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Knox entered Sebastian’s house and saw the car they will be taking Camiguin Island, he brought out tools from his bagpack and cut the break of the car, he was doing it slowly so he won’t be noticed

He smiled when he did the dirty job and quietly sneaked out of the house, immediately his phone rang

“Yes Senior Wenta the deed is done, SK will be gone tomorrow, yes boss goodbye” he said and cut the call

“Goodbye SK” he smirked and entered his car and drove off


Next day

“Mother I will go to Martinez boutique now” Andra said

“Don’t worry about me my child” Mrs Anderson said with a smile

“Take care of yourself mother and don’t forget to eat so you can be healthy and be more beautiful” Andra said

“Take care you too” Mrs Anderson smiled


“It will be so much fun” Kathleen smiled as Sebastian put their luggages in the trunk of the car

“I will miss Manila but I am sure it will be so much fun in Camiguin Island” Sebastian said

Camiguin Island here we come” Kathleen gushed and entered the car, Sebastian smiled and entered also


Mrs Anderson left the house in search of a job, she can’t let her daughter continue to feed the both of them

A car horned and because of her condition she could not hear, before someone could push her out of the way the car already hit her


What is going on” Kathleen asked

“I can’t stop the car” Sebastian replied

“Why is the break not working?” Kathleen asked

“I think someone cut the breaks” Sebastian replied and tried stopping the car again but it won’t stop

“Watch out Seb” Kathleen shouted but it was too late the car collided with a truck, the truck hit the car so hard that the door flew out and the car tumbled making Sebastian hit his head on a rock,, Kathleen got hit by the car door and fell into a ditch


To be continued

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