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⚜️⚜️⚜️?ALISHA’S REVENGE⚜️⚜️⚜️
⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️CHAPTER 4⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
Immediately we reached the restaurant, I went to the bathroom and took off my disguise, checked the mirror and applied some makeup. I smiled at myself.

I’m so beautiful, Evan can’t resist me.

I packed my clothes and kits into my backpack and left the bathroom.

Few minutes later, Evan and I were hanging out in a secret expensive restaurant called ‘Oceanic’ because it’s decorated with beach designs and it’s like we’re underwater, also they serve sea food and they’re my favourite. So amazing.

I squealed silently and glanced at my boyfriend “I love this place Evan”

Evan smirked “Anything for you my dear.”

I blushed hard, I don’t care if Evan is too old for me… I mean I’m 17, he’s 26 but… Duhhh!!!!

He’s so romantic. I pecked him on his cheeks and he kissed me on the lips. We kissed passionately for 5 minutes.

I noticed an old couple walked into this secret restaurant and was starring at us with contempt.

I pulled away feeling embarrassed because no one must know about this, my parents must not know.

I bent my head feeling insecure, Evan noticed me and he kissed my forehead and lay my head on his chest and I hugged him tightly.

“It’s okay, baby. I love you.” he whispered.

I smiled as I hugged him tighter. I feel so comfortable around him.

I was sitting at the bench near the football ⚽ field, watching the female players enjoying soccer.

I’m also in the soccer team but I’m not in the mood to play and I’m benched because of Mrs Habib. Thank God I’m free from detention.

The cheerleaders are close to the field doing their practices. I didn’t see Raynelle, since she’s the cheer co-captain.

Oh I forgot! She sneaked out to see her boyfriend.

Cassie and Lydia are still dressed as cleaners cleaning the field.

I giggled lightly, paybacks good.

They spotted me and I looked away immediately feeling scared.

Carla and Tania ran towards me smiling and panting heavily because of the soccer practice.

“Hey gurl!” Carla called.

I smiled “Hey what’s up?”

“How are you doing?” Tania asked.

I shrugged “Great.”

“I have to get back to practice, bye!” Tania said and went back to practice.

Carla sat beside “I know what you did to Cassie and Lydia.” she whispered.

I frowned at her “How did you know?”

“I was also in the bathroom earlier to pee so I noticed that you’re recording what they said.” Carla said.

I felt a little nervous “Whatever?” I rolled my eyes.

I sighted Raynelle already in her cheer uniform, sneaking into the field and joined the cheerleaders.

So she’s done hanging out with her boyfriend today? Mom and dad will be so mad at her.

Carla smirked “That’s a cute try but I can change you into a badass bitch.” she snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Look, I don’t wanna be like those evil girls, I wanna be me, don’t try to change who I am please.” I confronted Carla, I stood up and walked away.

I sat at another bench and my phone beeped. I checked it.

It’s Salim, I groaned loudly because I’ve totally forgotten about him.

Salim ✉️ Hey dear, I’m sorry for making uncomfortable, I know you hate me but please don’t hate me. I just want to be friends with you if that’s okay.

I smiled while reading the text messages. Wait! Why am I smiling?

Am I in love with an old Arabian man I’ve never met before in my life? Ew! Gross! I shivered the thoughts off.

Alisha ✉️ Apology accepted.

Salim✉️ So what are you doing now?

Alisha✉️ Texting you of course.

Salim✉️ I mean apart from texting, what are you doing?

Alisha ✉️ Sitting down and texting you duhh ʕ͡°ʖ̯͡°ʔ

Salim✉️ ??? You’re funny.

Alisha✉️ Really?

Salim✉️ Yeah and you’re amazing.

Alisha ✉️ Excuse me?

Salim✉️ I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

Alisha✉️ I wanna ask you something.

Salim✉️ go on…

Alisha✉️ Are you married?

Salim✉️ No. ?? I’m still searching for the right person.

Alisha✉️ Awwww that’s sad.

Salim✉️ Can I ask you something?

Alisha✉️ Yeah.

Salim✉️ Are you single?

Alisha✉️ Yeah.

Salim✉️ Why?

Alisha✉️ Because my parents wants me to get married at 23.

Salim✉️ Oh…

Alisha✉️ Why are you single?

Salim✉️ Because your parents wants you to get married at 23. ???

Alisha✉️ ?? You’re also funny.

Salim✉️ ???


“Argh!” I heard Tania screamed.

I gasped as I saw Cassie grabbing Tania’s hair, I dropped my phone to go and separate the both of them.

After the practice, Cassie and I were sitting on the bench to rest.

“So how’s your date?” Lydia asked.

I smiled and shrugged proudly “It was amazing!!” I squealed.

“Tell me all about it.” Cassie said.

I wanted to talk but I noticed that they were wearing janitor’s uniform.

I cringed “Ew! Why are you guys wearing that ugly uniform?”

Cassie sighed sadly “Someone told on us to Mrs Habib that we insulted her.”

I frowned “What?”

