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By : Kebby NG Media Services


Still reeling from the shock,I felt dizzy and would have fallen if Cade hadnt hold onto me

“Are you okay?”he asked


“Let’s go back to the car?”he said and though I protested he took me to the car.

“Am fine Cade, I just remembered a few things,that was why I got dizzy, I will be fine”I said

“I know you will but I won’t risk the chance of having you go near that cliff again”he said looking so worried.

“It’s just that I remembered some thing, it was quite brief but I am sure that I saw Lucy ”

“Who is Lucy ?”he asked

“Crazy Lucy! ” She was amongst the people running after me, after the guards and your mom threw me off the cliff.”

“It was for a brief moment but I remember opening my eyes and I saw her there looking at me and what was more surprising was that she was in a nurse uniform”I said

“A nurse? Lucy was a nurse” he asked and i nodded softly

“That’s absurd,have known Lucy for a long time now and from what I know she never had any profession, her loved one died and she became crazy!”he said

“Lucy isn’t crazy Cade, why do you think I always go to her house, have spoken to her twice and she spoke like a normal person, I mean it Cade, this is not some thing that I made up”I said

“I even went to ask her about the missing part of my memory and she told me not to try to remember,she said if I do, I will only get more hurt”I added

“That is why we have to go to her, we have to get her to speak”i said urging Cade who still couldn’t believe what I was saying

“Emily this might be risky and I…….”

“Just take me there Cade, please let us go there, knowing the truth matters to me a lot”I said and softly he nodded

He drove down to Lucy house abs together we went up to her house only to find the door opened and left ajar.

“Lucy! Lucy! Lucy!”,I called but there was no response

“Common let’s leave, no one is here”he said and we turned to leave only to find her standing in front of the door

“Why are you two in my house?” She asked

“Lucy, have come to ask you a question “I said moving towards her but she moved back

“Fine if you don’t want me to come close, I won’t but I need you to tell me if you were a nurse years ago?”I asked and at first she was shocked at my question but the she recovered and look away

“I was never a nurse, so please leave now”She said

“That’s a lie”Cade said suddenly and she stared at him.

“You are lying Lucy”he said again

“And what do you know, all of this trouble started with you, it started with you , her son, if only you had never done that to her, none of us would be in this mess”she yelled at Cade

“It’s not his fault Lucy, his mother is the one that should be blamed for it all”I defended Cade

“Its all his fault, your life was ruined, your mother life was ruined, every one life was ruined and mine also, if I had known that I would have end up this way, I would never have………” She stopped when she realised that she was going to say the truth.

“You two should go away, leave this place and never come back”She yelled at the both of us

“Please Lucy, we just want to know the truth, tell us if you know some thing”I begged

“Knowing the truth will only cause you more pain, so listen to my advice and never try to know the truth”She said

“But Lucy…….”

“Get out, get away from here!”she yelled and when we didn’t leave, she ran into the house and brought out a bucket of water, emptying it on our body

“Leave here and never come back”she yelled and shut the door on our face.


“Take this and use it to dry your body!” Cade said as he passed me a towel that had been kept in the car

“Do you always have this with you?”I asked as I used it to rub my hair dry

“Yes I always carry it with me, it certainly came in handy today”He said giving me a smile and II used the towel to wipe his hair

“What are you doing?”he asked

“Drying you off”

“You shouldnt do that?”he said softly


“Your hands on my body alone turns me on”he said softly and I threw the towel at him

“You per.vert”I said and he gave me a smile, a smile which I returned.

The car kept moving on and I saw the mansion ahead of us but he turned the car into the field.

“What is this Cade! Where are we going?”I asked but he didn’t answer and he parked at a discreet place and got out of the car .

He pulled me out of the car and when I kept on persisting,he carried me in his arms and put me down when we were in a more discreet place

“Why are we here Cade?”I asked feeling a bit excited

“Can’t you tell?”he asked and I nodded

“I want to make, Iove to you again, I just can’t seem to get enough of you “he said as he began to zIp down my d ress

“Are you ¢razy Cade? We are out side”I said

“Have always wanted to make love to you out here, this place is my special place Emily and i want it to be out special place too”he said softly

Hearing him say that gave him my approval,I put my arm around him

When we were finally satisfied, it felt like i had gone to heaven and came back to earth.

“I love you Cade”I whispered softly before sleeping in his arms.

“What have you been to to son, you have been carving some thing on that stone for hours now”my father said as he walked into the ware house we had

“Am only carving out a name”I replied and he got close and saw the name that I was carving

“What is this ? Isn’t it Emily name?”he asked

“It is dad!”

“But why Emily? Did she ask you to or is this some other Emily that I don’t know of?”my father asked

“It is the same Emily that I know,the only one too”I said

“This is ¢razy? Why would you be carving out her name “he asked

“It’s because I want her for myself dad”he said

“What? Isn’t she your friend wife?”he asked

“She is but that doesn’t stop me from having her and I will surely have her father”I said starring at the carved out name.

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