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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 32


Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 32
Victory: bro, my charger don blow, help me with your charger *I exhale heavy breathe*
Me: na charger make you look like say somebody die for your family?
Victory: na wetin Nigeria economy don turn person to, wey your charger. *Abigail laughing*
Me: see am there…
Abigail: you guys are very funny *em get why*
He left us in peace with my charger, I was eyeing my charger as he left with it. Is not everyday someone gets an original charger when you live close to Abia State, I arranged the table and placed it on the feet of Abigail. She was forming or should I say she is shy…
Me: eat na, the food will get cold.
Abigail: I told you, am not hungry.
Me: okay oh, is like you want me to feed you like my baby *she start blushing*
Abigail: no, please *covering her face*
I dug the spoon inside the heap rice on the breakable plate, took the spoon filled with rice to her mouth.
Me: aaahhhh.. Eat.
Abigail: no, oh!
Me: if you hate me don’t eat *she remove her hands on her face, she open her mouth and eat from the spoon*
Abigail: umhh.. You try.
Me: na lie joor.. Ama good cook right from my mama womb. *Abigail laughing*
Abigail: you are not serious, this should be the last spoon.
Me: last spoon ke, you need the whole plate and even more for the upcoming match.
Abigail: you are not serious, what match? *giggling*
Me: you will soon find out? *I wink at her*
I was gisting and feeding her she did not realize when she almost finished the plate of rice.
Abigail: oh my God, you have over feed me. Please, am not eating anymore.
Me: the food is so tasty, your eyes were telling me don’t stop.
Abigail: naughty, boy.
I cleared the plate and came back, I started a pillow fight and she joined me. Her laughter was full of life, that I felt guilty of going down with her.
We cuddled and played for a long time, she lay on my chest while I played with her hairs.
She has already said I want to go thrice already and made no effort to go.
Abigail: Vic, I want to go home.
Me: why?
Abigail: is getting late and I will be travelling tomorrow.
Me: are you sure? *she nods*
Her eyes were sending ‘kiss me signal’, I lowered my lips to her’s and she accepted it wholeheartedly. As we both suck from our mouth, I held her gown zip and lowered it down. Just a snap I unhook her bra…
Abigail: you are just a bad boy, it takes me two minutes to get that on.
Me: bad boy for only you.
Abigail: hmm.. I hear you.
The kiss became demanding as I hover my hands all over her, she step down from the bed and pulled off her gown, she remained only on her p*nt.
I could not stop admiring her beautiful structure and flawless skin, her round firm br*asts stood so inviting on her chest.
She joined me on the bed and I off her p*nt, I laid her on the bed and spread legs.
I wanted to eat her w*t p*ssy she held me my head..
Abigail: what are you doing?
Me: I want to taste you.
Abigail: okay… *covering her p*ssy*
Me: remove your hands na *chuckling*
Abigail: hmm.. Okay.
She did, and the moment I ran my tongue on her crack she shook. I had to held her in place as she grabbed my sheet and wiggled beneath, her eye balls already rolled off.
She was speaking in many languages, after she squirted. I pulled off my boxer and my d*ck sprang out pointing gingerly at her.
Abigail: chisos! What is that?
Me: my d*ck na..
Abigail: is so big, will it enter… I have just done it once oohh.
Me: it will.
She covered her face with her palms and curled her feet, as I readied myself to p*netrate into her.
Slowly slowly I was inside her, I moved on her slowly as she scratched her nails on my back.
I kept on f*cking her slowly as we kiss and made love…
Abigail: jeezz.. Ooohh.. Aaahhh, you are so good.. I love you.
Me: aaahhh.. Oohh i love you more.
As I was expecting my climax, I increased my thr*sting pace and slammed hard into her as we screamed down the roof with our m*ans.
Me: aahh ahhh ahhh, ammmmm cummmiiinngg..
Abigail: ossshhh cccummm iiinn aaahh me…
I spurted my whole load inside her as she welcomed it with her orgasm, she shook violently beneath me. I disengaged when she was calm and give a s*xual satisfaction sigh.
She slept off without a word, I took my bath and headed to kitchen to prepare soup.
I came back to see her awake.
Abigail: you are just too good *she kiss*
Me: another round, you will ride me this time around.
Abigail: not me and you, I cannot ride that thing oh. Go and reduce it. *both us laughing*
She went to the bathroom and had her bath, I went to call my brother. We both came back to see her dress, she insist on going rather than stay for dinner.
I walked her to the gate battling with my conscience, she stopped abruptly before her.
Abigail: do you really really love me?
Me: ofcourse, I do.
Abigail: do you have a girlfriend?
Me: yes, and it is just you.
Abigail: I love you, bye and take care of yourself for me. *she kiss me*
She entered her car and drove out, she is so sweet and charming. But Beauty is not of this world, the thought of cheating or being a player made me feel uncomfortable as I stood and waved till she drove out of the premises.
I had a call from strange number, I looked around suspiciously before picking the call..
Me: hello, who be this?
Voice: who be this kill you there!

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