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Chapter 7

I can’t believe th*s! Am be!ng kssed by a total stranger, I thought as I tried to ₱v|| away from h*m

But h£ ₱v||ed me b@¢k

I tried to th!nk of some th!ng, some th!ng that will distract me, some th!ng that will stop me from respond!ng to it but I found none and wh£n I was ab©vt to respond to it h£ ₱v||ed away from me.

I tried to m©v£ ©vt of h*s arms but h£ h£ld me b@¢k

“Don’t m©v£, not yet, th£ reporter is tak!ng pictures of us “h£ said

It wasn’t until h£ mentioned th£ reporters that I realised that it was all for a show.

“h£ is gone now”h£ said as h£ let me go.

I tried to compose myself before look!ng at h*m aga!n

“You don’t have th£ right to kss me”I said

“I had to, it was my reputation that was at stake”h£ replied

“Wow, your reputation right?”I said sarcastically

“Look we have both decided to ₱|@y th£ part of be!ng married ,we will have to start from some wh*re”h£ said

“Wait! You only told me I had to pretend, you didn’t tell me that you would have to klzz me”

“You can’t expect us to pretend with©vt touch!ng one anoth*r”

“I don’t, I don’t want you to touch me at all”I yelled at h*m

“You have no choice Emily, we are to be a happy married couple, th£y have to see that we are happy togeth*r” h£ said

“We can do it with ©vt touch!ng each oth*r”I said

“That’s impossible Emily”h£ replied

“You per.vert, I should have known, what was I th!nk!ng wh£n I agreed to th*s” I said feel!ng flvstered by h*s words

“But you have agreed and th*re is noth!ng you can do to change that”h£ said

“Really! do you th!nk I can do noth!ng?”i asked giv!ng h*m a mischievous smile.

h£ ₱v||ed me !nto h*s Arms ,it was so sudden that I didn’t brace myself for th£ impact.

“Listen up Emily, you agreed to th*s already, th*re is no turn!ng b@¢k now”h£ said

“Th*re is Mr Callaghan and I will take that path, I can’t seem to trust you from not want!ng to touch me ”

“And what’s so bad with me touch!ng you, am I that bad to you?”h£ asked

“Womanisers like you sicken me and I will prefer we end th*s sham before we take it any furth*r, I will f!nd a way to pay you for th£ money you lent me and……………..”I couldn’t f!nish my word because h£ ₱v$h£d me to th£ wall angrily

“We Made a deal Emily, own up to it!” h£ yelled at me

“I don’t want to! I hate th£ thought of hav!ng to lie to !nnocent people”

“You will and th*re is noth!ng you will do ab©vt it, stop test!ng my patience Emily, you won’t want to see Mad, I will pick you up at ten tomorrow , get ready before I arrive” h£ said and stormed off.

I stood th*re, try!ng to calm myself d©wΠ, I had thought that th*s deal of a sort will j√$t have to be me pretend!ng, I never thought that Cade would want it to be m©r£.

What should I do? What mess have I gotten myself !nto,I thought as I h£ad b@¢k to th£ wait!ng room.

“But why h*r, you could have chos£n oth*r ladies, ones that are will!ng to do any th!ng for you” Rose Emily boss asked as we stood !n h*r office lobby

“Because $h£ is th£ first lady who hasn’t tried to offer me h*r b©dy”I replied

“And what makes you th!nk that $h£ won’t, $h£ j√$t haven’t thought of it yet?” Rose said want!ng to destroy Emily image !n front of me

“Wh£n that comes, I will know how to h@ndle h*r, th*s is th£ money I promised for th£ buy!ng of Emily house”I said and my secretary opened a brief case to show h*r th£ money

“But th£ house isn’t really that expensive?”$h£ asked

“I know, am j√$t giv!ng you for a well job well done” h£ said

“Oh thank you Cade, thank you “$h£ said as $h£ took th£ brief case.

“j√$t one m©r£ th!ng Rose, you must never tell anyone ab©vt it, most especially Emily “I said and $h£ nodded !n affirmation.

“$h£ won’t know that you payed me to buy h*r house and to put pressure on h*r”Rose said

“I hope so, you wouldn’t want me as an enemy”h£ said

“Don’t worry I know how ruthless you are and I wouldn’t want to be th£ ma!n focus of your ruthlessness” $h£ said.

Togeth*r my secretary and I h£ad to th£ car

“Wh*re are we go!ng next?”I asked

“To see th£ man you hired to take Emily money “h£ said

“We have to hurry, I have to be some wh*re by Ten” I said as I relaxed a bit !n th£ car .

I j√$t can’t believe that to get a girl, I had to use my power and wealth.

If it had been any girl, it wouldn’t be th*s h@rd, I would have gotten what I want from h*r but Emily is a different case.

$h£ is th£ first lady who hasn’t been m©v£d by my wealth or by how powerful I am.

Oth*r girls would have rejoiced at be!ng my pretend bride but $h£ made it clear that $h£ isn’t !nterested.

“Sir we are h*re” my secretary said we h£ stood !n front of a build!ng.

A guy opened th£ car door and got !nto th£ car .

“Th*s is h*r wallet and h*r money is still !ntact” th£ man said and I took Emily Wallet th£ from h*m.

“Give h*m th£ money”I said and immediately my secretary gave h*m th£ brief case filled with money.

“I will double that as long as you keep th*s a secret, no one, most especially th£ lady you stole from should know ab©vt th*s ” i said

“Yes sir, $h£ won’t ever f!nd ©vt” th£ man replied as h£ left th£ car.

“We will be h£ad!ng to miss Emily house now” my secretary said.

Emily! a strange name for a strange girl. I wonder how surprised my moth*r will be wh£n $h£ sees that have brought home th£ girl I supposedly love.

$h£ will be shocked at first and am sure that with time, th£y would give up on me marry!ng Isabel and wh£n am sure that I won’t be both*red by th£m aga!n,I will j√$t th£n end th£ farce b£tweeΠ Emily and myself but not with ©vt lett!ng know what it is to have me !n h*r b£d.

While my dad took over watch!ng my mom, I left th£ hospital and went b@¢k home to get dressed.

If it were up to me, I would end it all right away but I can’t do that.

One because I owe h*m and two because am s¢ar£d of what h£ might do to make me pay for break!ng our deal.

I got changed and was all ready wh£n th£ door bell was rung.

Tak!ng !n a deep breath, I went to open th£ door only to f!nd Brad th*re.

“What are you do!ng h*re Brad?”I asked gently

“I b@¢k for you my love, am b@¢k to get you ” h£ said and with ©vt warn!ng, h£ ₱v||ed me !nto h*s arms and kssed me.

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