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I was so happy that I kept on hold!ng onto h*m until some one walk!ng !n jolt me b@¢k to reality.

I m©v£d ©vt of h*s arms to see Isabel by th£ door way, starr!ng at us !n Anger.

“j√$t what is go!ng on and who are th*s !n my house”$h£ said as $h£ walked towards us

“M!nd th£ way you speak Isabel”Cade said still hold!ng onto me

“Why shouldnt I? I have to cope with see!ng your darn wife h*re and now do I have to cope with h*r friends too”$h£ asked starr!ng at us all.

“Will you shut up Isabel!”Cade yelled at h*r but $h£ didn’t keep shut

“I hate you all, most especially th£ two of you, your friend is noth!ng but a whore who stole my fiance, $h£ knew h£ was m!ne yet $h£ stole h*m from me” $h£ yelled

Cade let go of me and went to ₱v|| ©vt of th£ house.

“Who is that?”Gracie asked

“$h£ is Isabel, Cade step sister”I replied

“Is th*s what you have to go through each day”Mich£al asked

“Of course not, Cade loves me and h*s family do too, why don’t I show you two @r0vnd and you can tell me what you th!nk ab©vt th£ resort and also we can catch up on th!ngs, let’s go”I said distract!ng th£m from ask!ng m©r£ questions.


“Let go of me, let go of me you maniac”Isabel kept on yell!ng

As soon as we got ©vt of th£ house, I let h*r go of h*r

“What’s wrong with you?”I yelled at h*r

“You are, ever s!nce th£ first day you are th£ one who have been caus!ng me pa!n and hurt!ng me, I hate you cade”

“Isabel, isn’t it time you m©v£ on, you will surely f!nd some one better than me, that I can @ssure you” I said

“Can’t you see that no matter what I do, I will keep on want!ng you, I want you Cade,l don’t th!nk I can let you go easily” $h£ said

“You will j√$t have to do it because i can never love you th£ way you want me to, I love Emily and i will keep on lov!ng h*r”I said only to be rewarded with a slap.

“I hate you cade, I hate you so much”$h£ said before runn!ng off.

I stood watch!ng h*r leave, Its time Isabel grow ©vt of h*r love for me, th*s is th£ only way to make h*r learn.

“Still th£ same as ever”David said as h£ came to stand beside me

“What do you want?”I asked

“You keep on mak!ng th£m cry, first Isabel th£n Rach£al and am sure that Emily will be next”h£ said and i ₱v||ed h*m by h*s collar

“Shut up!”

“Have you told Emily th£ truth? Have you told h*r that you are noth!ng but a s¢vm bag”h£ asked

“Am warn!ng you right now to stop or I………”

“h£y! I didn’t come to fight you, I only want to talk, why are you gett!ng so edgy all of a sudden?”h£ asked giv!ng me a smile .

“What do you want from me David? What do I have to do to keep guy away from me ?”I asked

“Give Emily up”h£ said


” I don’t know why but I always f!nd myself lik!ng th£ girls you like, first Rach£al th£n Isabel and now Emily”h£ said and my hold on h*s shirt t!ghten

“You don’t mean what you are say!ng, j√$t some days ago, you were madly !n love with Isabel “I said

“Well $h£ doesn’t pay me any attention and $h£ acts like I don’t exist and I meant what I said, I like Emily, if you hadn’t neglected h*r, I wouldn’t have gotten close to h*r and i won’t have f@||en for h*r but it might be fate, maybe $h£ is not really dest!ned for you”h£ said

I ₱v||ed h*m and was ab©vt to hit h*m wh£n Stephanie walked !n on us

“What’s th*s? Why do you two fight all th£ time?”$h£ asked as $h£ stood !n b£tweeΠ th£ both of us

“I will leave it to your lover to give you th£ answer, till we meet aga!n”David said as h£ walked off.

“What’s that ab©vt?” Stephanie asked

“Noth!ng”I replied

“You and David keep on gett!ng at each oth*r throats you better do some th!ng ab©vt it”$h£ said and j√$t th£n Emily along with h*r friends walked ©vt of th£ house.

$h£ stared at me and th£n at Stephanie and $h£ walked off look!ng angry.

