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TOTO PASS TOTO (18+) – Episode 52


Subtitle: F*ck Mark Z.
-Episode 52
Biggy: why you dey shout like madman wey escape psychia through window? *Felicia left hurriedly*
Me: how you do am bro?
Biggy: she see aggressive penis, she suji by force.
Me: look at you, you wan use that your short and mighty compare with my long and thick?
Biggy: you be wan f*ck am?
Me: yes na, the babe just dey worry area with long skirt. I come chipin am with one or two, she gree to date me if I go follow am dey go fellowship, trust me na… I shun am.
Biggy: naso you take miss the sweet toto my brother.
Me: wetin you mean? Put your nigga through na.
Biggy: na wetin she tell me oh! I agree if she godey come my house to carry me go, after two visits. I tear her p*nt, after I give am the first day na so we start to do parte after parte.
Me: chaii… Na so? Wetin you cook.
Biggy: rat and poison.
Me: be serious, hungry dey wire me bad bad.
Biggy: I resemble person wey dey joke?
I hissed and entered the house, after I opened three pots I find spaghetti in one.
I used a big spoon and put many in a breakable plate, took a fork and chop from the plate.
Me: guy na you cook am, the food sweet well well oh!
Biggy: no, na your grandmother resurrect cook am.
Me: person nofit play with you again? You don see my brother?
Biggy: the one wey buy new car? *I squeeze my face*
Me: which day?
Biggy: mumu, your brother dey cruise your car like em own, quick die make em inherit am.
Me: make resting thunder roast your burnt lips there.
After I devoured the spaghetti in the plate, I drank a cold glass of water and I felt good, plus wonderful. I picked toothpick from the table and started picking out those stubborn particles, I was ready to leave.
Me: oboy, you don safe a life, thank you.
Biggy: iffa slap your roasted flat nyash, you go run go your house.
Me: I hear you! Abeg, tell my brother in case you see am. Make em arrange my car.
I headed to the main road, stopped a bus and left for my house, on my way I didn’t forget to wave to Samuel who has join frog association, he was asked to jump like frog and he was doing it very well under the supervision of two looking angry men.
I was surprised when I got home and saw my protector open, I knew is either Beauty or Abigail.
So, I quietly entered the house tiptoeing to my bedroom.
I didn’t find anybody.
Someone quietly covered my eyes from behind, ‘this play is expensive’. What if I guessed it wrongly, I inhaled the cologne but didn’t click any memory.
I felt the palm on my face and I realized it is Abigail.
Me: my sweet Abigail.
Abigail: don’t sweet me, you refused to pick and call me *she remove her hands on my face and sit on the bed looking upset*
Me: you are getting prettier and, those breasts are having more milk oh! The size have increase…
Abigail: shut up joor! Brostitude.
Me: you are not serious *I kneel down* am sorry, my love.
Abigail: why are you kneeling, please get up you like embarrassing someone.
Me: if you don’t forgive me, I will not get up here.
Abigail: I wasn’t angry at you, I wouldn’t be here if am angry, I really missed you even if you don’t miss me.
Me: thank you *I get up and sit beside her, cross my hand across her shoulder* you know is not true, I missed you more, I didn’t want to disturb you. *I shift my hand a little to touch her bre*st*
Abigail: *she spank my hand* remove your hand ashewo, am not here for that.
Me: Abby, hunger will kill your boyfriend oh! You have starved him for long.
Abigail: *she start laughing* I want to give it to you hot on your birthday, am reserving it till then, my uncle just came back from the state, I want us to visit him together.
Me: lets go….
Abigail: are you sure you are okay with it? *I nod*
We came out holding hands and headed to her car, immediately we got close to her car she remembered something and faced me.
Abigail: where is your car?
Me: I told you is not my car the other day.
Abigail: oh sorry. *thank God for Victory oh!*
She drove to her uncle house, am not even suppose to call it a house ’cause is like a little castle.
The gate was made of gold, I wondered why someone spent such money on common gate that will not even protect you from thieves.
Servants were running helter-skelter as Abigail took me in, I was feeling awkward that feeling of poverty meeting rich, shall it was inward my packaging didn’t let me loose guard.
We entered the exotic sittingroom if I call it parlour am insulting some wonders of the world, parlour is a sittingroom with plastic chair and co.
We settled and a servant ran up to call him, a little girl ran down from the staircase and hugged Abigail, why always girl, oh!
Girl: good afternoon, aunty Abigail, good afternoon sir.
Abigail: Ella, your hairs is lovely and you are looking very pretty *the little girl blush*
Me: afternoon, how are you dear?
Girl: am fine, thank you sir *she start whispering to Abigail*
Abigail: *she start laughing* no, he is my boyfriend.
Voice: oh! You are here already.
That is how they start their rich people boring conversation, questioning and answering.
Where are you from bla bla bla….bra, the question he forgot to ask if I have shifted my girlfriend p*nt.
After the hot exam, Abigail had an urgent call and we begged for our leave, he requested for a private chat with Abigail.
After they are done we left together.
Abigail drove back to my house, this night my bedsheet must w*t if not this girl will not leave oh!
Abigail: did you know what my uncle said about you?
Me: I don’t, please tell me.
Abigail: I will text you and call you, there is emergency in the hospital that demand my immediate presence.
Me: you are not coming in?
Abigail: you and your d*ck should come down joor *she say playfully, I laugh and drop*
Abigail: so you are not going to kiss me?
Me: *girls and confusion* sorry, ma.
I bent and kissed her cheek, I carried myself inside.
I needed immediate wash, I ran inside the bathroom and switched on the shower, the only sound I heard was wiiiinnnnn… No water, there has not be light since morning and nobody cared to pulp.
I dragged myself and wore a short with t-shirt, I carried a bucket of water and went to a yard close by, after fetching the water, I carried the bucket of water on my head.
I heard a girl singing, I looked at her she is not fine, let me don’t talk.
Girl: nobody ugly oh! *about to pour water* nobody ugly oh! If you dey for insta, or na 2go. My brother nobody ugly oh!
Me: I hear you, some are wonderfully made while some are fearfully made.
That is how I had a bath before getting to my bathroom, I will kill this girl.

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