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By : Kebby NG Media Services


“David is that really you?”I asked again

“Who else? It is me of course”he replied

“But you are dead?”I said softly

“If I am dead, would I be talking to you?”he asked

“This is ¢razy”I muttered softly and my mom walked towards me, starring at me with concern.

“What’s going on?”she asked

“What do you want and why are you calling me?”I asked

“What I want? I want you!”he said

“You must be ¢razy?’”I yelled

“¢razy for you right?you will surely be mine cause I have some thing of yours “he said

“My baby,give me back my daughter!”I yelled at him

“That will only happen if you come your self, I want you to come by your self”He said

“And what gives you the assurance that I will come?”I asked

“You want your child right?then you will certainly come, Remember I want you to be there,just you ,make a mistake and bye bye to your daughter”he said and caught the call

“David! David! David! Where is my daughter? Give me back my daughter” I yelled out

“What’s going on Emily?” She asked

“My daughter mom! David has her, I need to talk to Cade, I need to talk to him mom”I said as I went out in search of Cade.


“It’s a good thing that I you installed a CCTV system in the house, we can know who the perpetrator is”the police officer in charge of the situation said

With one of the expert checking out the system, we manage to spot a figure jumping over the fence.

The figure look so familiar,I thought as I kept starring at the person who crept into the house.

The house was still dark when he walked up the stairs, the guards who were suppose to be there weren’t there and that alone pisses me off.

The stranger carried Nina into his arms and as he was descending the stairs the. Good he had on pulled off and when I saw his face,I paused

“Cade! Cade! Cade”Emily called out as she ran towards us

“You won’t believe who just called me,!”she said as she stared at me

“David is alive “We both said together

“How did you know?”i asked puzzled

“He just called me, Cade! He made it known to me that he is with our child “she said said as the tears began to pour again

“Don’t worry we will try to find a way to get out of this mess”I said giving her a tight hug and turning back to the police.

“We just got a call from the perpetrator,he is some one we all thought dead and also he is a fugitive”i said

“Can you give us his identity ?”the police officer asked and quickly I got to doing that

“He wouldn’t just call your wife for nothing,did he tell you what you have to give in exchange for your daughter?”the police officer asked Emily,who was feeling sad.

“Yes he did “Emily replied softly

“What did he ask for in exchange?”I asked interrupting the police officer

“He wants me! He wants me in exchange he will be setting Nina free” she replied softly

“That ba$tard!”I yelled out as I hugged Emily

“That won’t have to happen! If we get to plan this accordingly, we will get to arrest them all”the police officer said

“How do you plan on doing that?”Emily asked

“It depends on you?”he said starring at her

“Can you explain better?”I asked starring at him.


“I don’t know what to do, have been trying to calm her down but she keeps on calling for her mom”Paulina said as Nina cry began to get loud.

“How come she is longing for Emily,isn’t Laura suppose to be her mom ,that is the reason why we kept you there Paulina, to make sure the child hates Cade and Emily but it turns out that you weren’t doing your job” Denise said

“I think have had enough of this! Who are you to judge and criticise me,I only work for Laura and if Laura doesn’t Criticise me,you have no right to!”Paulina said angrily

“Paulina don’t try to pick a fight!”Laura warned gently

“Why would you keep on tolerating them laura? They are nothing but crooks, you should just leave before it becomes a disaster”paulina said

“Stop it Paulina”Laura warned but she kept on talking, calling Denise and i all sort of names and in anger I used the first bullet in my gun on her

“Why did you do that?”Denise said starring at me

“Her noise is giving me head ache and the only way to get rid of someone like her Is to kill”I said starring at Paulina corpse on the floor

“But you shouldn’t have done that?”Laura yelled at me

“What? Do you want to be next?”I asked and that got her shut

“Emily will be here soon and I don’t want any distraction and if any one of you dare gets in my way, I won’t hesitate to end you like I did to her”I said

“Now some one go and keep that child shut, I don’t want to kill her until Cade arrives to say good bye”I said

“You plan on killing my son?”Denise asked

“You told me to do what ever I want and so killing Cade will be the end to all of this”I said and Denise nodded and surprisingly she went into the room to take care of Nina.

Seems like she is feeling a bit guilty but her being guilty isn’t what I need right now and If she dares do any thing stupid, I won’t hesitate to kill….


I walked through the route that led to the ware house where I will be meeting up with David.

I didnt really want it to be like this but the police convinced us that this is the only way to get David.

We have to make him think that we are doing what he wants and then we surprise him with our own attack .

It was a very good idea then but now that am here,I think it’s a very bad idea.

I walked into the ware house and though it was dark a bit, there was a light emanating from a particular room.

Taking a deep breath, I walked into the room and saw David along with Laura In the room

“Finally you are here!”David said and out of no where two men came to me holding my arm

“What is this? You promised me that it will just be the two of us”I said

“And you believed that? Well you are in for a surprise”He said

“Where is daughter? Give her to me”I begged

“I will but first,I want to do some thing “he said and walked towards me.

He pulled me to him and kssed my lips,never have I felt so disgusted, I tried to push him away but his hold on me was so strong

“Have missed this”he said starring at my body lu$tfully

“You told me if I come,you would give me my child?”I said

“Don’t worry your child is doing fine”he said as he walked me to a seat

“Just stay here and……”he couldn’t finish his word because Cade walked in

This was not part of the plan,I thought as I stared at him

“Let my wife go!”Cade yelled through the door way and David gave a harsh laugh

“I was just about to call you but now that you are here, I don’t have to do that”he said softly

“You ba$tard! You should have died in the fire,you made a mistake by choosing to stay alive”Cade said angrily

“What? Are you going to be the one to kill me?”David asked

“I came here after all,you should know that I came to kill you my self”he said

“Let’s see how you do that then?”He said as he point his gun at Cade, while his two minions held onto him

“No David! Please don’t do it”I said as I went to stand in front of him but he pushed me away

“You won’t have the time to mourn over him because I will be with you all the time ” he said as he point the gun at Cade.

“This is good bye my dearest friend!”he said and then he fired the gun.

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