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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 35


Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 35
Me: no be so, abeg na. I dey sorry for all the things, I don do you.
Tracy: *laughing* you never even start to beg, Jack!
Jack: yes, boss!
Tracy: bring the scissor, I wan cut em penis *I start sweating*
I did not know where to start the begging, I was shocked and scared with confusion at a time.
I started reflecting on my life and realized I will not even be allowed to even see the gate or way to heaven’s gate at all.
There are three hefty guys behind Tracy, and Jack she called earlier stepped forward with tailor scissor that scared the shit out of me.
I trembled at the sight of scissor wondering how to get out of this mess.
Tracy: I wan help you cut your number one problem *laughing*
Me: Tracy, em never reach like this na, remember the love we shared.
How well I treated you, you remember when you don’t have a shoulder to cry on and a time everyone forbids you, I was there for you. *my words where working small small*
Tracy: and you later destroyed my life, that fine bobo don engage me for marriage. Na you ’cause wey I still never marry when my mate don marry *shouting at me*
Me: I no know, no vex. Tracy, you know say I love you, I for no hurt you. If you no hurt me too! *I cry out with tears*
Tracy: me hurt you? Sandra tell me say you dey carry girls upadan. Because of say I no confront you, you think say I be fool? After I use my money dey help your life. I just send you that message so that you go know how em dey pain, when you cheat on your partner.
Me: wetin you dey talk sef? Me cheat on you?
Tracy: oh! You think say I no go know, Sandra tell me everything, how you dey sweet talk her to come your house so that you go use your yeye prick chuk for her toto.
Me: wait wait! I no understand, na Sandra tell you all these things?
Tracy: you no know say Sandra no be just my friend, she be my bestie.
Me: *laughing insanely* Sandra format your brain with lies, why you no ask me? *she start looking confuse*
Tracy: I know say na truth.
Me: bring my number call Sandra, you go know who dey lie for our two.
She was surprised the boldness I talked with, and signaled one of the guys behind her to get my phone to her.
She took my phone and dialed Sandra number, it rang twice before she accepted the call.
Tracy gave me the phone to continue the call..
Sandra: hello, who is this?
Me: Sandra, is me… Victor, Tracy’s ex.
Sandra: jeezz.. Victor! Where have you been na!?
Me: I just dey oh.
Sandra: where na? You nodey live for that yard again. You never still forget about that idiot Tracy? *Tracy look shock*
Me: no be Tracy na, I need to hustle na em make I commot from the yard.
Sandra: eyaa! So, why you call me today? You don agree for wetin I been dey tell you?
Me: I never know how em go be, I doubt whether if you go still like me.
Sandra: I love you die! Where you dey stay? I want make you dey give me all these things wey Tracy dey tell me.
Tracy angrily snatched the phone from my hand and ended the call, she probably would have switched off the phone as she went out of the room angrily, followed by one of the guys.
The other one left behind blindfolded my eyes and I could not see anything,
I only heard the sound of the wall switch.
I felt for Tracy she would have went about confiding in her so called friend Sandra about our lively s*x life, I did not know when I slept off.
I woke up the next morning tired and hungry, my body were aching me as my head bang like a drummer was inside.
I heard the door sounds and felt the presence of people in the room.
Me: hungry wan kill me, em no go sweet iffa die with empty stomach na *yawning*
Voice1: how far for Ejiro na?
Voice2: I go soon close that girl chapter oh, she dey always aunty aunty anytime I tell am make em come house, but she nodey aunty anytime she dey collect money from me oh!
Voice1: na wa oh! Leave that girl oh, before she go finish you.
Me: you don f*ck up na, if you leave compass wey don set tay tay *the room become quiet*
Voice2: bro, wetin you mean?
Me: your problem na small challenge, put am for her body say you wan take her outing. She go come out, from there she no go get choice than to follow you come house.
Voice1: you sure em go work?
Me: like never before.
Voice2: if your plan no work, you go starve to death for here. Piro, pass am that food.
I heard foot-falls and after some minutes the blindfold was taken off from my eyes, I felt relief at least am better than a blind man.
The other guy fed me with spoons of rice, I ate like there is no tomorrow which is a doubt on my side.
Me: thank you. *after draining a cup of water*
Piro: just pray make wetin you tell am click, if not.. You don die here oh! *he warn*
That is when I realized the other guy has left earlier,
The blindfold was returned to my face, I spent the whole day pinned to the chair as I lost track of days and time.
A long period of time I was left in the room, as I kept on yelling on top of my voice.
There was no response and the door ceased to make any sounds, suddenly the door burst open and made a contact with wall which generated a loud slam.
Heavy foot-falls walked hastily approaching me, I was startled and scared.
Voice1: guy!!! *yelling at me*

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