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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 38


Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 38
Three of them went at me gingerly, as the one with handcuffs stretched it out to me.
I looked at Sam with disdain, I knew he had written a lot of lies in his statement and Nigeria police is first to report, is on the side of justice.
Beauty: if anyone of you dare lay your filthy hands on him, you are good as jobless. *everyone is surprise, but me… Am electrocuted*
Sam: wetin ona dey wait for? Drag this idiot! Inside van *he yell*
Police officer2: madam, who you be to thwart justice?
Police officer3: please, who are you?
Beauty: do you care to ask Ahmed Mohammed that question? *she start tapping her screen angrily*
Police officer1: we dey craze!? We are sorry ma.
Sam: I just showed you a rapist.
Police officer2: oga shut up! Do you want us to arrest you? *trust NPF*
Sam: for what! He raped my wife!!
Police officer3: did he rape you? Na you em rape?! Ona go just dey buy market.
Police officer1: nothing do you boss, happy raping.
Me: officer of the law, twenty one bullets. Sir! Yes, sir!! *I salute*
The police officers left Sam standing, he boiled in anger as he gave me a hard look.
I could not help the laughter building up in my stomach, I just had to cover my mouth and started laughing.
Sam: we shall see *he left us*
Me: we be neighbour *I laugh out loud*
Beauty: Victor!! *she call my name angrily*
Me: yes, ma!! *I carry her bridal style* I love her! *I scream on top of my voice*
Beauty: carry me down, mad boyfriend.
Me: and you are blushing oh! Girls and shakara.
I did not drop her, she hid her face on my chest as I carried her inside the yard.
Musa stood on his duty post, one hand on his waist and the other held radio to his ear.
Musa: kai! Marriage!!
Me: you are invited. *and the idiot start following me*
I just open my protector and carried her inside, then locked the protector. Musa stood outside scratching his head, he wants to use his Hausa d*ck to shift my girlfriend womb.
I threw Beauty on the bed and she landed safely.
Beauty: naughty boy *giggling*
Me: you are so heavy with all these your endowment, reduce the nyash small before you ’cause traffick. *she start laughing*
I removed my shirt and threw it, I pulled off my belt and my trouser dropped from my waist, I kicked it off from my legs.
My semi-ere*t d*ck led to the place I hid the leg chain, I brought it out and climbed the bed.
I took Beauty left leg and moved my lips on it, till I got to a spot she m*aned, if I told you her sensitive spot is in her p*ssy, I was only joking oh!
I wore the leg chain on her very beautiful left leg, and laid beside her on the bed.
Beauty: how did you know? *I chuckle*
Me: when we had s*x, you love rubbing your left leg on me.
Beauty: you are such a bad boy.
I placed my lips on her’s, and she accepted me wholeheartedly.
I used the tip of my finger to move her gown up to her laps,
Her breathe became hot as I grabbed her *ss and kissed her neck.
Beauty: stop please, am not in the mood *I become surprise*
Me: okay.
I stood up angrily on the bed and started wearing my trouser, she sat on the bed and started looking at me remorsefully.
Beauty: baby, am sorry.
Me: okay.
Beauty: baby, are you upset with me?
Me: why won’t I? I have been s*x starved by my girlfriends, you have been refusing me. *she look at me intently*
Beauty: you just said girlfriends.
Me: you heard wrong, are you now having s*x with someone else?
Beauty: damn! You are such a jealous ass, am not! C’mon, is just you and you know it.
She stood up from the bed and crossed her hands around my neck, she is just too pretty. My anger just vanished.
Me: I don’t know.
Beauty: am sorry, let me explain. Am on my P *she start giggling*
Me: you would have told me.
Beauty: I just did *her laughter sound pleasing to the ears*
I disappeared to the bathroom and peed to relief my d*ck, I took the ring box I hid in there and dropped it in my pocket.
I exhaled and checked myself in the mirror.
Me: am now a man *I said proudly*
Beauty: is your d*ck refusing you to come out?
Me: am coming *she is now watching the TV*
I sat on the sofa with her, I placed her both legs on me.
She loves it, she just enjoy attention on her pretty legs.
Me: baby, what do you think of marriage?
Beauty: is a cool thing *she replied disinterestedly*
Me: I mean, what will be your reaction if you are asked to marry sooner than later?
Beauty: God, am not ready for that. I don’t want to be mom yet, or mrs anybody for now… Umhh.. Why do you ask? *I feel the ring on my pocket*

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