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Chapter 42


“I love you Emily, I love you so much”I said softly

$h£ stared at me and gave me a smile but $h£ was cry!ng .

“Why are you cry!ng”I asked as I clasped h*r h@nd


no notice of my tears, am happy, am very happy “$h£ said as $h£ kssed my h@nd
“Could that be because of what I said”I Asked

“Yes, it’s because of what you asked, you have no idea how long have waited to h£ar you tell me that you love me and h£ar!ng it now feels like some sort of dream” $h£ said as th£ tears kept f@||!ng .

I sat up and even though $h£ kept protest!ng, I didn’t listen.

“You should be rest!ng Cade” $h£ said and i nodded gently

“I will, only if you sit beside me”I said !nvit!ng h*r to jo!n me on th£ b£d

“Can I?”$h£ asked not believ!ng what I said

“You can”I replied and $h£ sat on th£ b£d, $pr£@d!ng th£ covers over our legs

“Th*s doesn’t feel real”$h£ said softly


“j√$t a few days ago, we were us!ng separate b£ds, I never thought that we will be h*re togeth*r” $h£ said look!ng happy ab©vt it.

See!ng h*r th*s happy made me realise that I had deprived h*r of a lot of th!ngs, $h£ loved me and yet I had made h*r stay away,$h£ was unable to do th!ngs $h£ wanted to do with me because I kept ₱vsh!ng h*r away.

And I had a good reason for ₱vsh!ng h*r away, $h£ is Rach£al, th£ girl I had raped ten years ago, th£ girl that I had ru!ned h*r life.

Why $h£ doesn’t remember me or my parents, I don’t know but what I do know is that I won’t be leav!ng h*r,I will do my best to make up for what I did to h*r years ago, I will be by h*r side, woo h*r and show h*r what be!ng loved is.

I won’t let h*r d©wΠ th*s time and I won’t be tell!ng h*r ab©vt me or what I did years ago, it’s better off as a secret and h*r be!ng Emily Wilburn is better too.

h*r past life should rema!n a h*story to h*r, I wouldn’t want h*r to remember th£ pa!n $h£ had to go through.

If possible I will make h*r forget it and I will create new memories for h*r,I thought as I stared at h*r.

“Can we…….arrrrgh……..can we hold h@nds”$h£ asked shyly and I laugh£d ©vt before tak!ng h*r h@nd.

“We can even do m©r£ than hold!ng h@nds”I said as I bent to give h*r a peck.

$h£ was taken ab@¢k for th£ sudden peck but th£n $h£ yielded to it because $h£ h£ld me b@¢k.

“I love you Emily, never forget that”I said as I hugged h*r close to me

“I won’t ever forget it,”$h£ said as $h£ h£ld me b@¢k

I will have to keep h*r be!ng alive a secret cause I know that if mom should f!nd ©vt, $h£ will try to do some th!ng bad to Emily and i don’t want that.

Th*s time I will protect h*r with my life, If I have to,I thought.

“Have been mean!ng to ask you th*s?”$h£ asked as we both l@yed on th£ b£d starr!ng at each oth*r

“What do you want to ask?”I replied giv!ng h*r a peck on h*r fore h£ad.

“Well have been th!nk!ng ab©vt Stephanie, what will happen with h*r now that we are togeth*r?”$h£ asked

“Noth!ng!$h£ will go b@¢k to th£ states and cont!nue h*r life, $h£ was never my mistress Emily, I j√$t lied to ₱vsh you away”I said sadly

“And you almost did, don’t ever ₱vsh me away aga!n and promise me that what ever problem we might have !n th£ future ,we will be fac!ng it togeth*r” $h£ said and I nodded gently, gath*r!ng h*r !n my arms

“I promise”I said th!nk!ng ab©vt th£ future.

What will happen wh£n $h£ suddenly remembers th£ truth, I thought .

“Th*s feels nice”$h£ said as $h£ h£ld me b@¢k

“It sure does feels nice”I replied as sleep began to take me off.


