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By : Kebby NG Media Services


I sat on the bed waiting for Cade to show up, it’s way past midnight already and he isn’t here yet.

Just where could he be I thought as I laid on the bed waiting for him to show up.

I must admit that I didn’t even think of trusting Cade, I just jumped into conclusion and that is what hurts him the most.

I didn’t want to listen to his explanation, all I thought about was my anger and hurt,I should have been more trusting.

But it’s not entirely my fault, what would he have think if he saw on the bed with another man.all this is driving me nuts, I thought as I walked about in the room.

Just then I heard a soft knock on the door and thinking it was Cade, I went to open the door only to be disappointed when I saw my mom there.

“Is Cade here?”she asked

“No mom! What is wrong?”I asked

“So he is the one at the study, the study light were on when I went down stairs to get a glass of water”

“Haven’t you two sorted it out ? “She asked

“Turns out Cade is innocent, Paulina drugged him and took him to her room, pretending that they were sleeping with each other”I said

“See! You should have trusted him “My mom said

“I know I should have and I hate my self for behaving that way, he is angry Mom, the reason why he is still down there is because he doesn’t want to see me”I said sadly

“And so you will just sit back here and let that continue, you started this Emily, you should find a way to end it, so now go to your husband and make up with him”she said and for a while I thought of what she said and then I head down stairs.

The study light were on but there was no sign of Cade in the room.

Where could he be?I thought as I sat on the chair, he must have been sitting here for a long time because the chair felt warm.

His suit layed on the back chair and I removed it, starring at it for a while and then I began to Smell it, I was still enjoying his smell from the coat when he spoke up

“What are you doing?”he asked, standing by the door way, holding a cup of coffee

“Well….I ….I just came to see you”I said as I stood up

“Why?”he asked as he went to seat on the chair.

“It’s past midnight, aren’t you coming to bed?”I asked

“As you can see,am busy,o need to finish this, so that I can end the deal once and for all”he replied

“Can’t it be done tomorrow?”I asked

“It can’t? I still have a lot to do and you standing there and asking me more question is really bothering me”he said

“Cade I……”

“Please leave Emily, I still have a lot of work to do!”he said and knowing that he meant what he said I left the room.

Cade is really angry and it would be hard to appease him,I thought as I laid on the bed,crying my eyes out.

I woke up at the break of dawn and I wasn’t surprised to see the bed empty.

He would have slept in the study, I thought as I got out of bed, going to look for him.

I got to into the study and saw him laying on the large sofa, it must have been so uncomfortable for him, I thought sadly.

I went to the sofa and laid behind him, wrapping my arms around him.

His body stiffening made me realise that he had woken up

“What are you doing?”he asked

“Am sorry! Am sorry for not trusting you,am sorry for choosing to believe you, am fool when it comes to trusting you cade,I love you so much, I really do”I said still wrapping my arms around him.

His back was turned to me and so I could not see his face.

“I don’t only want your love Emily, I also want your trust and you not giving me that hurts a lot” he said

“And that is why am apologising, I should have trusted you but like a jealous fool I made a fuss over it, can you just forgive me for this,forgive your wife who loves you so much”I said

He faced me and stared at me for a while and then he pulled me close.

“Don’t you ever doubt me again, I would never hurt you, never again”he said and I gave him a big hug.

“I love you Cade and nothing and no one would ever separate us”I said softly

“I hope that is true”he said as he began to kss my throat, loosening my robe

“What are you up to MR?”I asked softly

“You know what am up to Mrs”he replied and that got me laughing.

Just then the door opened and a maid walked but when she saw us, she apologised quickly and walked out of the room.

“The poor thing was embarrassed”I said laughingly.

“She should have knocked and that is her problem, what matters now is what is happening here and now, so my darling where were we?”he asked giving me a peck.


I woke up due to some one yelling out my name.

Thinking Emily was still beside me,I stretched out my hand only for me not to touch a thing.

Where could Emily be? I thought as i stood up from the couch,putting on my trousers .

“Cade! Cade! Cade!”on yelling that same voice shouting out my name.

I walked out of the study only to see Emily running towards me, she looked so frightened

“What happen? What’s wrong my love?”I asked

“Nina! Nina is missing ” she cried out desperately

“Are you sure of this?”I asked

“I went to her room just now wanting to check up on her but she was no where to be found,the guards and every one in the house have been looking for her but still they haven’t found her, am scared Cade “She said crying and i held her tight.

Just then two guards ran towards us “Did you find her?”I asked

“No sir your child is no where to be found”one of them replied.


I walked into the ware house with the little Nina in my arms.

“My my my , so you went out to get the child yourself”Denise asked as she,Laura and Paulina sat starring at the sleeping Nina in my arms

“Some one had to do it and I couldn’t risk us getting caught by sending an incompetent guy to do the job, so I went to do it myself “I said as I gave the child to Paulina who took her in

“So what is the next step?”Laura asked

“It’s simple,it’s time to make a call and you two won’t be the speaker, I will”I said softly

“But they all think you are dead”Denise said

“If they know by now that their child is missing,they would have also know that I took her myself, so calling them wont be a problem”I said as Laura hand me her phone.


“it’s going to be okay, Cade is doing his best to find her”my mom said as I laid on Nina bed, crying softly

“We just found her mom, why would she be taken from us again”I said

“It must be the work of Laura and Paulina but don’t worry as long as the police and Cade are working on it, it will all be fine” she said

Just then I got a call an unknown number and though I didn’t want to pick, I found myself picking it,ready to yell at who ever it was but I stopped when I heard Nina voice

“Mommy! Mommy!”She kept on saying

“Yes my dear, my child,where are you?”I asked but Nina voice wasn’t what I heard this time.

It was a man voice, a voice which I never expected to hear again.

“D….David!”I called softly

“The one and only, did you miss me my love”he asked.

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