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(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Chapter Fourteen
“That why you are a fool you should have explained everything to us for long”Xavier said smacking Ace head,

“How dare you try that?”Ace shouted angrily.

“You guys should stop this and let come up with a plan!!” Lucas shouted holding Ace ears tightly,

“Ouch how dare you”Ace groan in pain ,

“Let use Code 213 that would be the best plan to come up with”xavier said seriously,

“Are you really sure it would work as planned?”Lucas ask worriedly,

“Of course you should trust me now what I would want us to know is who the girl is working for!!”xavier said thinking,

“Well that it, just take a look at this, This is the real criminal we are after but to get this person we need to get close to his close ones,His workers,slaves, His guard, Everyone around him, from there we can be their buddy and try to know about everything about him, while doing this we have to overlook many things that comes our way knowing what we are after, We can gather information about him, From there we can get the culprit!!” Ace said Showing Lucas and Xavier some drawings,

“Wow I now understand where you are going to you would get close to the girl to achieve your goals”Lucas said smiling,

“Exactly but you guys also has some part to do”Ace said with a smirk,

“What part and hope my own part there would be alot of free pussy?”Xavier ask,

“WTF!!Lucas and ace scream loudly,

“Just kidding you don’t have to take it personal”Xavier said smiling,

“What am thinking of right now is making every employees refuse Alisa services” Xavier continue,

“Yes you understand and we would make one of my boys disguise as a new neighbour from there I think he
Can use that opportunity to protect her and my unborn child”Ace said happily,

“So now you would agree to marry that Shapeless ugly girl you called Kira or what?”xavier ask making a disgusting face.

Naomi stare at the old house feeling angry at how small and unkept it look, if not because how important she needs to come here she would have left for long,

She is damn sure she needs to Bath for up to five hours because she feels like vomiting she is just trying her best to hold herself,

“Who is here”She shouted feeling scared,

“Sit down I would be there soon”A voice said and she stare in shock she could not see anybody,

Naomi sit down patiently waiting for the so called Powerful man she stare at everywhere and feel like puking her lungs out,

How would a billionaire like her be found in this kind of place? This place is too old and dirty!!!

“Did this foolish so called man know that he is Allowing a celebrity to wait for long”She said angrily,

“Mtcheeeeeeeeeewwwwee he would have to pay for keeping me waiting!”

Someone clear his throat and Naomi look back to see the shock of her life.

“So it You!”The two shouted at same time.

Don smoke his pipe angrily how dare her try to disagree with him!?He now realize that all female are not same.

Even when they know how dangerous he is many would still do everything to make sure he have a one night stand with them

He know he is a demi god so why won’t there continue playing with Fire.

He felt really angry knowing Alisa rejected him How dare her,!!

He is damn sure he would surely have her on his bed soon no matter what it takes!!

Jason stare at camila and he sigh, How would he has a mistake of bringing an innocent soul to earth to suffer

For three days now His daughter has been sick and she has been admitted to the hospital but Mia is no where to be found.

How would a good mother just leave her sick daughter partying everywhere? Who does that!?

Mia does not care about her sick daughter and Jason already made up his mind that there is nothing he could do to make Mia change her mind the best is letting her go.

” princess please be fine for me”Jason muttered staring at the sleeping Camila,

With everything he has he know he miss Alisa more than anything

“She is actually a rare gem”Jason said remembering Alisa

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