


“Cassie remember how she look at her own body below, jeez she is so small and adorable,” she thought and let out amuffle laugh

“fernando are we missing something?“ Cody asked.

“No, not at all” Cassie quickly replied and faked a smile.

“Don’t forget, I fell for her first, just haven’t find the right time to tell her” yash said and Cassie choked on her spit

Wait yash fell in love with her?.

Gosh, she ha.te anything concerning Indian guys and this half blood Indian want her?.

Thank God he never approach her in her normal body, or she would get to sign a contract with depression cause of her insult.

“Oh, sorry man, but I think the best advice, is that you should find someone else” Cassie said looking somewhere else

“Man the last time we checked, you both had a fight in public twice leading to scandals, what going on now, why the sudden closeness, why the sudden smile to each other, Like you are lovers, am I missing something” ace asked in a whisper.

Cassie face ace and gulp down nothing.

“Remind me again, are we that close?“ Cassie blurted, cause ace seem to be everywhere she goes.

He just won’t mind his business, he pries into her business.

“What wrong with you man, was there something in that alcohol, did it affect your brain, how can you ask your best friend such questions” Nile chipped in.

“Ace” Nile and Cody called when he suddenly turned around as he head towards his room.

“Man you know ace seems to be the fragile heart here, he easily get hurt, he feels easily, what have you done?“ Nile scold and went after ace but he slam the door on their face.

“I think, I will go get my daughter and meet you guys later” she lied and rushed out.

“What with him?“ Yash asked no one in particular.

~~ Naomi bugger’s eatry~~

Fernando sat down with the girls eating bugger boringly.

“Cassie are you alright, you seem to have zone out” Esmeralda asked.

“Yes…yes, am alright, just thinking about life” Fernando lied.

“Common we are here, you have got rich parents, loving sister, even if you both are not on good terms, trust me, I know she really loves you, and tiu gave got us” Esmeralda cooed.

“am going to take you to my parents by Sunday, so you will know what it feels to have an African mom, then you can stop been depressed” Anna laughed.

“Wait, you are half Africa?“ Esmeralda and Fernando gasped.

“Yes, but guess my dad gene is more strong, trust me African mom are not jovial” she laugh.

“My mom frowns when you are not hardworking” Esmeralda chuckle.

“Well my mom go crazy when you spend money too much” Anna said and They burst into laughter.

Cassie sent fernando a message that she is waiting for him at the nearest bus stop.

“Um guys, I resigned at my working place this week, my boss is calling me to come take my pay off” fernando lied, remembering how ace said Cassie is sacked.

“Can we go with you?“ Anna asked.

“I don’t think so, I will be back soon” he said and storm out.

“I don’t know but something is off” Esmeralda thought to her self as she watch her disappearing back.

Fernando took a cab to the bus stop and met her waiting for him in his car

Funny how people will think he the one inside car, Life is really a mystery

“Hey” he said joining her in the car.

“Let me drive” he cooed.

“Nop just direct me, we have to continue assuming” cassie said and ignite the engine.


“So how are we gonna do about…your daughter” cassie cut him off and his jaw dropped.

“how did you?, f**k those damn friends of mine” he cursed.

“Why did you keep her from the public?“ cassie asked.

“I don’t want her to get mixed with any crazy fans or enemies” he replied honestly.

“Who is brian?“ Fernando suddenly asked.

“I don’t wanna talk about him but when ever he approach you, do him whatever you want” she said spitefully.

Soon they got to the Logan mansion.

“Please just play cold and don’t reply my parents” Fernando pleaded and Cassie nod.

Cassie walked into the house and greet Mr and Mrs Logan.

“Hey Fernando, I heard what happened between you and Linda, why will you say those hurtful words to her?“ Mrs Logan flared up.

“Mom, am sorry but please can you just let me get over my late bride” cassie said hopping she is making sense.

“I know but Linda can heal you fast” mrs Logan defended.

“Honey just let him be for now, I will talk to him during the weekends” Mr Logan intervened.

“Big brother” Sandra said as she heardd own the stairs.

“Hey honey” Cassie smiled and open her arm for her.

“I miss you so much big brother, can’t wait to be with you again” Sandra smiled.

“Me too baby, let go, good bye mom,good bye dad” she said and walk out hastily with Sandra who kept staring at her strangely.

“Big brother, did i offend you?, you change my name from dew drop to baby?“ She pouted and cassie paused.

“Sorry dew drop, was just over thinking” she lied and Sandra nod.

She opened the door for Sandra to step in.

“Hey” Fernando smiled.

“Aunt Cassie, the lady who behave like a hero the other day?“ She gushed, while cassie blinked her eyes rapidly.

Fernando begin to give cassie eye gesture so she could play along.

“Yes, she is the one” cassie said and feigned a smile

“I love you so much big bro, thanks for fulfilling your promise” she said and hugged Cassie.

“You owe me an explanation” casssie gritted quietly and fernando nod.

They got into the car and through out their journey Sandra wouldn’t stop talking and admiring cassie.(Fernando).

Cassie stopped at the fancy school hostel and dropped fernando off.

Luckily Fernando typed some message into her phone telling her how to behave so she won’t be suspected.

She got home and Sandra slept off already.

So she picked her into her arms and take her to his room.

He lay her on the bed and step out.

“Where is ace?“ she asked

“Still inside” cody replied.

“Seriously” she asked and walk to ace door.

“Hey ace, am sorry, I had a lot going on my mind, then, am sorry please” she begged trying to make it sound like guys ascent

“he is sorry, just step out let play PS” Nile cooed.

“Yes come let play PS” Cassie quickly said.

Ace door slowly pull open and he stepped out, he pulled cassie into a hug and smiled.

“If you are a girl I did have make you mike since” ace whispered to cassie and her cheeks turned red.

“Wait nando, are you rraly blushing?“ ace chuckled.

“Kind off”he replied and they walk to their PS5 room.

They switched the game on and begin to play.

Cassie grinned evilly with her PS pad.

“And let the game begin” she cooed and Nile let out a mocking laugh and other joined, knowing fully well that he sucks at PS.

Cassie mind didn’t go their, her attention was now on the game, her favorite game.

“Gooooooal” cassie screamed for the twentieth time as she jumped with her pad with her eyes closed .

She slowly opened her eyes as every where became quiet.

Her eyes widened when the four boys circled her staring at her strangely, especially ace and yash.

“Fernando?“they chorused confused.

The Fernando they know, sucks at PS. How can he suddenly turn pro over night, scoring 20 goals in ten minutes.

“How did he do it?“

“Are you really Fernando, or an impersonator?“ Ace suddenly asked and cassie felt her large intestine change position with her small intestine.


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