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Chapter 33

By : Kebby NG Media Services


“You cant sleep too?” I was startled wh£n Stephanie came beh!nd me.

I was so busy with my thought that I didn’t notice h*r approach.

“I Can’t, you can’t sleep too?”I asked

“Yes I can’t, you see John gave me a call”$h£ said

“Your latest boyfriend?”I asked

“Yes, well h£ is ask!ng me to come b@¢k and that h£ misses me”$h£ said

“So are you go!ng to go to h*m, you know that h£ doesn’t take you serious, you should j√$t break up with h*m”I said

“And not try to make some th!ng work b£tweeΠ us, no Cade, if am to leave h*m some day, I will like to know that I gave our relationship a chance”$h£ said wistfvlly

“How I envy you”I said softly

“Why? Is it Emily?”$h£ asked

“If every th!ng could j√$t go as I plan it, it will all be great”I said softly

“Why do you say that? You still haven’t told h*r right?”$h£ said hitt!ng me lightly on th£ b@¢k

“I didn’t get th£ chance okay and besides $h£ is wants me to stay away from h*r”I said and $h£ hit my h£ad aga!n

“Don’t you know that we say is th£ exact opposite of what we feel, $h£ loves you and you love h*r, wh£n will you keep on keep!ng th£ truth from h*r”


“You know wh£n you had said that wanted h*r to leave and asked me to pretend to be your mistress j√$t to s£nd h*r away, I thought that you were do!ng it so $h£ wouldn’t be hurt but now……..”

“Now what?”I asked wh£n $h£ stopped

“Don’t punish h*r anym©r£, go and tell h*r how much you love h*r, you love h*r but you h£ld b@¢k and lied to h*r, I still feel guilty ab©vt th£ lie but I had to h£lp you, after all you gave me a job worth a good price, go to h*r before some one else snatch h*r from you” $h£ said

My !ntention was to Confess my feel!ngs after d!nner but wh£n $h£ went to b£d early, I decided to m©v£ it to later but h£ar!ng Stephanie words now have made me realise that i should j√$t go for it .

I h£ld Stephanie and klzzed h*r on h*r fore h£ad.

“You are th£ best, thanks for your advice”i said and turned on my to stop short

“Emily!”I muttered softly Stephanie turned to see th£ hurt look on h*r face

$h£ stared at me and th£n at Stephanie and th£n !n a hurry, $h£ ran !nto th£ house

“Go after h*r Cade and tell h*r that you love h*r okay”Stephanie gave me a ₱vsh and quickly I ran after h*r

I caught up with h*r while $h£ was still walk!ng !n th£ field

“Emily, we have to talk”I said as I ₱v||ed h*r h@nd

$h£ jerked off immediately and stared at me !n anger

Have seen all h*r moods and am quite uses to th£m all now but th*s is th£ first time I will see h*r look!ng th*s angry

“We have to talk”I said aga!n

“Ab©vt What?”$h£ asked as $h£ cleaned h*r tears

“Ab©vt what you h£ard ”

“What do you th!nk that I h£ard?”$h£ asked

“That I love you too” I answered

“You love me! You love me!”$h£ said try!ng to some how believe that fact

“Yes I do, have always love you Emily “I said and some how I felt that $h£ will be happy, that once have made my confession $h£ would be happy but it turns ©vt that $h£ is still angry.

“You have always love right?”$h£ asked as if $h£ still couldn’t believe th£ word

Want!ng to spend how re@ssure h*r, I h£ld both h*r ch£eks and stared d©wΠ at h*r

“I do love you okay, I told myself not to, I tried not to f@|| !n love with you but I did, I fell for you too and I would have told you th*s sooner if you had j√$t given me th£ chance”I said.

“Wh£n did you decide to tell me ?, wh£n I fell off th£ horse and got !njured or wh£n am ab©vt to leave?”$h£ asked and wh£n I didn’t give h*r a quick reply $h£ ₱v$h£d my h@nd away and m©v£d away from me


wrong Emily? Have told you that I love you but you aren’t happy?”I asked
“Really? Do you th!nk I can be happy after h£ar!ng that?” $h£ asked

“h£ar!ng what?”

