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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 15


Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 15
Those days i was having raging hormones in my loin, so I scavenge for any available female to ease my pressure. Chichi was the victim, I sweet talked her to my house and we had four rough sweet rounds. After I emptied my sp*rm sac, I realized that Chichi was not the kind of girl I wanted as girlfriend. She has killer body that every girl will envy, with backside that shake like water in a can and can awake impotent d+ck, but her head is not of Earth but Jupiter, her head is what branded Chichi as ugly girl, as a son of his father I always go for complete package as girlfriend.
Chichi was not a complete package, but she still came back for more rounds and I was giving it to her hotter everyday roughly, the problem was Chichi keep warning me against cheating on her which I did not remember that I asked her to be my girlfriend.
As a gentle young man, I did a little discovery about Chichi and was told about her brother, my plans of shattering our s+xual relationship shattered.
I became a born again christain that prayed and read his bible whenever his girlfriend came around, she later got tired of my new behaviour and hooked up with another guy, I used that opportunity and parked out of the area in peace.
Me: Boss Smile, i dey miss your beautiful sister well well oh. *miss fire*
Small: no wam, oboy you no go lie down! My smoke your brain? *Kelly lie flat on the ground and pee on his short*
Kelly: no no, please o… *shivering*
I looked around and saw that others have already gone home, no one was there to plead for Kelly. I was the only one left, I wore my trouser and went home.
On getting to the unusual quiet yard, it is always quiet on Sundays. I saw Ayomi leaving my room like someone jammed by trailer of s+x, hope is not what am thinking ohh..
I entered the room and saw Biggy smiling like jelly fish, with his clothe swinging on his naked body.
Me: why na? Why you nofit commot eye for toto, na everywhere you go chuk your short and mighty?
Biggy: chill na… I just helped a sister in need and a brother in absence.
Me: who send you?
Biggy: the girl come fine you several times, I come dey gist am till she come gree tell me why she come find you, i come help you. You suppose buy malt and thank me, is not easy to satisfy a tight and sweet p+ssy.
Me: malt kill you there!! Person wey I arrange to scatter her toto today, na you smack clean mouth like that. Food dey this house?
Biggy: yes na, i cook rice and stew, with that your money.
Me: hope say na comedy? *he hissed*
I went to the small kitchen section that has one big locker, I kept kitchen utensils in. I opened it and brought out a big pot with smaller one containing the stew and the other rice.
Phcn brought light and I tried to open the fridge in my room, to take water I kept inside. Immediately I touched the handle I was shocked.
Me: oboy, this fridge dey shock!!
Biggy: who get am? You no go gree buy fridge you go like to inherit. Off am oh, before that your fridge go record kill one.
Actually I inherited the fridge from one of the tenant that was my good friend that parked out of the yard, i took the water and devoured the food. Later, took my bath and came online.
Beauty: hey baby! *whatsapp message*
Biggy: why you keep face like person wey wan c+m?
Me: will you keep quiet!!
Beauty was a girl that I have wooed with five thousand ways of winning girl’s heart and she still refused to go out on a date with me, she is very beautiful and her profile pictures are intoxicating.
Me: hmm… This one you remember me, I know say heaven have started discussing my matter. *typed and sent*
Beauty: lol… You are funny, I just came back from South Africa, I will be bored this weekend. *greenlight*
Me: lets have a date, and I promise to take you to cloud 9 and 10. *typed and sent*
Beauty: lol.. How will you do that? *my d+ck will do that*
Me: is a surprise, it will come with complete package *typed and sent*
She went offline, so I turned to Biggy as a master planner on date.
Me: you don subscribe your sim sense this Month?
Biggy: wetin come bring that one?
Me: where you want my carry this babe go this weekend, she be lady with class oh. *showing Biggy her picture*
Biggy: as broke guy with his future in shadow, carry am go club so that you go fit chop her quick quick. Except say you wan be Romeo and 21st century Romeo must get money.
Me: dey serious abeg..
A message came into my phone and I swiped the screen, read it.
Me: thank you Jesus!!! *screaming*

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