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{When love calls}

THEME: heart healer


By Maya (j.a)




“Are you really Fernando? Or an impersonator“ Ace suddenly asked and cassie felt her large intestine change position with her small intestine.

“What do you mean by that ace?“ Cassie suddenly said feigning anger.

“was just kidding, but how did you learn this game over night?“ Ace said.

“Well I took online classes “ she lied.

“Hmm, am jealous” Nile said and yawned.

“Am feeling sleepy” Cody said and dropped his pad.

“Cody insaw you talking to Anna, the lesbian, are you ready to let go of your previous Virginity?“ Nile smirked.

“Its none of your business and beside she don’t dres like a lesbian anymore, I notice that” cody said and rolled his eye ball

“woah, he just defend a woman ftir the first time” ace laughed.

“our holy bro is getting along” yash said and nudge cody shoulder.

Cassie was speechless, so one of the fancy is a virgin, her friends must hear about this.

“Yeah cody is right, if you notice anna, she seem to have changed” cassie suddenly chipped in.

“Well good luck, bro I hope you fall for her cause I know she is experienced, you need a lady who is experience or you both might end up kissing through out the whole day” ace said and yawned heading to his room.

“Well good night guys, am going to dream about my new crush” Nile said.

“Who” Fernando asked

Nile gulp down looking at him in fear.

“Never mind” he said and run inside his room.

Cassie shrug her shoulder and walk inside his room shutting the door as she relaxed on it.

“That was close” she breath in relief.

Her face suddenly brightened as she picks her phone switching into her chrome account.

~~NEXT DAY, 9;00PM~~
Lisa and Diane walk into the class and walk straight for their seat.

Brian eyes locked with lisa and he looked away, after giving her murderous glare.

She rolled her eye ball, her eyes landed on the fanfy.

Her eyes lock with Fernando (Cassie) and she blushed.

She can’t believe she dreamed about him through out the night.

She is so into him right now.

And darn he look extra hot!.

They walk to their seat chewing bubble gum.

Fernando walk in with Anna and Esmeralda.

He managed to put on a bra today but his breast isn’t staying well in it and he feel so uncomfortable right now.

Jeez, ladies are really trying.

He sat down with the girls staring at Cassie with the corner of his eyes.

Cassie was staring at him too.

One thing he is very proud of about cassie, is that she take very good care of his body, that one could hardly believe its not him.

He smiled secretly as he brought out his phone to text her, then newton walk in to the class.

Esmeralda cheeks turned red immediately.

“Emeralda are you blushing?“ Anna asked.

“Um…why will I he blushing just like that?“ She stuttered

“Good morning class” newton greeted

Some female student were already drooling on him.

“Today’s topic is variation” he cooed writing the topic on the board.

“Jeez his handwriting is so cute, just like him”

“Marry me sir Newton”

“Make me yours newton”

“I don’t even know who to choose between him and the Fancy’s”

He explained the topic to them and gave them examples.

“ you over there, come help us solve this variation?“ He said pointing at Esmeralda




The ladies sitting close to Esmeralda jibbed.

“You over there with cat eyes” he said still pointing at Esmeralda

“Sir?, me,” she asked surprised and he nod.

She walk out and with shaky leg as she look so nervous.

“Here” he said handling her the marker.

She took it from him with her heart beating faster than usual.

Newton could feel how nervous she is, when her palm touched his.

She couldn’t even stare at his face.

She gulped down nothing and face the board.

She begin to work on it and in no time she was done solving the variations.

She hand him the marker.

“Hey wait, you got a stain on your cheeks” newton said noticing the marker hajs stained her face.

She still didn’t raised her head to stare at him in the eyes, she move her hand to clean her cheeks but she is not cleaning the right place.

“Here let me help you” newton said and move his hand down to her cheeks to clean it for her, but immediately his hand touched her cheeks, she passed out.

He was fast to grab her to his arms or she would have landed on the floor.

“Esmeralda” Anna gasped and rush to her.

