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“You should not have hurt yourself by trying to remember something” Alejandra said

“I just feel helpless” Sebastian said

“I am here with you Basti and I won’t leave you” She said

“Then marry me, marry me Kathleen” he said

“You have to get better first” she said

“I want to marry you, I love you” he said and kissed her, he took long for her to reciprocate but she did, to her it is best feeling


“He kissed me Martha” Alejandra said

“How was it?” Martha asked

“it felt good” Alejandra smiled

“Don’t tell me that you have fallen in love with him” Martha said

“Love, no I am not in love with him” Alejandra said and smiled

“And you are smiling like this, I know you love him” Martha said

“No I can’t love him, once he regain his memory he will forget about me and then I will be out of his life” Alejandra said

“But what can you do when you have fallen in love with him already?” Martha asked

“I will stop loving him, I will get over my feelings for him” Alejandra replied

“You know that won’t be easy, you are falling in love for the first time, Andra” Martha said

“I will try to forget about my feelings for him” Alejandra said

To be continued

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