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By : Kebby NG Media Services


“Your child isn’t with me”As soon as she said that, all my hope died immediately

“Where is she?”I asked quickly.

“When she was brought to me ten years ago,I took her in and take care of her for some months, Denise came back for her later on “she said

“What?Denise came back for my child?”I yelled out

“Yes she came back and took the child away, I had asked her where she was taking the child to and……”she stopped gently

“And she what! Please tell me, don’t leave any thing missing”I begged her

“She took her to an orphanage home”Laura said as she stared at me .

“So what you are saying is that my mom never killed our child and that she took her to an orphanage home Instead”Cade asked and she nodded

“For the past ten years, your child have been living as an orphan in an orphanage home”she said again

“Can you tell us where that orphanage home is?”I asked

“If you had asked me this question, some months ago, I would never have been able to give you an answer because Denise never told me where she took the child to but now I can tell you, I know you have been looking for your child and so I did some findings”Laura said as she took out a paper and gave it to Cade

“This is the address of the orphanage, go there and talk to the head, they will tell you more about it” she said.

“Thank you Laura, thank you so much”I said as Cade and I stood up

“You don’t have to thank me, I won’t deny that I got so fond of the child when she was brought here by Denise years ago and if I can help you in finding the child again,then I will gladly help”she said

“Thank you Laura, we will never forget your help”Cade thanked her as we left the house.

As soon as our car left, Laura smiled evily and brought out her phone, calling some one.

We got to the orphanage home and together we went in.

While going, I saw some children playing out side and I wondered If one of the girls amongst the kids was my child.

I felt so over whelmed, soon enough, I will find my child and that’s all because of Laura,I thought as we were led to the head’s office.

“Come and have a sit”The head of the orphanage who is known as Silvia said to us as we walked into her office

“I heard you want to see me?”she asked starring at the both of us

“Yes we did, we want to ask you about some thing that happened ten years ago”I began softly.

Cade showed her a picture of Denise on his phone

“Do you recognise this woman ?” Cade asked

“I dont think so”she said softly

“Please look at it well , you remembering her will determine what we came here for “Cade added

She stared at it properly and then she stared at cade and I

“I do know her, she came to us years ago, giving us a child to take care of”She said as she readjust her glass

“Yes that’s her, she came to you to give you a child right?”I asked again and she nodded

“The child she brought is ours”I said quickly

“Yours? “She asked

“Yes! She is our child, it’s a long story but we will tell you that after we have talk about her where about, please where is she? What happen to the child this lady brought years ago”i asked and Silvia pulled a long face

“What does your expression mean?”I asked

“The child died, she died years ago from an illness”She said and once again all the hope died in me.

“No! No my child can’t be dead, she just can’t be dead “I cried out as Cade held me close


“She can’t be dead Cade, she just can’t be dead”Emily kept on crying as I held her tight

“Do you have prove to what you are saying?”I asked not believing what she said

“I do sir, every child who have died in this orphanage have a place where we bury them, I can certainly take you the where the child you are asking had been hurried, after all I prepared the whole thing my self*She said

“Take us there to see it with our own eyes”Emily said

“Fine then, if you will just come with me”She said as she walked ahead.

She took us to a large field and walked us to where the child had been buried.

She stopped in front of a little grave and turned to stare at us.

“She had been buried here”Silvia said and as soon as Emily saw it, she knelt in front of it crying while I stood starring at the grave.

I just don’t know why I feel that is this is all so unreal.

“I will give you both some privacy “She said as she walked off.

“Not my child,she just can’t be dead”Emily kept on crying and I knelt beside her, holding her tight.

“Its going to be fine Emily”I said but she pulled away from me

“It’s not going to be Cade, this was my last hope, my only last hope Cade but it turns out that it’s all fruitless”She said as she kept on crying.

I was still trying to console her when I remembered some thing Laura said a while ago.

“I know you have been looking for your child and so I did some findings”

We never told her that we have been looking for our child, we just want to know where she was but what she said made it clear that she knew we were searching for our child, I never told her the reason we were going to meet her and the only people who know that we are looking for our child is Emily parents m, my dad, Emily and my self.

Denise knows too but she is on the run and there is no way Laura would know unless…..she helped my mom

“Emily I will be right back”I said as I left the garden, heading back to the orphanage home.

I began to head to Silvia office when I saw her climbing the stairs looking a bit suspicious.

As silently as I could,I followed her, she stood at the balcony talking to some one on the phone

“Yes,I did what you asked of me”

“I told them what you’ve asked me to tell them and they fell for it”

“Right now Emily is weeping over their fake child grave”

“Yes I did as you have instructed, if they don’t fall for it you can’t blame me Laura, I did what you ask and so you must do what you promise to do for the orphanage”she said

I knew it! Laura can never be trusted, I always knew that she is a liar that is why I disliked her even when I was young, I thought that as the years have gone by she would have changed but what she did now proves that she still nothing but a liar.

I went back to the field to see Emily still crying.

“Get up!”I said as I walked towards her

“My child is dead, she is no more”she said still crying and I yelled for her to get up.

She stared at me and slowly got to her feet, “isn’t this bothering you as much as it’s bothering me?” She asked

“Of course it is but let’s get out of here”I said pulling her out of the orphanage

We got to the car only for her to pull her hand free from me

“Just what is wrong with you!!”she yelled at me

“It is a lie Emily, our child is not dead, Laura along with Silvia are trying to fool us”I said and she stared.


“Like seriously, are we going to be hiding here for ever, when will we get out of this place”I said

“Soon Denise, once every thing is settled, we will get out of this place”He replied

“When will it be settled David! Cause I just can’t stand it in here”I said

“Once your escape case have die down a bit and the fire incident at the jail have also stopped being the talk of town, we will proceed with our plan”he said as he put the bullet into his gun.

“I still can’t believe that you are alive, tell me how you did it”I said starring the man whom every one thought to be dead.

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