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Waking Up Ugly??
(She’s ugly but I’ll marry her)

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Romance/ thriller?

? Chapter Two ?

Sally signalled her to voiced down.
“I saw him also getting ready. He is doing the commercials with you”

“Oh no. I hate Jason so much. Why him? I can’t back down now because of him” Beauty whispered.

“You just have to do this” Sally said and left to get her costume after the makeup artiste started applying her makeup.
After some minutes later, she was all done.
The artiste smiled at Beauty’s beauty.
“You are so beautiful”

She smiled at her and nodded.
She was still thinking about the fact that she has to do the commercials with Jason.
She remembered what made her hate him was the day he forced himself on her.
It was a day just like this but they shot the commercials in Paris. They had a small party on the last day where they deed a common game. Truth and dare.

They asked Beauty if she was a virgin but she didn’t answer because she wasn’t part of the game.

She stood up and head to her room. Jason followed her behind and went into her room.

“What do you want Jason?” She asked him.

“Nothing, just you”

She turned and shot him a glare.
“What do you mean by you want me?”

He smiled and walked closer to her.
“Who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful lady like you?” He brushed his hands on her bare skin.

She pushed him off gently.
“Don’t think I’m like other models that you can sleep with. I’m different okay?”

“Because you are a virgin?” He asked.

Beauty frowned and walked away from him.
“Please leave already”

“I’m not” he said and pulled her back. He pinned her to the wall and drew his face closer to hers.

Everything happened suddenly making Beauty shocked.
She tried to free herself but he seemed to strong.

“Let go of me Jason”

“Just one..” he whispered.

“One what?” She grinned her teeth struggling to get away from him.

As he was about to kiss her, she kicked him below. He quickly grabbed his dick leaving Beauty alone.

She stared at him before leaving the room.
She didn’t report him to anyone, she flew out of the country that night with Sally.
She wore her costume and waited to be called upon.
The manager walked into the makeup room.

“Hey Beauty” he smiled at her.

“Hey” she replied not smiling at him.

“You’ve been told what to do right?” He asked her.

She nodded and looked away.

“That’s good. You can come out in five minutes time” he added and left.

She squeezed her face breathing hard. Jason would have to touch her during the commercials.
That’s what he has always wanted.

She didn’t wait for the five minutes to be exhausted. She came out of the makeup room and stared round.
She saw the background, it was just like normal family house.

There would be three scene. One where Jason would come from work and wore a diamond ring on her finger. The second one is where she is showing her friends the ring.
While the last one is where she would still be admiring the ring after 10 years showing the durability of the jewelry.

Sally snapped her back to reality. Beauty blinked repeatedly and diverted her gaze to her friend.
Sally was average in height. She was also beautiful but not as Beauty.

“You are needed over there. It’s time for the shoot”

She nodded and walked towards the couch. She was putting on a simple black gown with some designs on it. She wore a black heels and let her long hair fall on her shoulders.

The cameraman sat behind the camera with the director beside him.
“Are you ready miss Beauty?” He asked.

“Yeah” she nodded. She frowned when she saw Jason coming from his own room.

She diverted her gaze back to the cameraman and smiled weirdly.

Jason sighted her and winked at her while his assistant was explaining everything to him again.

He nodded after he left him.

“Camera rolling and…Action!!”

Beauty picked up the magazine on the couch and started glancing at every page.
She smiled and turned to the next page.

The manager signalled Jason and told him to come into the scene.

He nodded and walked in.
Immediately Beauty noticed him, she raised her gaze and forces herself to smile.
She stood up and wrapped his arms round him.
He also responded to the hug.

He brought out a small red box from his pocket and went down on his knees.
He opened the box and smiled at Beauty.

Beauty closed her mouth with her palm in surprise.
She stretched her hands and watched Jason as he slipped the finger into her finger.

She stared at it loving it. She jumped and hug him again smiling broadly. He wrapped his arms round her waist and held it tight. She felt like strangling him but she doesn’t want to redo the scene again.

“Cut!!” The director yelled.

They quickly separated from each other as the fake smile they’ve been showing disappeared from their face.

“That was perfect! Retouch their makeup and get ready for the next scene”

Beauty was the only one doing the next scene. Jason wasn’t with her.
Some girls were waiting by the small bar in the second background. Some glasses of drinks were on the counter already.