“I can’t stand that girl, wh£n will you tell th£m that we know that th£y are not married?”I said as I paced @r0vnd th£ room

“j√$t leave that to me, I will be th£ one to decide” Christoph*r replied as h£ gave me a look.

“But wh£n will you decide uh? I have a bad feel!ng ab©vt that girl and i th!nk we should s£nd h*r away before it’s too late”I said

“You always have a bad feel!ng ab©vt every one”h£ replied as h£ sat on th£ b£d

“Yes I do,so what?”I asked

“You did th£ same th!ng with Rach£al and h*r mom”h£ said

“Why are you suddenly br!ng!ng up Rach£al and h*r mom?”I asked

“If you could manipulate your son j√$t to get what you want, tell me what else have you done that I don’t know ab©vt?”

“I did a lot of th!ngs and I won’t tell you ab©vt it”I replied

“Tell me some th!ng Denise? Did Stacey really die a natural death or did you have some th!ng to do with it” h£ asked and I was taken ab@¢k by h*s question at first but th£n I rega!ned my composure and i replied

“Of course $h£ did, Stacey died a natural death,I have noth!ng to do with it”I said as I went to stand by th£ w!ndow.

“I hope so Denise and I also hope that you aren’t keep!ng m©r£ secrets from me, cause if th*re were to be some th!ng else, I won’t take your side and neith*r would I support you”h£ said as h£ stood up and left th£ room.

Does h£ know? Does h£ know ab©vt that th!ng.

h£ certa!nly can’t, I made sure no one knew, not even Rach£al knew.

Stacey had died and that had been caused by me, $h£ was mak!ng it h@rd for us and so I had to shut h*r up for good but th*s oth*r secret of m!ne should never be known.

If Cade was to f!nd ©vt that h£…..that h£ is a ……….I can’t even br!ng myself to th!nk of it.

I better stop th!nk!ng ab©vt it, what I should be m©r£ worried ab©vt is th£ birth mark that I saw on Emily arm.

I should try to know m©r£ ab©vt it, I thought as I went to call th£ private !nvestigator.


I woke up only to f!nd myself !n Cade arms, it feels good be!ng !n h*s arms.

I still can’t believe that h£ loves me,it feels like a dream, I thought as I pecked h*s fore h£ad

I better go and prepare break f*st for h*m, h£ would be hungry after th£ stress h£ has been through.

I stood up to leave only to be h£ld b@¢k by h*m.

“Don’t go yet, stay h*re with me”h£ wh*spered with h*s eyes closed.

“I have to go and get you some th!ng to eat”I said

“But th£ maid can br!ng that, I want you !n my arms, I don’t want you to let you go yet”h£ said aga!n

“But I will be b@¢k soon, we can even spend th£ day !n b£d”I said

“No, I want you h*re with me, I don’t want you to leave my sight”h£ said but I got up to stare d©wΠ at h*m

“Stop be!ng stubborn and let me go and get you some th!ng to eat “I said ab©vt to leave only for h*m to ₱v|| me b@¢k ,I fell b@¢k, not on th£ b£d th*s time but on h*s b©dy.

“I told you not to go!”h£ wh*spered as h£ kept starr!ng at me

“But you need to eat”I wh*spered b@¢k,feel!ng a bit concious

“I will like to eat some th!ng else and we both know what it is”h£ said giv!ng me a wicked gr!n and before I could do a th!ng, h£ ₱v||ed my h£ad d©wΠ and kssed me.

I stopped h*m because some th!ng else began th£ disturb me..

I saw myself fight!ng with some one to let me go and no matter how I sh©vt or tired to m©v£ ©vt h*s grasp,h£ kept ₱v||!ng me b@¢k and each time h£ did that, h£ will tear my cloth£s apart and touch£d me and mak!ng me feel disgusted.

I had th£ same feel!ng now and I hated be!ng touch£d by Cade

“Let go of me! Let me go!”I said as I ₱v$h£d h*m away and fell on th£ floor starr!ng at h*m like some sort of evil that will harm me.

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