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Chapter 13

By : Kebby NG

“Choose now Emily, I don’t have much time to waste h*re “h£ added

“How am I even sure that my parent did went on th*s supposed holiday of yours ” I asked

h£ took ©vt h*s phone and dialled a l!ne and on th£ third r!ng, I h£ard my fath*r voice

“Good even!ng, Mr Wilburn, I j√$t called to ask if you have gotten th*re safely “h£ said !nto th£ receiver

“Of course, we have gotten th*re safely, we have gotten to h°tel and we were even given th£ bridal suite”My fath*r said

“How is Mrs Wilburn, hope $h£ is tak!ng it gently as th£ doctor says”h£ asked aga!n

“Of course, $h£ is sleep!ng and th£ nurse you hired for us is watch!ng over h*r now”My fath*r replied

“Okay that’s that, I only wanted to ch£ck up on you guys and now that I know that you are do!ng okay, I can be rest @ssured and also Emily s£nds h*r a greet!ng”h£ said and cut th£ call.

“Do you believe me now?”h£ asked

“How can you s£nd th£m on a trip wh£n you know that Mom hasn’t fvlly recovered”I asked

“It’s th£ only want to h£lp your mom relax” h£ replied

“Now answer me, will you accept my good term or th£ choose th£ bad one” h£ asked and know!ng that h£ is capable of putt!ng my parents th*re and never h£lp!ng th£m to return, I nodded s1©wly

“F!ne I won’t tell th£m and I will keep up with th£ deal, as long as you br!ng my parents b@¢k to safety ” I said to h*m and h£ nodded !n return.

“I will do as you say my darl!ng Emily and one m©r£ th!ng, don’t ever Threaten me to leave aga!n, I hate those k!nd of threats”h£ said and walked ©vt of th£ room

I sat on th£ b£d feel!ng sad, once aga!n th*re is no escape for me, I am bound to be h*re act!ng as Cade fake bride until th*s deal ends.

I will have to put up with h*m and h*s family, I thought as I l@yed on th£ b£d feel!ng like a loser.

I went straight to th£ m!ni bar and ₱0vred myself a dr!nk

Emily knows how to get on someone’s nerves, I thought as I gulped d©wΠ th£ brandy.

I must admit, I chose h*r because $h£ is th£ th£ only female who have ever reject me, th£ first one that have ever made me use force, pursuit and threats on h*r

$h£ !ntrigues me and each time $h£ challenges me, I always want to show h*r who th£ boss is

That is what I did a while ago, $h£ dared to challenge me and I used th£ only method that calms h*r d©wΠ and that is by threaten!ng h*r.

Am glad that th£ fath*r has accepted h*s new daughter !n law. It was h*s approval that I needed and now that I have it, I don’t ¢ar£ ab©vt anyone else.

All I j√$t have to do is to wr*₱ up what I want to do h*re and th£n I leave.

j√$t th£n th£ door opened and Isabel walked !n

“Alone?”$h£ asked as $h£ walked !n

“As you can see for yourself am all alone”I said

“What happened to your dearest wife?” $h£ asked

“$h£ doesn’t dr!nk “I replied

“I guess you both haven’t been that Close with each oth*r ” $h£ said

“Why do you say that?”I asked

“If you have been close, $h£ would have known how to dr!nk, After all you taught me too”$h£ said

“People are different Isabel, you suc¢vmb to my teach!ng but $h£ didn’t, that doesn’t mean we aren’t close”I said

“Tell me,do you really love h*r?”$h£ asked me softly

“I love h*r Isabel”I replied and saw th£ sad look on h*r face

“I accepted it wh£n you said you didn’t love me, I thought that someday I could make you love me, I also accepted wh£n you got engaged to me and also left me b@¢k h*r, I knew that someday you would return and I also accept wh£n you got yourself those bimbos, I knew that someday you will come b@¢k to me but I can’t accept th*s Cade, I can’t accept that you love th*s Emily”$h£ said cry!ng


have always been fragile,maybe that’s why I made it my obligation to always watch ©vt for h*r but $h£ took it as someth!ng else and began to pursue me !nstead
I told h*r so many times that I can’t be with h*r, Am not a man for h*r or for anyone else. I would rath*r have a mistress and dump th£m than to have someone who will f@|| !n love with me.

