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Chapter twenty five.

“The most powerful man in Australia and New York who is he?” Alisa shouted angrily and everyone stare at her like she as gone mad.

She cared less about their stare she ignore them and decided to leave with tears flowing freely.

She does not even have a friend neither an enemy so who would be the so call Man.

What crime did she commit?How did she get the powerful man angry?

Why has fate always been cruel to her? She just feel like giving up on everything!! She feels frustrated about everything happening to her but she can’t give up,Not now or ever.

She has two kids living inside her,Two heart beating inside her,she would surely do everything to make sure she brings them to this world!

She needs to be strong for herself and her twins,She would surely do everything to get a job.
Kaleb stare at the weak Alisa and felt pity for her.

“What wrong you look unhappy?”Kaleb ask in a concern tone.

He knows the real reason but he just needs to look concern like he don’t know what wrong with her.

“No one wants to employ me everyone of them is just chasing me away like I stole something,one woman told me that I offended the most richest man in Australia and New York,I don’t even know who is he so how would I offend him”Alisa said in tears,

“I have a job for you not here but at New York I am sure you would love the job, It not stressful and the pay is super, you don’t even need to pay house rent because you would be living at the mansion,there need an house help urgently, and most times the owner of the house is not always around so you shouldn’t be scared because I am sure you would be employ” Kaleb said and Alisa sigh.

“Are you sure I would be employ am scared”Alisa said staring at the floor.

“I understand but I just want you to know everything is in God hands”Kaleb said smiling at her.

“Thank you so much I really appreciate”Alisa said smiling.

“You are welcome and let go for check up but before that don’t you think we should go to restaurant am really hungry and I am sure you have not eating this morning? Kaleb ask.

“I need to go and rest see you later”Alisa said ignoring his question.

“You are not going anywhere am hungry and I want you to escort me to the restaurant even if you won’t eat anything”Kaleb said with a pout and Alisa smile.

“Fine you win”Alisa surrender still laughing.

“So let go now,am coming let me get my car key”Kaleb said and Alisa shrug.

Naomi tried jumping up from the king size bed in fear but she fell down hitting her legs on the floor.

“Ouch my leg”She cried holding her leg.

“What wrong?”Don ask holding her legs with concerned.

“Ouch it hurt”Naomi cried.

“Hey sorry you should have not jump down that way!”Don said massaging her leg.

“Thank you sir”Naomi said scared.

“You are welcome I never knew you are this sweet in bed”Don said with a smirk.

“What!! Sir are you joking or what like we actually S and F”Naomi said crying and Don felt shock.

“Of course I never knew you were not only a spoilt brat but a shameless Bitch now get out right now you this shameless harlot you want my d**k and I gave you last night so what else?”Don shouted and Naomi shivered.

“I hate you so much it better you kill me because you are nothing but a cruel monster,I have always think I have a reason for being alive but no I don’t have, I hate you Wicked master”Naomi shouted running out in tears.

Don sigh sitting down on his bed he thought hurting her with harsh words would make that stupid thing he is feeling for her stop but nope it just increase!.

He feels more hurt by her words,

Those words keep hurting him!!
Naomi cried holding her chest,She was going through nothing but pain, she cried holding her chest ,

She as been going through chest pain since when she started crying and even when she tried stopping the tears it still flows freely.

She did not feel any pain on her thigh or her p***y but she is sure he mean those words that there both do F and S.

She feels unclean,It looks like she is dieing soon .

“Hey girl sorry z I don’t know what you are going through but I want you to stop crying, let me get you water so you can feel better”Nikita said wiping Naomi tears.

“Take this glass of milk and drink it would make you feel better”The head maid offer Naomi and she drank it hungrily.

“Thanks so much”Naomi said smiling sadly.

“You are welcome and my regards to my fore father’s”The head maid said with an evil smirk.

“What did you mean by…..”Naomi try saying but she suddenly felt an unbearable pain in her stomach.

“Bye”The head maid said running out of the Maids room.

“Ouch my stomach”Naomi cried holding her stomach.

Naomi breathing change and she could not shout or scream for help all she could do was cry.

She tried crawling out of the room but the room handle is hard.

“Hmm ouch”She cried in tears

In a dark alley a man could be seen Smoking angrily,

“Speak up”He commanded licking his blood.

“I tried escaping boss but I could not Ace is smarter than you think”A young girl said kneeling down and groaning in pain.

“Keep quiet are you trying to say he is smarter than me or what!?The Man yell angrily.

“No boss but he is too good and….”She tried saying but his words stop her

“Get me my gun”The man shouted and the girl shivered in fear.

Pah!pah! Pah pah pah pah pah pah pah the man continue shooting the girl angrily even when she already gave up.

his phone ring and he ignore it,it ring for the sixth time and he checked to see the caller and he smile evilly,

“Speak!”He commanded coldly,

“Sarah escape”The caller said.

“Find her! I want her before the next twenty four hours”He yell angrily.

“Yes boss”The caller said.

“If you don’t find her many people would die including your f**king boss and you!!”He threaten hanging up.

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