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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 45


Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 45
Me: no be transport you dey waste be that?
Ikenna: even if na one million transport I prefer to stay here than go stay inside school *this guy serious oh*
Me: Umashi enter inside, Ikenna you fit go.
Ikenna: Vera, we will see. *in my front?!*
Umashi: okay. *you will explain that okay*
Someone should hold me before I kill somebody and go to jail, me and my older brother’s daughter entered inside the house and I dropped the briefcase I held, and placed my both hands on my waist.
Me: who be that boy?
Umashi: daddy, you meant Ikenna?
Me: yes, I know his name. Who is he to you?
Umashi: he is just my friend.
Me: friend! Eehnnn!! You are here to write Jamb or make friends?
Umashi: he is just helping out so that I will score high in Jamb.
Me: help!! Which kind help that mama thank you boy fit give you, what happened to all these fine girls living around to make friends, ehnn Vera!??
Umashi: daddy, he lives close, all the girls in the yard are ladies.
Me: all the girls in the yard are lady? You no sabi English sef, all you know is to laugh and smile like mad woman listening to Ikenna and his EFCC English, iffa see you with that boy again!! Lemme don’t talk first.
Umashi: sorry, daddy.
Me: sorry for yourself.
I removed my work out-fit and had a cold shower, I decided to sleep.
My kid sister was on the reading desk studying, when I went off to dream land.
I was enjoying the sleep when I saw a vulture calling my sister’s name in the dream, I quickly woke up.
Sam: *his voice calling from outside* Vera! Come and remove you people’s clothes is getting late.
Me: *my sister stand up from the chair* where you wan go?
Umashi: to remove the clothes.
Me: my fiend! Will nyash down there!! *I hiss*
I stood up and flogged the clothe I kept beside me on the bed on my body, and stood up.
I adjusted my boxer a bit because my d*ck was misbehaving, I went through the kitchen and came out in the verandah to see Sam standing at my frontage like a paid houseboy.
He thought I was not at home, so that he will sweet talk my sister, eehhnn… I will injure somebody oh!!
Me: you lost your memory or your memory lost you?
Sam: *he hiss* is your sister at home?
Me: go and bring back your wife, konji go kill you oh!!
He looked at me as someone that has ran mad and shook his head then walk away, am I not actually going crazy?
I reasoned it that am actually doing the right thing.
I went out and brought the clothes in, a video request came in on my phone from Beauty.
The screen displayed and Beauty image appeared, and a clean sparkling kitchen made the background.
Me: someone call 911, fire fire ohh!!
Beauty: *she start laughing* you are not serious, am preparing rice?
Me: awww… I will not be there to eat.
Beauty: come and spend some time with me in my house.
Me: I will, I cannot grant that request until my sister travel back.
I saw a girl hand touching Beauty and she shifted the screen, smaller version of Beauty joined her on my screen.
She is so beautiful at her age, I swear she will beat beauty when she grows up if she will not meet the wrong guys.
Small girl: hey, uncle how are you? *all this big mouthed children*
Me: am fine, you?
Small girl: cool, are you my…
Beauty: Annabel f*ck off from my phone, god! I don’t know what to do with this kid!! *I start laughing*
Me: do you hate kids that much?
Beauty: no, I love them but they are nothing but trouble, my God!! Annabel, what are you doing? I will call you back emergency.
She ended the video call, I shook my head.
The night went and she did not call neither Abigail called unusual, I tried her line but did not go through.
I was worried, I slept off with lots of conflicting thoughts.
Is that little kid Beauty’s daughter, is it why she does not want to get marry? I kept on tossing through out the night.
I did not sleep very well through out the night, I had no choice but to wake very early and left home for work.
After I was done supervising the industry environment, I settled down on my desk and a video call request came in from Abigail.
I quickly accepted it, she was silent observing my physique closely.
Abigail: you look stressed out, is something bothering you?
Me: I could not get through to you yesterday.
Abigail: am sorry, I tried calling your line before we went in for the operation room but it was busy.
Me: my doctor, doctor Abigail.
Abigail: you have start bah? Am not seeing my period.
Me: you will see it when it is time.
Abigail: emergency, talk to you later.
Sleep kidnapped me like a hungry kidnapper after she ended the video call, ‘I returned from work and Musa opened the gate for me, I drove in and came down from my car. I looked towards my frontage and saw two different foot-wears on my doorstep, I didn’t recognise the other one.
I locked my car and walked to my apartment, it was locked from inside. I unlocked it and started hearing funny noises like m*aning, I entered the house and the m*aning became clear and louder, I got inside my bedroom and saw Ikenna banging my sister anyhow, the moment they saw me they disengaged and Ikenna python was clothed with glittering c*ndom, and I fainted’
Secretary: sir, sir!!
Me: Jesus! The devil is a liar!! *I pick my car keys and my briefcase*
Secretary: sir, here is the results of the test you requested for.
Me: madam wait, family first.
I ran out of the industry building like I was being pursued surprising the workers, I will not let that girl put me to shame.
I entered my car and ignited the engine, and drove to my my rented apartment like mad danfo driver, I got to the gate and came down leaving my car outside, I picked my briefcase and walked into the compound to be shocked with the foot-wear I saw in my dream.

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