“Isabel I th!nk it’s time you f!nd someone ,someone who will love you for you , I can’t be that person, am sorry”I said as I stood up

“Can’t that person be you, all my life you have been th£ only guy have ever love and want” $h£ said and that made me stop

“I can’t be th£ man you want Isabel”

“Do you even know what I want, have you ever asked me what I truly want?”$h£ yelled at me

“I don’t want to know Isabel, j√$t get someone else, that will be good for you”I said and left th£ m!ni bar.

I took a stroll @r0vnd th£ estate, it’s been a while s!nce I ever did th*s,I thought as I found myself walk!ng through th£ familiar r©vte that led to wh*re everyth!ng started.

Th£ old house still stood that way, I thought as I stood look!ng at it

Everyth!ng began h*re, th£ monster that had been !n me for years was unlea$h£d right h*re.

I try to avoid th*s place and it’s all due to what happened.

It’s best that I leave, as mom had said, it’s all !n th£ past now and so it’s best that I forget it too

“Cade, Cade,Cade ” I stopped on h£ar!ng that familiar voice.

I looked @r0vnd me only to f!nd no one th*re, what j√$t happened, why am I h£ar!ng h*r voice, I thought as I quickly walked ©vt of th£ surround!ng


went straight to my room, th£ room was dark and a figure was right on th£ b£d .
Is Emily sleep!ng already, I thought as I went to th£ b£d to ch£ck up on h*r.

But I was surprised wh£n I saw that it was Isabel and $h£ was n@k£d

Before I could ₱v|| away $h£ ₱v||ed me and I fell right on h*r

“Love me Cade, j√$t love me “$h£ begged and j√$t th£n th£ door opened and th£ lights were switch£d on.

We both looked up only to see Emily by th£ door

I stood by th£ door,stunned by what am see!ng

I j√$t can’t believe that Cade chose to reconcile with th£ girl h£ hates right on th£ b£d that I will be sleep!ng on tonight, I thought as I kept on star!ng at th£m

Cade stood up s1©wly and Isabel covered h*rself with th£ $h£ets

“Am sorry that I !nterrupt you guys, I will leave you both” I said as I went ©vt of th£ room

I could h£ar Cade call!ng me but I didn’t answer h*m.

It took a while but I got to th£ kitch£n and with th£ h£lp of th£ maid, th£y told me that I could leave th£ house by go!ng through th£ kitch£n exit.

I ran ©vt of th£ house and h£ad to nowh*re, I didn’t know wh*re I was go!ng but all I know is that I didn’t want to talk to Cade.

I kept on runn!ng until I fell over a stick, I sat up only to h£ar Cade call!ng me, I stood up quickly and cont!nued to run

Why am I runn!ng, why do I not want h*m to catch up with me? I thought as I kept on runn!ng.

“Emily wait!!!”Cade yelled aga!n but I didn’t answer

I kept on runn!ng until I stumbled on a stone and fell on th£ floor

I wanted to stand up but I couldn’t because my foot had been !njured by th£ stone.

I looked up only to see a little house and th£ house look so familiar, someth!ng !n me felt that I have to go !nto that house, that it’s my only of be!ng protected but I was too late because I h£ard h*s foot step.

“Emily !”I turned on h£ar!ng Cade call.

h£ stood over me hav!ng a worried look on h*s face and th£n !n a second, h£ looked all di$h£veled and was hold!ng a knife ready to $tab me


s¢r**med ©vt so loud that everyth!ng sp!n before me and th£n I lost consciousness.

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