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(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Chapter three

What is it honey”He ask staring at her beautiful granddaughter

“Is old granpa king first grandson married” she ask worriedly,

“No honey why asking?”

“I WANT HIM” She said in a pleading tone.

“Honey why don’t you choose another person Ace is not good for you he is cold hearted and I don’t think it would be possible” Master Lucian said worriedly,

“I want only him grandpa” Naomi said almost in tears

“Okay I would talk to King about it I promise to get back to you”Master Lucian said,

“Thank you so much grandpa i love you more” Naomi said happily,

” You are welcome My Hunny bunny” Master Lucian said smiling,

Naomi walk out of her grandpa bedroom smiling happily, who would have think she would be meeting her prince charming so soon,

Ace ignore the greeting of the staff, he entered his office and pull off his tie, his eyes looks so red and he knew he could hurt anyone that dare near him at this moment,

All thanks to Old grandpa king that successful spoil his mood this morning,

“Good morning sir Aand B corporation are actually here for a business meeting there are planning….”

“Tell them to leave!!”He said coldly,

“Sir there actually came on….”

“Get out, You are fired!!”He said and the secretary ran out quickly,

Who would dare disobey Ace king order that soul won’t live to tell the story,

His name alone is enough to cause fear in the people minds not to talk of The kings backing him,

He stare at his neck but could not find the necklace

“Shit!!!where could it be?”he said angrily,

He remembered admiring it and………

Immediately the secretary was sack a new secretary start working immediately
Jessica stare at the necklace she saw inside her brother room,

The way Ace stare at the necklace she knew it was not an ordinary necklace,

She was actually trying to sneak into Ace room but she was shock seeing how Ace stare at the necklace,

“Could it be Ace is actually inlove but scared of heartbreak?” She said confused,

“Though he is cold hearted but there must be a girl he loves” .

“I can’t wait to have a beautiful sister in-law” jessica said happily,

“If Ace knew i actually carried the necklace from his room that means I am dead…”

“I need to tell granpa and grandma about this
“Honey we need to talk please”A rich woman could be seen waking her sleeping husband from a deep sleep,

“But this can actually wait!!” The husband said angrily,

“No it cant…”

“What is it Woman?” He ask frustrated.

“It about our daughter it been long you last talk about her…”

He look unconcerned”That because I already lost her location, my men could not track her down”

“I need my daughter and I don’t care how you would find her!!!”

“That girl is actually nothing but a disgrace Forget about her!!”

“Of course she is a disgrace to you but not me”

“What are you trying to isunate woman!!!”

“What am trying to say is the bond is there she is actually my biological daughter and no matter how I won’t forget easily that we are actually the one that brought this innocent soul to life!!”

“What about kira? She is actually there to make us happy unlike some ungrateful soul…”

“I also love her but no matter what i am ready to stand for my daughter,i have been nothing but a bad mother watching my biological daughter going through alot of pain and I could not help her”

“Well my men would track her location but remember kira would always be there for you”

“Am suspecting that girl i think she is up to something and my instincts would never deceive me i smell evil around which is unlike her!!”

“That a lie that innocent soul would never hurt anyone!!”

“Well till when she takes your life!!!”
Kira stare at the picture again smiling happily, She has been staring at a particular picture for the past thirty minutes and she have been drooling non stop

“Awwww he even got cute dimples”She said still admiring his picture

“ACE KING The president of king real estate and management, first grandson of old granpa king, Cold hearted, Always frowning but still manage to look like a demi god”Kira read out smiling happily,

“Wow my God!! I think I have finally found my soulmate!!” She said jumping happily,

She stare at Ace pictures imagining Ace to be here right now and also staring at her she would feel really happy,

She has fallen in love with Ace and she is ready to do anything to make him her future husband

“I know he won’t be able to resist my beauty,i would just have to talk to mom and dad, She said smiling happily.

Kira phone rang and she checked the number she shivered in fear staring at the Caller
Who could be calling Kira?
Two girls in love with Only Ace?

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