I was ab©vt to go after h*r wh£n Stephanie ₱v||ed me b@¢k


“But $h£ is angry, $h£ still th!nks that th£ two of us are lovers”I. Said

“You will get to expla!n to h*r but that will be wh£n you two are alone, do you want to fight !n front of h*r friends?”$h£ asked

“Of course not!”

“Th£n talk to h*r wh£n you two are both locked up |ns!de don’t give that guy m©r£ reason to pursue your wife” $h£ said

“What are you say!ng now?”I asked

“Your wife friend, th£ guy, h£ doesn’t look at h*r as a friend will, h£ looks at h*r differently, like some one !n love, Are you sure you made th£ right decision by br!ng!ng h*m h*re?” $h£ asked

“Of course I did and stop lett!ng your imag!nation run wild, h£ only sees Emily as a friend”I said h£ad!ng b@¢k !n

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you”$h£ said as I went b@¢k to th£ house.


“Wh*re could Isabel be?”I said to myself as I went to th£ places wh*re I knew $h£ might but $h£ wasn’t th*re.

I was h£ad!ng b@¢k to th£ mansion wh£n I saw Emily and two oth*rs.

“I can’t believe th*s, apart from br!ng!ng !n strangers, $h£ also walks @r0vnd !n h*r night gown” I muttered to myself .

I was ab©vt to go to h*r wh£n I saw a birth mark on h*r arm.

I stood shocked, that birth mark looks familiar i thought as I kept on starr!ng at it.

$h£ walked ©vt of sight and I staggered from th£ shock.

Th*s can’t be happen!ng, th£ only person with that birth mark is dead.

“$h£ can j√$t have th£ same birth mark right!, Yes $h£ can!”I thought as I h£ad b@¢k to th£ house.

As soon as I got to my room, I went to Christoph*r desk and ₱v||ed ©vt h*r picture.

I stared at Rach£al mom and saw th£ birth mark th*re.

$h£ and h*r daughter were th£ only ones who have th*s strange look!ng birth mark.

Have often wondered why a birth mark looked like th*s and why moth*r and daughter have th£ same birth mark but I never got th£ chance to f!nd ©vt and that’s because I found ©vt that my husband is !nlove with Rach£al mom.

That changed me completely, I was quite th£ sweet lov!ng wife wh£n I married Christoph*r and brought Cade to live with me but every th!ng changed on th£ir arrival,I turned !nto a monster and that’s because of h*r,I thought as I kept starr!ng at th£ picture.

s1©wly my m!nd drifted off to what happened ten years ago.



“Your late broth*r wife?”I asked as I stood !n front of th£ mirror comb!ng my hair

“$h£ is h*re with h*r daughter, I had put th£m at th£ hut beh!nd th£ house” Christoph*r said

“But why? You can let th£m stay h*re !n th£ mansion, you know how that place is wh£never it is h°t “I asked

“That is th£ reason why I put th£m th*re”h£ said

“Don’t tell me you are try!ng to punish th£m for what happened with your broth*r “i asked.

“Some th!ng like that”h£ replied

“Common $h£ have a daughter, th!nk ab©vt that child”I said

“Don’t talk to me ab©vt that child, I hate h£ar!ng it”h£ said as h£ walked ©vt of th£ room.

I sigh£d ab©vt to leave wh£n I h*s phone beeped for a message.

I went to pick it only to see a text message “come to th£ house, I need to talk to you” I read th£ message feel!ng uneasy ab©vt it.

I left th£ house !n a rush and went to th£ house at th£ b@¢k only to see Christoph*r forcefvlly ₱v||!ng Rach£al mom !n a hug.

“What’s th*s?”I muttered to myself

I saw h*r ₱v|| free from h*m only for h*m to ₱v|| h*r !nto th£ house forcefvlly.

“It doesn’t mean a th!ng, Christoph*r wouldn’t ch£at on me”I kept on tell!ng myself and so it’s better that I trust my husband.

That was my mistake, I should never have trusted Christoph*r, I should have asked h*m to s£nd th£m away th£ day th£y arrived, if th£y had left, I wouldn’t have become a cold person, neith*r would I have become a murderer.

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