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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 25


Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 25
Biggy: gone to where?
Me: your sense dey follow pain you as your eyes? You no see this text message?
Biggy: em no mean anything joor.. Na so girls wey you don sample well dey do, so that another person no go enjoy wetin them don enjoy.
Me: you sure Biggy?
Biggy: yes na…
Me: no underestimate the power of a jealous lady oh.
Biggy: professor underestimate, come put hand here.
I did not know were the strength came from probably is from the text message, I stood up and helped Biggy to clean up the room. A call came into my phone, I checked the caller and the Id showed Kelly.
Kelly: oboy where you dey?
Me: I dey house with Biggy, why you dey ask?
Kelly: make ona two lap my house now now!
And the call ended, Kelly is a friend to I and Biggy. Our three formed the p*ssy chasers club then that landed us behind bars, since then Kelly and his doings is a bad news to me.
Kelly happened to shift any size of p*nt, according to him “na the face I go chop?”
Me: Lashi, Ke boy flash em forefathers.
Biggy: but ona two talk small na.
Me: which talk? I swear MTN no fit capture the minute.
Biggy: wetin em talk?
Me: em say make our two come now now, but I nodey go.
Biggy: do make we dey go, what if em need us pass oxygen. No forget say na our man, em fit dey danger.
Me: em better no concern danger oh, I nofit fight Kelly wars oh.
Biggy: Kelly know sef, you be peace maker 1 and 2. *laughing*
Me: guy, the thing no be joke oh, em better no be to fight.
We immediately took a quick shower one after the other, I was the last to go in and I made sure Biggy begged me in practically all I should do. Were you thinking we bathed together, may the gods forbid am no gay.
After we wore our clothes, we went outside together and I was about locking the gate…
Kate: repent! Repent!! Fornicators!!! The kingdom of God is at hand, on that judgment day… *she shouted aloud from her frontage*
Biggy: you no tell me say you dey live close to psychia na.
Me: you don see am oh, Beauty don announce to everyone say I be fornicator for the yard.
Kate: the bible says flee from fornication…
We just ignored her and asked Musa to open gate for us, we came out on the street and Biggy started waving to a beautiful girl across the road who just came out to pour water inside the dirty gutter that runs beside the road. She waved back and he started smiling broadly like cat fish.
Me: you know the babe?
Biggy: for where? Creating awareness for future invasion.
Me: shey you know say her father na invader?
Biggy: wetin you mean?
Me: her father na beware of dog in form of human being.
Biggy: em no want make em daughter marry again?
Me: thank God you say marriage, em no want person wey go use in the name of boyfriend dey f*ck em daughter like p*rnstar.
Biggy: haters..! I go still shoot my shot.
Me: goodluck for you, taxi.. Ojefel man.
Ojefel: tufiaaa… I nodey carry ona.
He drove past us and I became ashamed of myself, we just missed a free taxi sha… We later took a taxi that we charge money, “em no go better for Ojefel man oh”.
When we dropped at Kelly house, we went to the door and knocked. He opened the door sweating and smiling.
Me: guy? You dey cook with fire inside room.
Kelly: no… Na one gal I dey bleep o, she say my invite ona, say only me nofit satisfy her. *both of laughing*
Me: na you call me, how wish say na s*x you call me for. I for dey my dey.
Biggy: no mind am, how many rounds ona don go already?
Kelly: six, I take TM.. I don tire sef, na em make I call ona.
Biggy: Kelly you don f*ck up, na that small girl wey I go handle she go grab her p*nt fly window and fence with one jump.
Kelly: come make her jump fence and Jericho wall, she dey naked inside.
Biggy: Vic you nodey come? Sorry, I don forget say Beauty have turn your long dragon to bent and fallen.
Kelly: *laughing* leave my g, make we go inside…
Both of them went inside and I waited for them on the verandah, I was expecting a girl to m*an but nothing as such happened instead I was hearing Biggy’s loud throaty pleasure groans.
After two hours…
Biggy: I no want do again! *Biggy shout from inside*
I ran inside to check what was happening, I saw Kelly laughing and rolling on the floor and a naked girl mounted on Biggy who laid helplessly beneath her.
Girl: I never tire…
Biggy: abeg na…!! *she turn to me*
Girl: you be the next person? *chewing gum*
Me: God no go gree, noooo!
She resumed the riding on Biggy ignoring his plea.
Biggy: I go die oh! Kelly help me na!! *breathing heavily*
I just closed the door behind me and navigated myself home, I came out of the, broken gate to the open street. I realized that I did not have enough money on me for vehicle to convey me home, I was still battling with the thought of going inside or trekking a fifty naira distance.
When a man that I did not understand his dressing walked upto me, I raised my head and scanned the both sides of the street and saw his co-workers in vineyard of 419 hanging around.
Man1: oga good afternoon, I no know road. Na person just help me with transport my go receive healing, you be child of God?
Me:…. *I nod*
Man1: oga abeg, I wan see one healer wey them dey call Jesus.you fit show me heaven road? *is like this one wan escort me*
Me: *I nod* …. *pointing towards were I want to go*.

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