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⚜️⚜️⚜️?ALISHA’S REVENGE⚜️⚜️⚜️
Meet Alisha Anderson, a 16 years old nerd. She’s very quiet, shy, kind, smart, beautiful, nice and innocent.
Alisha is always bullied with her best friend, Tiana because she’s an introvert and always bullied by Raynelle and her friends. Her parents always compare her with her sister.

Meets the three best friends who call themselves Young Queens because they are the most popular and meanest girls in Trinity high School. Their names are: Raynelle, Cassie and Lydia.

Raynelle Anderson, a 17 years old popular high school bully, Alisha’s elder sister, mommy and daddy’s favourite daughter. She always bullies her little sister and other nerds, especially Alisha, she bullies her a lot and still lies to everyone that they’re not related.

Raynelle doesn’t get into any trouble because she’s the daughter of the mayor of Royalville, he’s very rich and powerful that he can close down schools, the principal of Trinity High is scared so she decided to overlook Raynelle’s offences and hide it to keep the Raynelle’s good name.

Cassie Paul, a 17 years old bully, Raynelle’s best friend, the daughter of a rich CEO, she and Raynelle are childhood friends and bullies, she does what she wants because she’s Raynelle’s friend.

Lydia Mark, a 16 years old bully, she loves Raynelle and always happy to be her friend, but Raynelle only likes her because she’s a bully and she’s rich.

Alisha and Tiana are always Raynelle’s victim, Alisha tried to stand up for herself but she got beaten almost to death.

What happens if Alisha and Tiana begins to take revenge on the Young Queens secretly?

What if Raynelle didn’t learn anything after the revenge?

What happens when Alisha got betrayed by her best friend and boyfriend, Alex?

Meet Alexandra McClain, a 20 years old college student, Alisha’s secret boyfriend, they met on Facebook. They only chat with each other, they’ve not seen each other face to face.

Raynelle introduced Alisha to him because his pictures are ugly and he’s from a poor background and he doesn’t have many friends on Facebook.

What happens if Alisha and Alex finally meet each other?

What happens when Alisha finds out that Alex is a handsome and charming black guy, the son of a famous billionaire?

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