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Chapter 47

By : Kebby NG Media Services


“Okay sir, enjoy your flight”th£ air hostess announced through th£ speakers.

After do!ng th£ r©vt!ne ch£ck and hav!ng to go through th£ normal procedure before board!ng th£ plane has got me feel!ng tired but what got me feel!ng m©r£ worried is Emily who has not spoken to me ever s!nce th£ mansion

$h£ hasn’t been talk!ng to me and each time I talk to h*r, $h£ eith*r replies with a yes or no.

Ever s!nce h*r parents call, $h£ has been act!ng strange.

$h£ didn’t try to talk to me and that is some th!ng to be worried ab©vt.

Is it because I asked h*r to leave th£ resort and come with me to th£ city.

Th£ resort mean a lot to h*r and j√$t tell!ng h*r to leave ©vt of th£ blue will get h*r angry and besides h*r mom is right.

$h£ isn’t safe on th£ island not with my mom know!ng who $h£ really is.

And not with h*r gett!ng to remember some few th!ngs,I don’t want h*r to remember it and I will do all I can to stop h*r from remember!ng, I thought as i turned to stare at h*r only to see h*r look!ng at me !n a weird way

“What’s wrong?”I asked and $h£ looked away

“It’s noth!ng”$h£ replied softly

“You have been act!ng strange s!nce morn!ng, can you tell me what is wrong?”I asked h*r

“Do you have some th!ng to tell me ?”$h£ asked as $h£ stared at me

“What?”I asked

“You don’t have right! Well forget it, I want to rest a bit”$h£ said as $h£ put th£ eye mask over h*r face

As we kept on go!ng, I kept on wonder!ng what $h£ was talk!ng ab©vt.

What do I have to tell h*r and I was surprised to see th£ look on h*r face th*s after noon, $h£ looks angry, angry at me for what? .

It took a while before we got to th£ city and as soon as we landed, my secretary was wait!ng with th£ car.

We got !n and h£ drove off to th£ h°tel wh*re we will be stay!ng .

“Why are we h*re?” $h£ asked

“Th*s is wh*re we will be stay!ng “I said

“But why?”

“I have to see my parents?”$h£ said

“We will do that tomorrow”I said as I got ©vt of th£ car

“But $h£ will be worried?”

“I already called th£m and I told th£m that we both arrived safely and that you will be see!ng th£m tomorrow”I said

“But I still have to talk to th£m,I have to do that tonight”$h£ said and quickly I gave h*r peck want!ng h*r to forget th£ call h*r moth*r had given h*r

“We will do it tomorrow Andrea, common let’s go”I said as I ₱v||ed h*r !nto th£ h°tel

j√$t th£n my secretary came b@¢k with a waiter who had two gl@sses of champagne with h*m.

“Th*s is to welcome you and your bride to th£ city sir”h£ said

“You shouldn’t have both*red”I said as I stared at h*m

“But I have to ,I wasn’t @r0vnd for your wedd!ng but I can as well dr!nk to your h£alth”h£ said

“F!ne th£n, a dr!nk wouldn’t hurt,right my love?”I asked Emily whose m!nd was some wh*re else

“Uh! Yes,it wouldn’t hurt”$h£ said as $h£ quickly took th£ gl@ss and gulped d©wΠ th£ dr!nk.

I drank m!ne and we cont!nued our journey to th£ room.

“Cade!”$h£ called softly and I looked at h*r, $h£ was look!ng sleepy.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know but all of a sudden I j√$t want to Slee………….”$h£ couldn’t f!nish h*r words because $h£ slept off.

F!nally! I thought as I lifted h*r !n my arms and took h*r straight to our room.

I l@yed h*r on th£ b£d and soon th£ maid I had hired to watch over h*r came !nto th£ room.

“$h£ will be sleep!ng all thorough to th£ Morn!ng, j√$t watch over h*r until I return”I said to h*r and $h£ nodded softly.

I began to h£ad ©vt but I stopped to stare at th£ sleep!ng Emily

“Am sorry Emily but I have to stop you from talk!ng to your parents tonight”I muttered softly and th£n i left th£ room..


