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By : Kebby NG Media Services


“It’s so good to be out side”I said as I walked through the flower beds

“You can be locked up in that house if you try some thing funny”David said as he came behind me

“I can’t possibly run away, you are here to watch me right?”I asked

“You are right, I will be watching you and there will be no escape for you !”he said softly and that weaken me a bit.

How will I get to escape if he keeps on watching me all the time.

“So are you getting used to staying here with me?”he asked

“I would be lying if I said yes”I said and stopped to stare at him.

Some how I have to keep him talking, if he keeps on talking then,I might have a chance and get away from him

“Do you still think that Cade will be able to find you ? “He asked

“He loves me and am sure that he will be doing his best to find me “I replied

“Don’t get on that cause I can assure you that this place is well hidden, not even my father knows this place, Its only I, even if he do find this place, we will be long gone already” he said

“Why must we leave, can’t we just stay here?”I asked

“We won’t be staying here”he said softly

“Aren’t you going far David! Taking me is one crime already and am willing to forgive you for it but leaving the country with me is some thing I won’t accept”I said yelling at him and in two rapid strides, he stood in front of me pulling me by my arm.

“You have nothing to forgive me for Emily! I did the right thing by taking you away from that ba$tard! He doesn’t deserve you, I do and am never going to let any one take you away from me”

“And as for leaving the country with me, you have no choice Emily, you are mine okay and what ever I say goes”he said looking like a demon

Feeling scared a bit,I nodded my head and I was expecting him to let me go but he pulled me to him and hugged me tight

“You have no idea how much have been longing for you, I want you in my arms,in my life and also in my home, I want you so much that I think am going to die if I don’t have you”

“I hate it when I see any guy with you, that friend of yours and also Cade,I hate seeing him touch you and that day at the field when I saw you two together, I felt like killing him”He said

“You saw us at the field, you saw what happened between us?”I asked feeling embarrassed that this psychopath will be watching Cade and I while we made love.

“I wasn’t given the chance to see it all, I would have loved to see even a glimpse of your body but that fool covered it all”He said still holding me in his arms

“But now I have the chance to see it”he said starring at my body

“You said you wouldn’t force me to do a thing?”I said as I jerked out his arms

“But now have change my mind, the need to have you is killing me Emily, come over here”he said

“No! I won’t let you touch me!”I yelled and quickly I began to run off but he caught up with me and held me tight in his arms.

“Let me go David! I don’t want to do this! Let me go”I yelled at him

“You were willing to do it with Cade! How come mine is different”he said as he spun me around to stare at him

“That is because I love Cade, I love him, I gave my self to him because he is my husband and he loves me while you are nothing but a psychopath, I don’t love you and I will never ever want you, you disgust me David, you have no idea how much you…………….”I couldn’t get to complete my sentence because he hit me hard on the face and that got me on the grassy floor

“Once am done with you, you will surely regret messing with me!”he yelled as he got on the grassy floor with me.

while trying to unbutton my gown he let go of my hand and I used that little chance to take the rod and hit it on him.

He fell on the floor and quickly I got up, hitting him with the rod again, he collapsed and lose consciousness.

“Ba$tard!”I said and then began to run away.


“Why won’t this good for nothing pick his call”I muttered as I kept on calling David to warn him off.

I never knew that this plan of ours will back fire soon and it’s all because of that tracking rubbish.

Emily had been smart by wearing it,seemed like she knew that some thing will happen and she had put it on putting me in jeopardy.

If they should find her, I will also be in trouble.

Emily had seen my face that night and am sure that she will certainly tell them that I helped David in kidnapping her.

The call went off to his voice mail and feeling angry I decided to leave him a message.

“You fool hurry up and get out of there! Cade and the police are coming, they manage to get a tracking device and it’s all thanks to Emily, she has a watch on her hand, destroy that watch and leave with her as soon as possible, if the police gets to find you then I will be ruined too, after all I helped you kidnap Emily, get out of that place David”I said and cut the call

That stupid boy will only put me in trouble,I thought as I turned to leave only to find some one standing there, starring at me


it’s getting late and have been walking in this road trying to get nearest phone centre or to find some one who can help me.

I hope that David is still asleep, I hope that he doesn’t get to find me until I get to safety.

There were hardly any car passing through this route and there was no sign of another human like my self.

“Just where did David bring me?”i muttered and just then I heard a car coming behind me.

Finally! Some thing to show that there is at least a human in this place.

I began to wave at the car for it to stop and some how I felt that it was danger for me and when the car got close,I knew that it was danger because David was the one in the car .

Quickly I began to run,why did he have to wake up and why did he have to find me, I thought as I kept running.

I tripped over a stone and I was about getting up when I felt him behind me.

“Let me go! Let me go!”I yelled at him but he hit my face and that got me feeling weak

“You think you can escape right? Well you are wrong, you will never get to escape from me”he said and carried me back to the car

The drive back to the house was very quick, i felt so sad and disappointed

The only chance that I have to escape have just been taken from me.

The door opened and he carried me out of the car heading into the dark house.

Still having me in his arms, he switched on the lights and paused when he saw the police and Cade standing in the room, pointing the gun at him.

He did come! He did come to save me! I thought as I stared at Cade.

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