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(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter thirty six

No you are not my maid!! you are mine, you are my love.You are my weakness.you are my missing rib…”Ace said staring deeply in to her.

Alisa stare at Ace like he has grown two heads,

“Sir I don’t understand what you are saying who is your love? I am your new housemaid!”Alisa yell frustrated.

“You are not my house maid but my…”Before Ace could finish his words Alisa Walk out of him angrily.

Ace stare at Alisa till she is out of sight,He never knew his preggie Rib could be this stubborn, No matter what he would surely win her heart even if it would take a lot of time.

Staring at her alone make him feel turn on he is damn sure that her lips would be really delicious.
Alisa entered her room and held her chest ,why would her heart beat fast for her boss?

His face kind of look like a face she has seen once or twice but she is sure she would have never seen her new boss.

She bit her lower lip remembering the words and she is kind of having some silly emotions.

Gosh why would this be happening to her now that she think this work is the best?

She heard a sound on the door and felt surprised.

“Who could that be?”She ask herself surprised.

“Who is that?”She ask unlocking the door.

“Young master need your attention right now!”one of his bodyguards said .

“Ok, where is he?”She ask.

“He’s at the dining room”He said bowing.

“Ok I would be there soon”Alisa said.

Alisa entered the dining room to meet different kind of dishes set on the table,she inhale the aroma and felt more hungry ,

“Sit!”Ace commanded and she sit down hungrily.

“What would you love to eat first?”Ace ask staring at her deeply.

“Hmm I would go for Sandwich first”Alisa said inhaling more of the aroma.

Ace dish out her food and smile staring at her.

“Eat now”He said and Alisa ate hungrily,

Alisa moan on the food and Ace stare at her lip and felt the need to kiss her pink lip.

“I need more”Alisa said smiling and Ace stare at her.

“What it almost finish and it only a little that is left why don’t you eat another food to make our no your baby stronger” Ace said surprised.

“I know but I want it”Alisa said in tears and Ace felt shock.

“You can have it”Ace said cleaning his tears.

“Why the f**k are you crying?”Ace ask staring at her.

“Am so sorry sir I should know my limit but the Sandwich got me into trouble”Alisa said as tears flow freely from her face.

Ace stare at her and Felt confused on what to do he as always been the type that hate girls,he always distance himself from them alot,it only his sister that he knows he is close to he don’t know how to console her.

He stare at the way she cried and felt hurt he knows pregnant women go through mood swings alot.

He stand up and walk up to her seat he carried her in a bridal style to his room,

He made her sit on his lap and he clean her tears but it continues to flow more.

“Am sorry please would you stop crying”Ace said consoling her.

He cupped her face and lick her tears slowly and Alisa felt shock she stare at him shock her heart beating fast and there stare at each other with alot of emotion.

Ace held her tightly and stare at her tempting small lips,he felt the urge to worship it but he is scared of hurting her.

“We need to talk”He said in a whisper.

“About what sir and the way we are sitting is not appropriate please can I stand up”Alisa said thinking Ace want to tell her about her new work at his mansion.

“On one condition”Ace said with a smirk,

“And what is that?”Alisa ask staring at her hands.

“You would permit me to do anything I like to you in the next thirty minutes”Ace said and she shivered.

“Like what sir?”Alisa said staring at her hands.

“I might sent you some silly errands or do something crazy to you”Ace said giving her a bad boy look.

Only his words alone turn her on, how is that possible she as always believe she can never be tempted but she felt turn on by her boss words, but no matter what she would never try to Have sex with her boss, She is not a cheap girl and won’t want to look like a whore

Ace slam his lips on her and kiss her softly tasting Vanilla and she felt shock to kiss him back.

“Holy father this is actually her Boss!”She said still staring at him and too shock to return the kiss.
Lucas entered DE luca club and he could see different strippers showing dancing while holding the pole but one of them look too beautiful and Calmto be a stripper.

DE luca club is actually a very big club and one of the most popular club own by a powerful young Trillionaire which is Lucas

He stare at the girl and he felt he likes her and won’t mind having her before those greedy men entered to start naming different price.

“I need that girl with blue eyes”He whispered in to one of his bodyguard ear.

The bodyguard walk up to the girl and in some minutes the girl walk inside Lucas private room and she felt her heart beating fast.

“Your name?”Lucas ask staring at her while she stare at the floor.

“Delaney”She said in a tiny but sweet voice.

“Wow your name is as beautiful as you are”Lucas said holding her on her waist and kissing her, tears flow freely from Delaney face and Lucas felt confused.

“Am sorry”Don said begging Naomi for forgiveness but she ignore him.

“Am sorry babe I was just angry about something else”Don beg staring at Naomi.

“About what exactly? am sorry sir but you don’t have to be begging me at least I am your servant and you are my master “Naomi said smiling sadly.

“STRIP!”Don said in a very cold voice and Naomi could feel his demon taking control and she felt her heart beating fast.
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