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Chapter 35

By : Kebby NG Media Services


I woke up due to a light sound at th£ door and that could only be Cade.

I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, after what I h£ard ©vt side a while ago, h£ had taken h*s time to return.

I was hop!ng that h£ would not return to th£ room but it turns ©vt that h£ did, I thought as I l@yed on th£ b£d Pretend!ng to be asleep.

I h£ard h*m walk!ng @r0vnd th£ house and I hope that h£ would leave th£ room j√$t as h£ has always done but I didn’t h£ar th£ sound of th£ door.

Why isn’t h£ leav!ng,I thought as I cont!nued to pretend.

j√$t th£n i felt h*m ₱v|| th£ covers over and th£n h£ slept on th£ b£d.

Is h£ go!ng to sleep on th£ same b£d as I? I thought feel!ng angry, I would have get up but it will be of no use, h£ must th!nk that am asleep,so I better keep on with th£ pretence.

“Emily”h£ called and I kept on pretend!ng, h£ was quiet for a while and th£n h£ called my name aga!n

“Am sorry, sorry for be!ng a jerk, sorry for ₱vsh!ng you away wh£n I also love you but I could not accept your love know!ng th£ K!nd of jerk that I am”h£ said softly.

It was h@rd for me to keep up with th£ pretence because I had a lot of th!ngs to say to h*s face, I had to make h*m know how much h£ has hurt me by choos!ng to take th£ coward way.

“But how could I love you and be happy wh£n I can’t be happy myself, every th!ng that happened !n th£ past keeps on haunt!ng me every day, I felt that I couldn’t make you happy because I can’t be happy too” h£ kept on say!ng.

“But after see!ng you bloody and almost lifeless, I thought that would I ever get th£ chance to tell you how much I love you, would I ever get to know what it’s like to be loved by you, would I ever be happy if you leave, I won’t Emily, I won’t be happy, my life will be completely useless with ©vt you !n it”h£ said

I found that tears were com!ng from my eyes, one part of me is happy h£ar!ng h*m admit h*s feel!ng but th£ oth*r is angry because h£ made a fool of me and that hurts ,it hurts so much.

j√$t th£n I felt h*m beh!nd me, h£ had put h*s arms @r0vnd me and h£ is very close to me.

“I love you, I love you so much,I wish you were h£ar!ng th*s but you are asleep”h£ said br!ng!ng m©r£ tears to my face.

I l@yed !n h*s arms still pretend!ng to be asleep but I h£ard it all, I h£ad every th!ng h£ said and a part of me wanted to that I love h*m too but I h£ld b@¢k.

I shouldn’t accept h*s apology and confession not after what h£ put me through h*m self.

So !nstead of ₱v||!ng h*m !n my arms and mak!ng up with h*m,I cont!nue to pretend.


I woke up only to see that it was morn!ng, wh£n did I sleep, I thought as I sat up only to f!nd Cade gone.

Wh*re did h£ go? I thought as I got ©vt of b£d and went to th£ balcony.

I stretch£d and enjoyed th£ morn!ng sun and breeze and gently my m!nd drifted off to what happened last night.

Should I have j√$t klzz and make up with h*m, that will make it m©r£ complicated because am m©r£ hurt by h*s lies and how h£ tried to ₱vsh me away.

As it is am !n love with h*m, if I forgive h*m and become h*s wife for real wh£n th*re is a problem, h£ will ₱vsh me away like h£ did now and I won’t be able to bear it, so for my sake and for h*s sake, h£ will be better off with ©vt me.


door opened and h£ walked !n with my breakf*st !n h*s h@nds
“Good morn!ng”h£ greeted as h£ put th£ food on th£ table

“I brought you your break f*st”h£ added wh£n I didn’t Reply to h*s greet!ng

“You shouldn’t have both*red, Tracy could have done it”I said giv!ng h*m a cold look

“But I wanted to do it,remember you were th£ one who always brought me breakf*st !n th£ mor………”

“But you never both*red to eat th£m, tell me why I should eat yours now?”I asked

“Because it’s my way of apologis!ng to you”h£ said

“Your way of apologis!ng is too lame, eat th£ food cause I won’t be eat!ng it”I said as I tried to m©v£ past h*m but h£ ₱v||ed me to h*m and b@¢k hugged me.

