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By : Kebby NG Media Services.

I stood by the patio having the time of my life, soon enough Emily will be gone from our lives,I thought as I kept on drinking the champagne.

Just then I heard some one approach me and I turned only to see Isabel there.

“I can see that you are having some kind of celebration”she said as she poured a glass for her self

“Mind telling me what the occasion is ?”she asked

“Cade have finally woken up, he will be sending that girl away”I said


“He said it himself, he wants her to leave and so she will just have to leave” I said

“So you are saying we don’t have to do a thing?”Isabel asked

“I think so”I replied and we both did a cheer before drinking the champagne

We were still sipping the champagne when we heard some one approach us.

“We have to talk”David said as he walked into the room

“Can’t you see that am having some time alone with My step daughter, save our discussion for later”I said

“I said we have to talk!”David asked

“Why are you yelling at her, you are just a worker here, so just mind your darn business and……..”

“Oh you shut up, am so angry to talk to you,so Denise you better follow me or I will just say every thing out here”he said and not wanting him to say a thing, I went off with him.

We got the study and as I spoon as I shut the door he began to talk

“You said that we will do some thing, you said that we will stop them from getting together?”he said

“Yes I did”

“But we aren’t doing any thing, Emily is very much in love with Cade, she told me so a while,you were the one who asked me tell her how I felt and I did only to be rejected”he yelled at me

“First of all, you are not allowed to yell at me and stop being a fool and lower your voice” I said

“And you have no right to treat me like am still a nobody, now that I know your ……”

“You eaves dropping on my conversation the other day doesn’t give you any right over me”I said interrupting him

“Really? I wonder what your son will say when he knows that you hired some one to kill His wife”He said

“Don’t you dare threaten me”I yelled at me

“And don’t you dare tell me what to do, if you don’t want your secret known, you will have to do all you can to get me Emily”He said

“And do you think am not doing that?”I asked

“I don’t think you are doing a thing Denise”he said

“Now we are so formal with each other that you dare call me by my name”I said

“I don’t care, all I want now is for you to find a solution to this”He said

“There is no need for me to find a solution , Cade have given us the solution already”i said

“What kind of solution is that?” He asked

“He is sending her back to her country he says he doesn’t deserve her and that she doesn’t belong to him, he will start the divorce proceeding, once she has gone back, you can go after her and do what ever you want”I said and that calmed him down a bit.

“So quit being annoying’ and wait until he tells her and until she leaves”I said and he nodded gently

“Fine then,I will do what you say and I hope it turns out well, Emily should be mine, have had enough of leaving the path cleared for Cade, this time I will have some thing I want”He said with determination and I nodded swiftly .

“Emily don’t try to complicate things, just leave now that am asking you to” Cade said but I stood on my word.

“I won’t be leaving Cade and no matter how many times you tell me to leave and that you hate me, I will keep on being here trying to woo you and to get you to fall for me too”I said

“You don’t have to do all that Emily, have made my decision and its for you to leave!”He said

“Cade don’t do this to me, i must admit, I wanted to leave at first but right now, I don’t want to”I said trying to make him see reason

“Just go Emily, don’t try to make things complicated, am not some one that deserves you,I ruined your life Emily, you should stay away from a guy like me, get out before I get to ruin your life completely”he said

Quickly I went to knelt beside him “you don’t really mean what you are saying Cade, you don’t want me to leave and I don’t want to leave also, let me stay here with you my love”I begged again.

“No Emily, have made my decision and that is final, leave this island, I never want to see you again”he said and layed on the bed, turning his back towards me.

“Fine then as you wish”I said and left the room in anger.

The banged shut and quickly I sat up wanting to call her back but she was gone Already.

Why did I say such a thing to her, why did I even send her away, she didn’t want to leave, I should have just allowed her to stay with me ,I thought sadly

But she can’t be here, her life will continue to be threatned by my mom and I don’t want that.

On that night, I knew some thing was fishy and I was able to get to her on time before the person sent to her could have killed her.

I made it to her on time last night but I can’t be sure if I will make it up to her and so it’s best that she leaves and finds her true happiness with some one that love her.

The door opened and Isabel walked in “hope your wife isn’t here ?”she asked as she came to sit down beside me

“Don’t start with me Isabel, just leave if you know that you have come to make trouble”I said

“But that’s not what am doing, I didn’t come here to make trouble, I came so that we can talk Cade, do you know how worried I was when I heard that you were sick!”she said

“I thank you for being worried about me but as you can see, am doing fine now!”I said

“No matter what you do or what you say, to push me away,I won’t be going Cade, have loved you ever since we were teenagers and no one else will ever stop that!”she said

“Well that’s too bad,I love some one and I can never love you!”

“But you will some how learn how to love me , now that your wife is leaving, I will be the one here to always be with you, I will shower you with love and a lot of warmth that there will be no place for Emily in your heart”she said

“I think it’s best that you leave my room, I don’t want to keep on listening to your nonsense, I suggest you leave now”I said

She stood up and instead of leaving, she began to unbutton her clothes

“What are you doing Isabel! “I yelled

“Maybe when you see me nked, you will want me as much as I want you”she said

“Don’t you dare take that off!”I warned but she paid dear ears to my warning

“What does Emily have that I don’t have,if she had used her body to have you, I can also do the same”she said as she took off her clothes

“Don’t this to yourself Isabel, no one is worth ruining yourself for!”I said

“I don’t care!so long as I can achieve my aim, I don’t care Cade, you will be mine tonight”she said walking towards me.

She sat on the bed and held my jaw, “I know you want me, I can see it in your eyes!”she said as she moved towards me.

I would have pushed her off if the door hadn’t opened to reveal Emily.

“You came back!”I said as I saw her stared at me and then at Isabel who had a huge grin on her face

“I guess you came to take your stuff right?”Isabel asked

“No,I didn’t leave and I told you that I wouldn’t leave you, now get away from my husband”she yelled and some how I felt relieved for her coming back and also proud for her defending me against Isabel.

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