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After an exam period after lunch time, Tania and I entered the hallway to take the books to study for the next exam.

“That maths exam is pretty hard.” Tania groaned.

“Tell me about it.” I agreed as we went straight to our different lockers far away from each other.

I noticed girls starring at me and mocking me.

? Ew, she’s disgusting.

? I know she’s an annoying nerd but I never knew she’s gross.

? Other normal girls have stretch marks on their ass, hips and laps but I’ve never seen stretch marks on the b**bs and hands before.

? I wanna see it.

? She’s gross.

? Stretchy Ally.

? Good one babe, Stretchy Ally.

What’s people talking about? I hope my stretch marks secrets hasn’t be spread. I hope so.

If not, my life will be over.

Mabel stopped in front of me “Stretchy Ally.” she laughed as she hit me with a squeezed paper.

“What a disgusting b*tch.” She laughed as she pushed me and walk away.

I took the paper and opened it. I got shocked.

My eyes got widened as I read the paper, this is the diary page where I wrote my stretch marks secrets.

How did this got out? I don’t understand. Who did this?

I checked the paper properly, ?Love Raynelle ?

My stretch marks… My secrets… My life is over. Why is Raynelle doing this to me? What have I done that I deserve this?

Tears begin to slide down my cheeks. I begin to run away but people are throwing the squeezed paper on me.

Raynelle pushed me and tore my uniform again which exposed my stretch marks in front of everybody and she laughed along with everyone.

? Ew! Gross!

? Those stretch marks are gross!

? Don’t touch me!

? Stretchy Ally!

? Stretchy Ally!

? Stretchy Ally is a disgusting fool!

“Stretchy Ally!” Raynelle laughed as everyone is chanting ‘Stretchy Ally!Stretchy Ally! Stretchy Ally!’

I burst into tears and ran out of the hallway to avoid more humiliation.

I entered the restroom and hide in the bathroom stall, sat on the water closet and I wept bitterly.

I can’t believe Raynelle is still doing this. After all I’ve done to teach her lesson she didn’t learn anything.

Someone walked in “Oh Stretchy Ally.” Raynelle called and some girls laughed along. Oh no!

I laughed as I called some girls including Mabel to follow me to where Alisha is hiding.

I entered the bathroom “Oh Stretchy Ally.”

All the girls laughed.

“Please go away!” Alisha cried.

All of us laughed.

“Stretchy Ally! Stretchy Ally! Stretchy Ally!” all of us kept chanting that name and was throwing the papers in the stall where she is.

I opened her diary and tore every pages and threw them inside the stall.

I can hear Alisha’s cry, the sound of music to my ears.

This is fun.

I kept crying, tears coming out from my eyes uncontrollably as everyone are throwing papers and stretch marks lotions on me from outside.

A paper hit my head and I opened it. It’s the page where I wrote the secret of my first period experience. Wait, that means Raynelle still has my diary.

Another paper hit my head, I became so furious, I hit the stall door angrily and pushed Raynelle to the wall angrily and grabbed her shirt collar. Everyone gasped.

Raynelle became scared as she saw my grumpy face. “I hate you! Why are you doing this to me?!!”

Raynelle pushed me away “Because I want people to know how disgusting you are, and because I hate you, bastard.” she pushed me again.

She snickered “Stretchy Ally.”

All the girls laughed as someone splashed water on me and they laughed louder.

“Stretchy Ally!” Everyone kept mocking me.

I stood up and hide in the stall back. Raynelle and the girls mocked me till they were satisfied and left the bathroom.

How long will this bully goes on? I’m seriously tired of this. I’ve tried my best. I don’t think I can handle this anymore. I’m tired.

I ran to Tania who looks scared to enter the bathroom.

This is my fault! I should have go to the bathroom to stand up for Alisha but the principal called me to fill some forms.

I heard about people making fun of Alisha’s stretch marks. I feel so bad for Alisha.

Assuming I’m not busy, I would have stand up for Alisha. I no longer feel bad about the plan.

That useless Tania can’t stand up for her best friend and Alisha is always there for her. She’s such a coward.

I approached her angrily “Where were you?”

Tania begin to stammer “I… I… I was at my locker… I swear I tried to st…do something but they’re so many of them…”

“Of course, you can’t do anything properly, Alisha always stand up for you but you can’t stand up for her.” I said angrily.

Tania begin to shed tears “I swear, I wanted to help but…”

“Whatever, is she in the bathroom?” I asked.

“Yes, I don’t know how to talk to her…”

“Move!” I pushed Tania away and entered the bathroom. At least Alisha is stronger than Tania.

I was shocked to see the bathroom messed up with water and torn and squeezed papers scattered on the floor.

Raynelle is really a b*tch, I hate her.

I heard the poor girl weeping in a stall.

I knocked “Alisha? Are you okay?” I asked softly.

Alisha came out looking like a mess, her uniform is ripped again exposing her stretch marks. Her eye cycles are totally dark, her eye balls are red.

Poor Alisha.

This is because of me, I’m just scared to stand up for her. It’s just that they’re so many.

If I try to stand up for her, I’ll be humiliated together with Alisha and I don’t want that.

I still feel bad for Alisha but I’m tired of bullies.

I gave Alisha my pink hoodie. “Wear this Alisha.”

She smiled as she collected it “Thanks Tania.” she wore the hoodie.

“Alisha, I’m so sorry I was not there for you.”

“It’s okay Tania, it’s not your fault.” Alisha fake smiled.

She glanced at Carla “It’s not your fault either.”

“But we ain’t there for you sweetie.” Carla said.

Alisha shook her head “It’s okay.” she sighed “Maybe we should just stop this revenge stuff.”

Our eyes went wide in shock “What? After what just happened?” I snapped.

“Gurl, you crazy?!” Carla exclaimed.

I nodded sadly “Yeah, if we keep doing this stupid revenge, when is it going to stop? After graduation we’ll stop all this nonsense and move on with our lives.” I said.

Carla and Tania disagreed “No Alisha, we can’t let Raynelle get away with all she has done to you.” Tania said.

“Yeah, we need to spank that b*tch face.” Carla added.

I smiled “I don’t think we should continue this or else it will get worse. I give up.” I said.

“To avoid this embarrassment, I have to get transferred to another school and restart 12th grade.” I suggested.

“But Alisha…”

“Thanks for the hoodie Tania.” I said and walked out of the bathroom.

I lied to the principal that I’m very sick and need to go to the clinic, she gave me a permission letter and I left the school.

I stood behind the gate and texted Alex to pick me up.

I was in the class listening to Mr Williams lecturing us.

It’s very boring, college lectures is very boring than high school lessons. I have to look for an excuse to get out of this.

My phone beeped, I checked it. It’s Alisha she said that I should pick her up from school.

Now? At 11:50? So quick? Something’s wrong.

I stood up and raised my hand up “Excuse me sir.”

“What?” Mr Williams snapped.

“I just need to…”

“Get out of my class.” Mr Williams yelled.


“Get out!” he exclaimed “And don’t come back.” he yelled.

I sighed as I walked out of the lecture with a smirk. This is not the first time he chased me out of the class and say ‘don’t come back’

A lot of students have done this trick, the man is so old he can’t recognize anyone he punish. Get it?

I entered my Porsche car and drove off to Trinity School.

I parked in front of Alisha, who’s wearing a pink hoodie and looks sad and messy.

I frowned as I slide the window glass down “Babe, are you okay?”

Alisha shook her head “Just take me home.” she said as she entered the passenger seat and faced the other side.

I do as she said, I alighted the car and drove off.

She didn’t even talk to me or even say anything. I wonder what’s wrong with her.


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