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(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter One

Alisa stretched and sat up lazily in her small bed, she yawn lazily feeling tired,

She ran into the bathroom and puke every food she ate last night,

She felt really weak staring at herself in the mirror,

“Could it be fever or malaria”She ask herself staring at her swollen face,

Her stomach grumble loudly and she hiss, She needs to fetch water down the street and she felt her leg to heavy to carry this morning but no matter what she needs to fetch her water,

She brush her teeth making up her minds she would visit the hospital, she needs to treat the fever or malaria.

She actually work in a big Supermarket but she is on one month leave.

“Good morning sir”she greeted her Single father neighbor,

“Miss Alisa how are you doing today?” Mr lawrence ask smiling seductively,

“Am fine sir”Alisa said walking fast

“How about what we discussed yesterday?” Mr lawrence shouted shamelessly but Alisa ignore him

“Miss Alisa you are pregnant”.

The doctor words were like a shock making the worried Alisa stare in shock…

“How could this be possible?”

Although she has expected this but she never think it could be this fast!!

This is actually the second months she lost her virginity to a stranger and now this!!.

All because of jason and mia she made an urgent decision she would regret for the rest of her life, she wish she could change the hands of time,

She is already broke like too poor to fend for herself and now a baby want to come into the picture!!.

Going home wasn’t one of her option

What would she tell her family? Especially her parents who has always done everything to see her unhappy,

Everyone hated her in her real home, the real reason she left her county who would have think she is from a wealthy family and a very popular family.

“You are not in good health you need to eat good food and need alot of rest i would prescribed some drugs to you” The doctor said jotting her out of her thought and handling her the medical report

“Mmmm “She sigh tiredly,

“You should think less please! miss Alisa” The doctor said staring at her pitifully,

“Ok doctor thank you so much i really appreciate”She said smiling but even a blind could see behind that smile there is a broken girl,

Alisa sat down inside her little apartment sighing for the umpteenth time

She remembered her childhood life, she never have a good memories to feel happy about

Her parents never show her genuine love or care, she was taken care of like it an obligation,

Every parents would find out the well being of their children but not her parents who have always been after money and power,

Abortion is not one of the options she needs right now, even if she is too naive and too young to be a mother but the last thing she would ever think of is aborting the innocent soul.

This is actually her blood and she vow to work hard to make sure she survive this!!

She dare not hurt the innocent soul.

Alisa returned home in daze,she sniff and buried her face in her palm she was really scared of her family she needs to do everything to make sure her parents never find

She shiver knowing if there dare find out even if there hate her now abortion would be what there would think as the solution.

“Even if you try to run out always remember we would always keep an eye on you, you can’t ruin us we would ruin you”This has actually been her father words

“I think I need to relocate right now my child life is at stake!!!” She said packing her little cloth.

“Sir we have not still found her”Lucas Ace most trusted bodyguard said,

“Okay you should have known what to do ask for the hotel security footage i need you to find her!!!” Ace said in a cold voice and spinning his chair.

“Ok sir i promise to find her” Lucas said bowing,

“You can leave” he said tapping the table.

“I would surely find you no matter what!!” Ace said seated at the topmost floor of the King cooperation

Ace king is actually the president of King real estate and management,the most largest company ever known

“Sir there are here for the meeting” His secretary said feeling scared,

“Cancel it tell them am busy” He said coldly

“Sir it actually the ……”

“Get out!!” King said as a frown appear on his face,

“Phew Thank God am safe”The secretary said breathing in and out in relief,

He needs to find her before finding out the master mind behind the incident

That night he was supposed to be having a business deal he never knew he would be drug

He would just allow the master mind rest for now and feel happy

What interested him more is that the girl is actually a virgin, Do those girls still exist?

he is damn sure she would be carrying his child by now and he needs to find her.


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