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(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter twenty Four
Alisa sighted a vacancy at a restaurant and she decided to go to the restaurant to ask if there are still in need of Worker

“Good evening ma am”Alisa greeted politely.

The woman stare at her down like she was some sort of Mad woman.

“What did you want?”The woman ask rather rudely.

Alisa gulped down nothing trying her best to stop her heart from beating fast and giving the woman a nervous smile.

“I am so sorry ma I saw a post vacancy and I decided to ask if you are still in need of a worker” Alisa said bowing.

“And what if am still in need?”The woman ask rudely.

“Ma, please I am ready to do any kind of work”Alisa said kneeling down.

“Get out right now!”The woman shouted angrily.

Alisa Walk out with tears flowing freely from her face, she tried holding down tears but it Fall freely.

She sighted another vacancy and decide to go there to request for a work.

“Good morning sir I saw a vacancy outside your mansion and I……” Alisa could not finish her words before the man shouted.

“Get out right now”The man shouted and Alisa sigh walking out.

Alisa gently wipe her tears heading to her house, it still look like a shock to her that she could not get a job all the nine place she went to.

She is too weak to think of anything, her phone rang and she checked to see it was Mina.

“Hi mina”She called tiredly.

“How you and where are you I did not see you this morning”Mina ask worriedly.

“Am fine and thanks I went in search of a job”Alisa explain.

“And have you seen one?”Mina ask.

“No dear I have not…”Alisa said.

“Thank God you haven’t seen anyone, there is an address I would text you right now I want you to go there it actually a Bar and the pay is too good,you should go there right now and stop stressing yourself and you know your condition you shouldn’t be roaming the street”Mina said and tears flows freely from her face

“Mina…” Alisa called crying.

“You Know I hate seeing your tears you should stop crying please”Mina said.

“Thank you so much I don’t think I can ever repay you,you have always been there for me and I really appreciate”Alisa said in tears.

“You are always welcome I will text you the address immediately I hang up”Mina said hanging up.

Alisa phone vibrated and she checked to see Mina message.

Alisa felt really happy and grateful that finally she has got a new job.

She smiles happily cleaning her tears.
“Am so sorry miss but you can’t be employ here or anywhere you shouldn’t have offended him at the first place”A woman in her early fifty said sadly.

“Ok ma but who is him”Mina ask confuse.

“The most powerful man in Australia and New York”The woman replied and Alisa chuckle.

“Ma you are joking right”Alisa ask smiling.

“And did I look funny to you!”The woman replied rudely.

“Ma I don’t understand…”Alisa tried explaining.

“You don’t understand what exactly!?Get out of my bar right now before I informed the cops,You want me to die? no one dare play with him because he or she would get bitten now I want you out right now!” The woman shouted.

Alisa Walk out of the bar with tears flowing from her face,Who did she offend that would want to do everything to make sure she feels nothing but pain.

“The most powerful man in Australia and New York who is he?” Alisa shouted angrily and everyone stare at her like she as gone mad
Naomi wake up feeling weak.she open her eyes and when she saw her location she spranged up.

Her fears escalate when she saw she is wearing a male cloth.

“Where am I ?”She wondered Scared.

“My bedroom”Don said staring at her and she felt shock.

Naomi tried jumping up from the king size bed in fear but she fell down hitting her legs on the floor.

“Ouch my leg”She cried holding her leg.

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