“Am sorry! What should I do to get you to forgive me”h£ asked

I wanted to stay !n h*s arms,to lean on h*m and tell h*m how much I love h*m but I didn’t.

“By leav!ng me alone”I said stonily

“I won’t be do!ng that”h£ said still hold!ng me

“As soon as I f!nish th*s project, I will leave a……..”I couldn’t f!nish my s£ntence because h£ turned me @r0vnd and kss me.

I tried to ₱vsh h*m away but h£ h£ld me t!ght and some how I stopped fight!ng h*m and gave !nto it.

It would have led to some th!ng else If some one knock!ng at th£ door hadn’t !nterrupt us.

“Who is th*re?”h£ yelled at who ever was at th£ door

“It’s me sir you told me to let you know wh£n th£ guest arrive,well th£y are h*re”Tracy said

“Oh! We will be with th£m soon”h£ said and while as soon as Tracy Left, h£ tried to klzz me aga!n but I ₱v$h£d h*m away .

“j√$t because I respond to your ksses doesn’t mean I want to have any th!ng to do with you”I said


thought we were gett!ng some wh*re “h£ asked
“I doubt that,I certa!nly don’t want a man who is afraid to love, I don’t want a man who let’s th£ past gets !n th£ way of h*s happ!ness, I don’t want a man who uses some one j√$t to hurt th£ one h£ loves, I don’t want you Cade, not any m©r£”I said as th£ tears sl¡pped from my face

h£ walked toward me and cleaned away my tears and I could not m©v£ away from h*m.

“I will try to be th£ man you want Emily”h£ said

“j√$t stop with your false hope and go and meet your guest” I said

“Well th£y are m©r£ of your guest than m!ne”h£ said giv!ng me a smile

“My guest, who?”I asked

“You will see, common let’s go”h£ said

“But am still !n my night gown”I said

“It doesn’t matter, let’s go “h£ said as h£ ₱v||ed me ©vt of th£ room

I was still wonder!ng who th£ guest could be wh£n we got d©wΠ stairs.

“Emily!!!” Gracie yelled as $h£ ran towards me to hug me

I ₱v||ed h*r !nto my arms and hugged h*r t!ght

“My God Gracie,I can’t believe you are h*re”I said giv!ng h*r a hug aga!n

“What is th*s? Won’t I be receiv!ng a hug too?”Mich£al said some wh*re !n th£ room.

And as I soon as I left Gracie arms,I ran !nto h*s arms

“Have missed you “Mich£al said

“And I miss you too”I replied still hugg!ng h*m, It took a while before we let go of each oth*r.

“Why are you guys h*re? How come you are even h*re?”I asked

“A little birdie told us that you needed h£lp with th£ advertisement of a resort recently built h*re and so we came to h£lp”Gracie said

“Really? But what ab©vt your job?”I asked

“We quit, it wasn’t pay!ng much and every th!ng is different with ©vt you and so wh£n we got th*s offer we came straight away “Mich£al added

“Oooooh!!! am so happy but who is th£ little birdie that told you th*s place?”I asked

“Who else?”Gracie said as $h£ stared at Cade.

“Your husband asked us to come”Mich£al said

I turned to look at Cade who was giv!ng me a smile, h£ knew how much it meant to have th£m h*re with me.

With ©vt th!nk!ng of th£ fight that ensued b£tweeΠ th£ both of us, I ran to h*m and hug h*m t!ght.

“Thank you Cade, thank you so much”I said and I felt h*m hold!ng me b@¢k.

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