“Yeah, and she made us wear cleaners outfit and clean the whole school, you’re also gonna be in trouble tomorrow.” Lydia said.

I became furious “Who’s that bitch that snitched?”

“I don’t know but I’m suspecting that nerd Ally.” Cassie said.

I scoffed in disbelief “Alisha would never do that, she’s afraid of us.”

Lydia shrugged “I don’t know, sometimes stupid people do crazy things.”

I nodded trying to believe that. If Alisha try this nonsense, I swear I won’t so spare her.

“We have to find out, let’s check her phone,I know her passcode.” I suggested.

“But how? Alisha is using her phone.” Cassie said.

I have an idea, I smirked at my friends. “We need to distract her, Cassie handle her bestie.” I said as we stood up.

I smirked as I approached the useless goalkeeper, Tania.

I bumped into her on purpose and act annoyed.

“Hey! watch where you’re going!” I yelled.

Tania bent her head “Sorry.”

I scoffed angrily “Sorry? You touched me inappropriately and you’re saying sorry?”

Tania gave me a confused look “I don’t… Argh!!” I begin to grab her hair tightly, people gathered including Alisha.

They were trying to separate us but they couldn’t.

“Cassie please stop!! Argh!!!” Tania’s cry are like music to my ears.

“Well done Cassie.” I mouthed as I silently tiptoed to where Alisha’s phone is.

I took it and unlocked her phone then I saw the text messages of Alisha and that ugly old man, Salim.

Ha! ? this is hilarious!!! So they’re already getting along. Alisha is a nerdy slut dating sugar daddy. Anyway that’s not what I’m looking for.

I went to her voice recording app and checked each of the voice messages and I finally found what I’m looking for.

?’You look like Mrs Habib.’, ‘Don’t say that, Mrs Habib is ugly.’, ‘Yeah, her b**bs are falling Jericho.’ ‘She looks like an old ugly chimpanzee.’?

I can’t believe Alisha would do this to me. So that bitch has the guts to hurt my friends.

If I didn’t sneak out I would have been in trouble like my lowlife minions.

Alisha, you will surely pay for this. I won’t spare you.

I smashed her phone on the floor and walked away.

I was in the school clinic with Tania on the bed with icebag on her head.

Those bullies are very wicked, they just hurt nerds like us for nothing.

I noticed that someone smashed my phone, and I can’t fix it.

I’ll remove out of my savings and buy another phone tomorrow.

Tania’s parents walked in “Baby, are you okay?” tania’s mom asked her daughter.

Tania smiled “I’m fine mom.”

“How did this happened?” Tania dad asked.

“I’m just exhausted from the soccer practice.” Tania lied.

I gave her a surprised look. Why is she lying to her parents? Her parents loves her.

“That’s it! Leave soccer for your life.” the father declared.

“But dad…” Tania sighed.

“He’s right sweetie, don’t put your life at risk again, think about us.” her mom said.

Tania sighed sadly “Okay mom, I’ll quit soccer.”

But Tania loves soccer more than anything. So she’ll just give up because of some stupid bullies?

Tania and her parents went home, I was trekking on my way home alone as usual.

I decided to pass the alley for shortcut, suddenly I saw some girl figures.

“Hey nerdy bitch.” Raynelle approached me.

I frowned feeling nervous “What did you want from me?”

“Revenge, duhh!” I yelped as Lydia appeared from nowhere.

“Revenge? F… For w… What?” I stammered.

“Invading our privacy.” Cassie also came out of nowhere.

They gathered around me so I can’t run away. I’m f**kingly scared.

“Please leave me alone!” I cried as I tried to push them out of my way then run. Instead they push me and I landed on the floor and hit my head in a huge stone.

“Ow!! ” I wince and I managed to stand up.

Raynelle scoffed “How dare you?!!” she landed a hot slap on my face and I fell to the ground.

“You’re trying to ruin everything for us!!!” Cassie kicked me in my stomach.

“Ow!!” I cried out.

“You invaded our privacy!!!” Lydia kicked at my back.

They begin to beat me mercilessly like a goat.

“Argh!!! Please!!! I’m begging you guys!!! Please!! I’m sorry!!!” I kept crying but they didn’t listen.

They even carried sticks and started beating me with it.

I felt extremely dizzy. Raynelle grabbed my hair.

“You’re the worst sister ever!” Raynelle yelled.

I think this is my time death. Life isn’t fair for me at all.

Raynelle hit my head on the floor and I darkness took over.

We were stilling beating Alisha but I stopped Cassie and Lydia when I noticed that Alisha is not more moving.

“Alisha? ” I called as I tap her, she didn’t respond.

I bent and check her pulse, I don’t think she breathing, oh no!! she’s dead.

I became nervous “I think she’s dead.” I said.

Cassie became scared “Oh no! Let’s get out of here before anyone sees us.”

“Yeah, bye!” Lydia ran away.

I was panting nervously “But what about Alisha?”

Cassie grabbed my hand “She’s f**king dead, let’s get out of here or we’ll be arrested for life.” she pulled me and we ran off.


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