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A while later I got a message and it was the address my mother said she would send.

I turned my car around and I began to head there, though it was quite hard for me to find because the address she had given me has a lot of route and turns.

I parked my car at a far distance and began to walk to the ware house and I wasn’t just walking, I was hiding too.

I wanted to get there with out any one seeing me.

I stopped when and hid in the bush when I heard Laura voice

“Is he really going to come?”she asked as they both stood out side the ware house

“Of course he will, I know my son and I know that he will do his best to give this wife back their child and so he will be here”She and so assured

“Fine then but what is he doing inside”Laura asked and I wondered who the he is.

“He is talking to his father and……”

I couldn’t get to listen to their word because I got a text and it was from the private investigator.

“Have gotten some thing sir, call me when you see this text, it’s about your child”

On seeing the text, I head back to my car and also I called the investigator.

“Tell me what do know?”I asked as I head back to the streets.

“An hour ago while Laura got into a taxi and a lady and a little girl got into a her private car and they went separate ways,I decided to follow her private car because it had the little girl In it and now,am at one of her private villa, the car drove into it, I can’t go in with out a reason and so I think it’s time to get the police involved” he said

“Do what you have to do,all I want is to get my child”I said

“Yes sir”he replied and switched off the phone.

With the address gotten,I head to the villa and by the time I got there, the police were there already.

I spotted my investigator talking to one of the police officers and quickly I went to him

“Where is the little girl?”I asked

“She is in one of the police cars, the one over there”he said pointing to the car ahead

Quickly I went to it and opened the door only to see a woman holding a little girl as she stared at me

“Who are you?”she yelled as she stared at me

‘”Am not here to harm any one,all am here for is the child”I said starring at the cute little girl in her arms

“Why would you be here for her when she is not your child”the lady said again

“She is my child and have been searching for her for a long time now”I said trying to touch her but the lady moved away

“At least let me see her face”I said softly and for a while she kept on starring at me but seeing that I meant what I said, she turned the girl around to look at me and when I saw her, I knew that there was no need for a DNA test because the child looked just like Emily.

I tried to touch her and the child moved back into the lady arms.

“Look I don’t know why all this is suddenly happening but all I know is that Laura is the mother of the child and……..”

“Laura is not the mother of this child, my wife and I are, I will explain all of it to you but first we need to head to my house, my wife has to be reunited with her child”I said to her.


“Oh my baby, my child,finally I have her with me”Emily said as she embraced Nina

Paulina stood beside me starring at the whole scene , I haven’t had the time to explain yet but I surely will do it at the right time

“Who are you?”I heard Nina ask as she stared at the crying Emily

“Your mom! I am your mom”she replied but Nina Shaked her head negatively

“I know my mom and you are not my mom, you are bad!”she said as she ran into Paulina arms

“They are bad, they want to take me from mom, please Paulina,lets go to mom”the little kid begged

“But I am your mom, they took you away from us, I am your mom” Emily said wanting to go to her but then I held her back

“Now is not the time to convince her of that, lets just go inside”I said and together we all Walked into the house.


“He should have been here by now”Denise muttered as we all stood at the ware house waiting for Cade to show up

“He won’t be coming”David said behind us

“And why do you say so?”I asked

“I know Cade like I know the back of my hand, he won’t be coming, seems like he found a solution “He said starring at his gun.

I keep on wondering what that gun is about, he is always with it, I thought as I kept on starring at him.

Just then I got a call and it was from my chauffeur.

“What’s it mark? Are you heading here with Nina?”I asked

“There is a problem ma’am” he said

“What do you mean by there is a problem?”I asked

“I left the villa to pick up some thing Paulina said she forgot and when i returned it was to find the police at the entrance of the house”he replied

“What!! Why would the police be at my house?”I asked swiftly

“I don’t know the reason but what I do know is that that man from earlier, the one who came with his wife to see you was there and right now he has taken Paulina and little Nina”He finished

“This cant be happening! I will come there straight away “she said

“You better not! For the mean time it’s best that you stay where ever you are, you are being looked for by the police ”

“But I didn’t do any thing wrong!”I yelled at him .

“Front the little I heard, they are accusing you of kidnap, so it’s best if you just stay hidden “he said and angryily I switched off the phone

“What happened?”Denise asked

“I told you right? Cade would have found a way and he did right?”David said as he held a knife now.

“You must have known that some thing like this would happen, why didn’t you warn us”I asked starring at David

‘”it won’t be any fun if I warn you right, so I kept shut wanting to enjoy the moment “He said

“Are you really trusting this guy Denise, he sounds like a lunatic to me!”I yelled at Denise who hasn’t still gotten what happened

“David is the only one I can rely on now and what ever he says, I will follow”she replied

“And it’s better you do the same, I bet you are also wanted by the police right now!”he said as he stared at me

“What do you know? I haven’t even talked about what happened yet”I said

“That is why I know that you are being looked for by the police just like us”he said

“I just got a text from Cade”Denise said and immediately I went to her to read what it said

“You don’t have to worry about telling me

Where my child is, I already have her with

Me,I can even send you a picture if you

Want, soon enough the police will find you

Along with Laura and you will be put in

Jail for the rest of your life”

On reading that I got a bit shivery, for years now have been doing a lot of things, getting into illegal business even helping my friend to keep a stolen child and never for once have I had the jail threat hanging over my head but now that I crossed path with Cade again, I now have the cops searching for me.

“Cade is really some thing”Denise said as she threw her phone on the table.

“What are we going to do now?”I said softly

“Let them spend enough time with their long lost daughter”David said

“Why would we let them do that?”I asked

“To let them keep their guard down and then we will strike and hurt them where it hurts most and that is by using those daughter”he said softly and I stood still thinking about what he said.

“It will work right?”I asked

“Of course it will, David will sort every thing out, so all you to do is to relax and enjoy being a fugitive just like us”Denise said.

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