“You still don’t under stand right? I love you and while I hurt and thought that you didn’t feel th£ same way ,I kept on go!ng crazy, j√$t to make me th!nk oth*r wise, you even used Stephanie! Do you even know that you were th£ one !n my m!nd wh£n I was on that horse,I kept on th!nk!ng that if I can persuade you to f@|| for me, it will turn ©vt right but all th*s time you love me too yet you make me feel that you didn’t”

“You know I would have been $@t!$fied If I kept on Th!nk!ng that you never got to love me j√$t as much as I did but you did and yet you lied, your deceit is what hurts me th£ most, j√$t so you could ₱vsh me away, you began anoth*r deal with Stephanie by mak!ng h*r pretend to be your mistress, you are noth!ng but a h£artless jerk Cade”

“Have had sleep less night wonder!ng if you were with Stephanie at night, wonder!ng how I can get you to f@|| for me, wonder!ng if you will ever love me b@¢k but I had only been fool!ng myself, you love me yet you decide to hide that fact and j√$t th!nk!ng of how worried and nervous I had been of mak!ng you f@|| !n love with me makes me feel like a fool, you are really h£artless Cade, you make me sick, I hate you” $h£ f!ni$h£d and th£n $h£ ran off.

I could do noth!ng to stop h*r, I thought because I knew that I deserved all of it.


love h*r and yet I kept shut ab©vt it, I didn’t let h*r know and while $h£ struggled !n mak!ng me see that $h£ loves me, I brought on Stephanie and asked h*r to pretend to be my mistress.
$h£ is happy that I do love h*r but angry that I didn’t let h*r know and to top it all I had made a fool of h*r by add!ng Stephanie to th£ show.

“$h£ won’t listen, should I go and talk to h*r?” Stephanie asked beside me

“Don’t worry? $h£ is very angry right now, I doubt that $h£ would listen to you” I said

“What will you do now?”Stephanie asked

“Do what I should have done a long time ago” I replied

“What would that be?”$h£ asked

“To get my wife b@¢k at all cost”I said feel!ng determ!ned

I had made a mistake by ly!ng to h*r and mak!ng h*r believe that I didn’t love h*r and so I will shower h*r with all my attention and love and some day I hope that $h£ will forgive me and take me.


I got b@¢k to th£ room, feel!ng so sad and hurt.


How could cade have been so cruel? I went crazy th!nk!ng that h£ doesn’t love me but it turns ©vt that h£ does love me.

Have laid !n th*s b£d wonder!ng ways on how to get h*m to f@|| for me, have had sleepless night wonder!ng if h£ will love me b@¢k j√$t as much as I love h*m but it turns ©vt that h£ is really !n love with me.

Am happy,happy that h£ loves me th£ way I love h*m but am also sad and hurt that h£ had kept if from me and what makes me so much m©r£ angry Is that Stephanie, th£ woman h£ asked to lie knows all ab©vt h*s feel!ngs.

It hurts to know that h£ had Prefered to keep quiet ab©vt h*s feel!ngs rath*r than to tell me.

I feel like a fool,I thought as I went to th£ ward robe to ₱v|| ©vt a silk night dress.

I had bought th£ night dress !n hope that I will be able to seduce Cade, I had foolishly thought b@¢k th£n that If I can seduce h*m and at least give h*m a child, h£ won’t want me to leave and th£n I would use that period to try to woo h*m and make h*m see how much I love h*m but I couldn’t ₱vsh through with it


even though I had worn th£ night gown and had looked all pretty that night, h£ had ignored me and had left my room.
That night I had felt stupid but it can’t compare to how am feel!ng right now.

What am I go!ng to stop th*s feel!ng of hurt, what should I do to to stop it………I thought as I kept cry!ng h@rd.

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