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( Be my forever )


By: Praise Oladipupo

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Sebastian Martinez lives the almost perfect life, he has the money, the brain, the most amazing girlfriend that he loves so much and she also loves him,,, Kathleen Moore that is her name

Alejandra Anderson her life is not anywhere near perfect

She lost her life when she was just 17 years old and she lives with her mute and deaf mother

Unexpectedly she met Sebastian and they both fell in love with each other

But how will that happen when Sebastian has a girlfriend or should I say his soon to be wife

To find out more

( Be my forever )

Episode 1

By: Praise Oladipupo

‼ Don’t copy or repost ‼

“Hey twinny” she cooed entering his office, dropped her bag on his table before pecking his cheeks

“Hey Kathleen, my love” he smiled and pinched her nose playfully

“Ouch” she winced and dragged his cheek

“When will you have time for us, I mean you have been busy with work after our engagement party” she said

“I am sorry twinny” he apologized and kissed her lightly

“I think you love your work more than you love me” she pouted

“You are wrong I love you so much but I have to work for the future of our children” he smiled and held her hands

I don’t want you to stress yourself” she said

“I won’t. I want my kids to be proud of me” he replied and she smiled

“Let is go out of Manila, we can go to anywhere, Batangas, Baguio, Camiguin Island” she said

“I will think about it but for now let us go eat because I am really hungry” he

“Okay let us go to say the truth, I am really hungry too” she said and they both walked out of the office


“Mother are you okay?” She asked using the sign language

“Yes I am fine” her mother (Mrs Anderson) replied in the same manner, after losing her husband in a ghastly car accident, she has been mute and deaf and one can only communicate with her using the sign language

“I will go to work now, take care of yourself mother and remember the doctor’s words: don’t stress yourself” she said

“Take care of yourself too my child” Mrs Anderson said and smiled pecking her

“Goodbye” she waved and walked out

To be continued

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