Fernando signed and rolled his eye ball, he look at cassie on more time, giving her the stares of, am tired of all this before walking to help Anna, carrying Esmeralda from Newton’s arm.

They rushed her out.

Newton just smirk as he watch her friends take her out.

“Sorry, am ending the class, we shall see next time” he said and walk out.

Fernando sighed as he walk towards cassie sitting with the Fancy’s laughing heartily with them like its him.

He left Anna with Esmeralda whom is still unconscious.

“Gosh, ladies, they are so full of surprises” he muttered with a chuckle.

He bump into lisa and Diane.

“Hi cassie” Diane said blocking him.

“What?“ He asked trying to not to laugh with the expression Diane was putting on.

Like she is scared.

So his kid sis could be this scared of her fellow gender.

“Why don’t you sit and think about reconciling about your sister, you should listen to her own part of the story before judging her, you know” Diane said.

“Well am not ready, when am ready, I will listen” he said and tried walking away but lisa held her hand back.

“can you just stop all this cassie, If it ain’t hurting you, then its killing me, I have tried been stubborn for five years but now I can hold it any longer, we are twin for crying out loud, I have missed how tight our bond was then please” she pleaded with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Fernando felt pity for her.

“Hey cassie can I see you for a minute” cassie said interrupting faking to be Fernando.

“Sure” Fernando said and walk out with him.

“well can I see you for a second lisa” ace said and wiggled his brows to nile who just smirk.

“She is not okay,but I can see you on her behalf” Diane said smiling at ace.

“Well, I don’t think so cause, nile is waiting for you” ace said and drag lisa away before she could say anything.

Diane face fell in sadness as she watch ace leave with lisa forcefully.

But she loves him, he shouldn’t cause problem between her and lisa.

Nuke couldn’t help but admire her back and front side, like she is loaded

“Hey” Nile smiled.

“What do you want?“ She asked rudely facing Nile.

“Guess what?“ Cassie and Fernando said the same time.

“What?“ Cassie said.

“What?“ Fernando asked too.

“No, say yours first?“ Cassie said.

“Okay, I heard there is an Egyptian magician in town, I think he could help us” Fernando cooed smiling happily.

“That what in was going to say” cassie jibbed.

“Well what are waiting for?“, let go” Fernando said and drag her along with him heading towards his car.

Cassie smiled seeing how Fernando hold her hand.

They got into the car and Fernando zoomed off following the address in his phone.

They got to the creepy building and step down.

“Am I the only seeing this house is creepy?“ Cassie asked.

“Nop” Fernando replied with a gulp.

They knocked on the long door and the door opened itself.

Cassie urged Fernando and they both walk in.

The room was kinda dark, but hey could still manage to see with the red candles in it.

In the middle of the room, An aged man was sitting inside a triangular star painting on the floor with his eyes closed, sitting in a meditating form.

“hi…dont talk further, I can’t fix you two” he cut them off, with his eyes still closed.

“What?“ They both exclaimed.

“Yes, life is a mystery, this is you two mysterious part, you are to face iy ” he said and slowly opened his eyes.

“What are you saying, what do we do now?“ Cassie asked.

“Well, you both are meant to heal each other’s heart, you are meant for each other” he said making cassie and Fernando look at each other with smocking laugh on their faces.

“No one can solve your mystery only you two, and you have two days to solve it or it remain permanent” the man said and Fernando jaw dropped.

“Do you think he is okay?“ Fernando whispered to cassie.

“I don’t think so” caddie whispered back.

“Okay then how do we solve this mystery?“cassie asked.

“You two can only solve this mystery, if one of you fall in love ..its does not matter who, between the two of you, but the first to get feelings for the other break the mystery” he said and closed his eyes back.

“Are you kidding me?“ Fernando laughed.

“You have two days to do that or your conditions remain permanent” he said and their jaw dropped to the floor.

“Two what!!?“ Cassie and fernando exclaimed


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