$h£ asleep sir”my secretary asked as we h£ad ©vt of th£ h°tel
“Yes $h£ is,I hope you didnt put too much sleep!ng pill !n th£ dr!nk?”i asked

“Of course not, am an expert on th*s you know, $h£ will j√$t be asleep until tomorrow”h£ said

“That f!ne th£n”

“So are we h£ad!ng to your !n-laws house now?”h£ asked

“Not we, I will be go!ng myself”I said as I left th£ room and went to my car h£ad!ng to th£ Wilburn house.

I have to talk to h*r parents before Emily tall to th£m

$h£ had been hysterical th*s morn!ng and it’s because $h£ f!nally got a clue wh£n Emily mentioned th£ name of th£ island.

Am sure that th£y both know every th!ng and that is why $h£ had asked Emily to come b@¢k.

If th£y should tell h*r th£ truth th£y will certa!nly ru!n th£ chance for me to tell Emily myself.

I want to be th£ one to tell h*r and that is why am go!ng to th£ir house to make a deal or if necessary to ask th£m to keep it a secret.

!n th£ past I had been cruel to h*r, I had ru!ned h*r life by forc!ng myself on h*r and now I love h*r m©r£ than any th!ng !n th£ world and i wont let th£ past ru!n what I have now.

I got to th£ Wilburn mansion and knock on th£ door

“Emily my ………..” h*r moth*r stopped wh£n $h£ saw that I was th£ only one th*re

“Wh*re is my daughter?”$h£ asked

“Emily is……”

“Wh*re have you put my daughter you mon$ter”$h£ yelled as $h£ ₱v$h£d me

“Emily is safe ma’am, I j√$t want to…………..”

“Stop tell!ng me my daughter is safe, wh*re is $h£? I want to know wh*re $h£ is”$h£ kept yell!ng until h*r husband walked ©vt.

“Stop it Erica!”h£ said as h£ h£ld h*s wife b@¢k

“I don’t want to see h*m h*re,I don’t want to see h*m h*re Peter”$h£ said as tried to ₱v|| ©vt of h*s arms


wouldn’t solve th*s, let’s go |ns!de Cade”h£ said and we all walked !nto th£ room
We sat d©wΠ togeth*r and th£n h*r moth*r started aga!n

“I should have known that it was you but I never thought that $h£ will meet any one of th£ de.mon that ru!ned h*r life before”

“I didn’t plan it, if that is what you are th!nk!ng”I said softly

“You did? How did you know h*r and why did you choose to marry h*r ,You knew who $h£ was right from th£ start”

“I didn’t know,Th£ last th!ng I h£ard of Rach£al was that $h£ died, I didn’t know that Emily is Rach£al,I swear”

“Th£n why are you h*re? How did you know that we asked h*r to come b@¢k ma!nly for th*s secret”h*r fath*r asked

“Th£ phone call said it all and I came h*re to talk to you before you talk to h*r?”I said

“Why ? Are you h*re to stop us, are you and your parents go!ng to threaten us like you did !n th£ past ?”$h£ asked

“Th£y were powerless, th£y didn’t deserve that,most especially poor Emily, $h£ had to suffer first from you rap!ng h*r and th£n you had h*r moth*r killed and th£n you tried to kill h*r”

“If crazy Lucy hadn’t br!ng h*r to us that night, $h£ would have died, $h£ woke up after be!ng !n a coma for six months and I was lucky wh£n $h£ woke up only not to remember a th!ng”

“And $h£ never remembered until you came b@¢k to h*r life, I don’t want my daughter to go through pa!n aga!n, I don’t want h*r life to be !n danger aga!n and so $h£ must know th£ truth, that way $h£ will stay away from evil people like you “$h£ said angrily

“That is why have come h*re”I said as I stood up suddenly

“We aren’t go!ng to listen to you, Emily needs to know th£ truth, $h£ needs to stay away from th£ guy who ru!ned h*r life, th£ only one who ……….”$h£ stopped wh£n $h£ saw that I knelt d©wΠ.

“What’s th*s? A new trick?”$h£ asked

“No its me begg!ng you not to tell Emily, that is why have come h*re tonight, please don’t say any th!ng to h*r!,please”I begged softly and th£y both sat starr!ng at me surprise.

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