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By : Kebby NG Media Services

“How are you feeling?”He asked as we both laid on the bed with our arms around each other

“Wonderful”I said starring up at him

“It was the same for me too”he said .

“Is what you said true?”he asked suddenly


“That you loved me and that you will be staying with me for good”He asked and i nodded softly .

“I love you Cade, even after finding out the truth, I wanted to hate you but I couldn’t, I kept on loving you no matter how hard I tried to fight it, fate must have had a reason that we had to meet again, maybe it was for you to rectify your mistake or maybe it was for me to confront my past, i just don’t know, all I know is that it brought us together and that I love you so so much, never ever doubt that “I said

“And I love you too, you coming back into my life have made me realise that it’s time for me to rectify my mistake, if you want I can go public with what happened”he said


“I can go public with it and I can give you the justice you deserve even if I have to be thrown in jail”he said

“I don’t want that okay, any thing that has to do with me being apart from you, I don’t want that!”I said

“Fine then I won’t do that, instead to show you how much I regret what I did, I will shower you with love all through the rest of our lives”He said and I nodded


“It’s all in your imagination Racheal”

“It is dead and you have got to accept that”

“Take her away and kill her if possible, I don’t ever want to set my eyes on her again ”

Some how I managed to set my self free from the guards and then i began to run.

The noise of the guards and also of Denise were the thing I heard and it was the reason I kept on running off with out stopping for any thing or any one.

I got to a cliff and stopped when I saw that there was no place to go.

I turned to head back only to see the guards and Denise there.

“What are you going to do to me!”I asked as I stared at them all

“You got to your doom your self Rachael, you got there your self and you will die there !!”she said and gave me a smile.

“Do what you…………….”

“Emily! Emily! Emily wake up,wake up!”Cade voice Woke me up and at first I thought he was those guys coming after me and I tried to fight him off but when I opened my eyes and saw that it was Cade and quickly I hugged him tight.

“It’s okay my love, am here for you”he said as he held me close

“It’s so scary Cade, its so scary”I said as I kept on crying, he pulled me close and held me tight

“It’s going to be fine!”he said softly but I don’t know why, for a reason I kept on crying.
When it finally subsided,Cade went to poure me a cup of water and I gulped down every thing

“Tell me what happened?”he asked

“There are some memories that I haven’t remembered yet and I think it’s what I dreamt of today”I said

“What are those memories?”he asked

“Well I think it was after the rape ever since I did the stabbing, I mean the scar,that you have here”I said touching his stomach”

“You remembered that part too, I would have preferred it if you never Remember”he said

“But I did, I did remember and am really sorry for back then,,I made you indebted to your step father, it is the reason why he gave you his kidney right, I damaged yours when I stabbed you”I asked

“It’s all in the past now, stop thinking about it, it will all be fine”he said

“I know but I still feel guilty Cade, each time I see your scar, I feel guilty and am sorry for that”I said

“Don’t worry about it okay, tell me what you dreamt of !

“Well it’s a memory that I didn’t remember before but now I do, I do remember it and it’s during the time I $tabbed you, I think it was your mom, she was telling at me but then I tried to escape but she asked the guards to get rid of me and then I managed to run off but I got to a cliff and I couldn’t see the rest because I woke up, I don’t know if I was pushed or if I was taken back……..”

“You were pushed!”he said and i stared at him


“You were pushed Emily, I just found that out recently, when you had $tabbed me and I had recovered, I had left for the states not wanting to see you or be reminded of what happened, cowardly of me right ? But what I came back, I made her tell me the truth and she told me that you fell off or but I know that my mom is behind every thing “I said softly

“So she had me pushed off the cliff and then she offered her help,saying that you were the one who wanted me dead and like a fool I believed her”I said feeling like a fool

“Its not your fault, you are not to be blamed, my mother is some one who manipulates people, all I want you to do right now is to never trust her or any thing she says, you must only trust me okay!”he said and I nodded softly

“Is that all you remember or do you feel that there is more?”he asked

“I think there is more to it Cade, I think some thing happened but I just can’t Remember”I said

“What if I take you back to that cliff, will it help generate some answers?”he asked and i nodded

“It might, let’s try it out”I said giving him a response.

I sat at the dinning room having break fast with Isabel.

We were both feeling happy because we were sure that Emily will no longer be here.

“She just did that for fun but am sure that Cade will have throw her out” I said.

“Good morning boss”on hearing the maid greeting Cade, we both turned only to see Emily walking in beside him and judging from the expression on both their face, they didn’t look like some one who just had a fight or some one who is going to leave soon.

She looked happy and Cade looked different or perhaps should I take contented.

“Hello to you two!”I said as they both took their seat

“What’s so good about this morning ?”Isabel said as she stood up from the table getting annoyed

“What’s her problem?” Cade asked

“Her problem is her? Why is Emily still here,I thought you said that she will be Leaving last night”I asked

“I did but I changed my mind, a man has the right to change him mind right?” He asked giving me a smile

“Not when it is her, don’t you know that having her here will only cause you more harm, the shooting isn’t some thing that we should forget “I said

“I know and that is why am heading to the station now to make a complain about the culprit”he said getting up

“Wouldn’t you eat”I asked

“I just lost my appetite and I think my wife doesn’t feel like eating with you, so we will just have to excuse ourselves”he said and before I could say more.

He pulled Emily and they both left the room, some how I felt that the two of them were up to some thing but what can that some thing be? I thought as I kept on wondering and just then I brought out my phone and dialled a familiar number.

“I have a job for you!”I said as I walked to the window to stare at Cade and Emily who were just driving off .

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