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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 12


Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 12
After I read the text I jumped out of the bed like male fowl on heat chasing after the female comrade for quickie, I took my towel and disappeared to the bathroom. Some minutes later I was eating bread and tea.
Biggy: why you squeeze face like person wey dey chop plate of shit, and why you dress like corporate madman?
Me: i get 70k interview, come help me knot tie *drank the whole cup of tea and dump the bread*
Biggy stood up and helped me with the tie.
Biggy: my child go in peace and come back in pieces *tapping my shoulder*
Me: I go use my first salary acquire sense for you.
I got out of the yard flagged down a taxi, minutes later we were on the road. We drove pass a farmland fenced round, the owner of the land gave it to a woman in our area to farm on it without anyone knowledge. And the woman decided to acquire free labor by lying, she told the neighbouring public yards that she always saw big python coming out of the place at night. According to them, prevention is better than cure so they cut down the grasses and some days later the woman started farming on the land to their dismay.
The driver dropped me, so i entered keke and continued my journey, it was just two minutes left for the interview to start when the keke man dropped me at the gate of the industry.
Keke man: oga come collect your change.
Me: use am buy ice fish for your family.
Keke man: 50naira dey buy ice fish, na wa ohh.. As you fine like that *is like this one think they pluck money from guava tree*
I turned back to take my change, he quickly started his keke and drove away. He is lucky, i was running inside to meet up when i saw people standing before one short fat man.
Fat man: you all should wait in the waiting room, the interviewer is yet to be here. We will invite you all one after the other, when he comes.
Guy: na so naija thing dey be, their 8am be 11am. *hissing*
We all went to the waiting room, and stayed after much grumbling from people that came for the interview. The people that are present is ten times the vacancy we were applying for, we were in the waiting room when one of my evil mind told me to switch on my data. I switched it on and a message entered from a contact I saved Slaymama.
Slaymama is a single mother that i met online, our chats are always naughty. I always wanted us to meet and try it out but she refused.
Slaymama: how are you doing d+ck?
Me: h+rd and ready, how are your br+asts, and p+ssy with your ass doing?
Slaymama: they are missing your rough touch, they are covered with short towel. My n+pples are er+ct and ready for s+cking, my p+ssy is w+t ready for your h+rd c+ck. *my d+ck twitch*
Me: am coming with just boxer, am gonna put you on the sink and eat your w+t p+ssy really good, and you will m+an loud my name *she sent a photo of her with just towel*
Slaymama: aaahh! Come fast baby, am going to trap you between my legs, and rub your head as you eat my w+t p+ssy really good. Oohh!
Secretary: who is Mr. Victor?
Everyone eyes was on me, i signaled the interviewer that it is me. He asked me to go in, beads of sweat was forming on my forehead and all eyes was on me, my d+ck was rock h+rd in my boxer. I cursed Slaymama under breathe, did not realize the interview have started long time ago. And if i stand up everyone we see my h+rd bulge.
Secretary: young man, you are wasting time! *my d+ck refused to calm down*
I put my phone inside my pocket and quickly grabbed my d+ck pressing it, as i nervously followed her.
After the interview i came out drenched with sweat..
Boy1: oboy wetin happen, why you dey sweat like person wey loose olympic medal?
Boy2: em get well bro.
I ignored both of them, their heads are not correct. The questions were coming like i wanted to run for the seat of president in the industry.

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