She went into the makeup room and change into a party dress. She styled her hair and retouched her makeup.

She came out and catwalked to the bar.
The girls there were happy to see her. They were just callow models. They were just there to smile and be happy for her.

“Ready?” The director asked.

She nodded and stayed in her spot.

“Camera rolling and… Action!!”

The young models stared at Beauty’s finger admiring the ring on her finger. Some looked jealous while some were happy.

Beauty just smiled shyly as they touched their finger.


“Nice, last scene!!”

Beauty went back to the makeup room and applied some white substance on her hair making her look a little old.

She wore a skirt and a huge top.

“Camera rolling and action!!”

Beauty was seen carrying a beautiful baby on her arms. She was rocking the baby slowly to make her go to sleep.

Jason came from behind and wrapped his hands around her waist kissing her cheek.
She smiled and touched his own cheek showing the ring on her finger.


Everyone clapped as they ended the commercials.
“This was perfect miss Beauty. Thank you”

Beauty smiled at the director and walked away after a member of the crew came and carried the baby from her.

She changed into her own cloth. Sally grabbed her heavy make-up box and kept it the car.

“Let’s go Sally. I don’t want that bulldog snooping around me” Beauty said walking towards the exit.

Unfortunately for her, Jason was at the door waiting for her.

“Beauty?” He called out.

She noticed him presence and turned to stare at him.
“What?” She forced herself to answer.

He walked close to her and smiled.
“I wanted to apologise for what happened that night. I wasn’t myself. Please forgive me”

“I’ll think about it” she said and quickly entered into the car.

“Please Beauty!!” He yelled as the car drove away.

Beauty gave a loud moan as she leaned her back on the chair.
“I know you are very tired now” Sally said.

“Yeah, so tired. Stop by the supermarket. I need to get some chips and icecream” she said closing her eyes.


They pulled over and told Beauty that they’ve arrived at the supermarket.

She grabbed her purse and head out.
People noticed her and started taking pictures of her.

She didn’t wait at all. She just walked away from them and entered into the supermarket.

She went in and picked the chips and icecream.

She paid for it and waited for her receipt.
The cashier was secretly taking pictures of her.

Beauty noticed it and looked away.
She collected the receipt and head out of the supermarket.

As she reached the door, she bumped into an old woman.

Her bag fell from old woman’s hand.
“Help me pick it up my child” she said with her shaky voice.

Beauty felt disgusted when the ugly old woman referred to her as her daughter.

“I’m not your daughter ugly old hag. Pick it up yourself” she said and shoved the woman to a corner.

“You are the one who is ugly but you don’t know that” the old woman said.

Beauty smirked and left the woman.
“Jealous ugly old hag”

The woman bent and picked her bag. She slowly walked into the supermarket to get her stuff.

“Let’s go already. Two people has annoyed me already today”

The driver started the engine and hit the road.

She started eating the chip and icecream inside the car.
She loved eating junks once in a while but still watch her weight.

They drove into the compound and pulled over.
Beauty came down from the car and went into mansion.

She ran up the stairs and had a warm bath.
When she came out, she saw Sally arranging the room.

“It’s late already. You should go home Sally” she said wearing her robe.
She grabbed her phone and took few selfies.

Sally nodded and sighed.
“See you in the morning then”

“Yeah be early. We need to sign the form for the nomination”

“Yeah” Sally smiled and left.

Beauty tiredlessly threw herself to the bed and slept off.

She snuggled and slept comfortably on the bed.
Beauty was woken up the the rays of sunlight that peeped into the room through the curtains.
She yawned tiredlessly and turned on the bed.

She heard a soft knock on the door.
She knew it was Sally.

“Come in” she yelled and she flung her leg down the bed.

Sally entered with a cup of coffee.
As she closed the door and turned to stare at Beauty, the tray fell from her hand.

“Hey, that was my favorite cup” Beauty frowned.

“My lady, what.. what happened to your face?” She asked.

“My face?”
She touched her face and saw it was not as smooth and soft like it was.
She felt some boils and pimples on her face.

She ran to the mirror and stared at her reflection.

“Ah!!!!!!” She screamed loudly as her loud voice echoed the whole building.

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